Xiaoxiangling scenic spot

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Xiaoxiangling scenic spot

The synonym Xiaoxiangling generally refers to Xiaoxiangling scenic spot

Xiaoxiangling beauty spot is also called xiaoxianggongling. Located at the junction of Xide, Mianning and Yuexi counties, it is a branch of Daxue mountain, with Shimian in the north and Xichang in the south, stretching for hundreds of miles.

History of development

During the Western Han Dynasty, Sima Xiangru "crossed Lingguan, Qiao sun Shui"; during the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang marched to Xiaoxiangling in the South; in the travels of Marco Polo, it was recorded that Xiaoxiangling was full of magnificent passes; during the long march of the Red Army, Zuoquan and Liu Yalou LED more than 1000 Red Army to cross Xiaoxiangling, which has experienced thousands of years of vicissitudes. Now, they are lifting the beautiful veil and looking forward to your arrival. The magical and beautiful Xiaoxiangling is not only rich in natural ecological resources, but also rich in unique Yi culture and numerous historical and cultural landscapes: there is a long history of the Southern Silk Road Lingguan ancient road, the magic dengxiangying ancient post station, the Warring States period Wuhe stone tomb group; it has unique medicinal value, known as "Panxi No.1 soup" sunshine hot spring and mysterious public In addition, it is famous at home and abroad for its exquisite and simple lacquerware, costumes and colorful folk customs of Yi people, and "Fenggu torch liquor", which is a famous wine in Liangshan and Tianfu. The unique natural ecological landscape, historical and cultural landscape and the Yi native language culture with a long history constitute the unique tourism resources in Xide County.

geographical position

Xiaoxiangling scenic spot is 80km away from Xichang, 32km away from yapan expressway, 20km from national highway 108; Chengdu Kunming railway passes through Yuexi County, Mianning County and Xide County, with multiple railway stations distributed and convenient transportation. The total area of the scenic area is 115 square kilometers, and the elevation extends from 1988 meters to 4500.4 meters. It is a scenic spot integrating natural ecology, historical landscape and scientific exploration.

Main attractions

Erzeo is the highest point of ridge, with an altitude of 4500.4 meters. It is located at 102 degrees 19 minutes east longitude and 28 degrees 31 minutes north latitude.

There are three sights in a day: enjoying the morning sun, rushing clouds and red sun; observing the mountains in the afternoon, it is like washing and dyeing; looking at the mountains in the evening, the mountains are boundless and misty. Wherever you go, there are ancient trees, green moss and wild flowers blooming. There are nearly 30 species of Rhododendron Its flowering period is gradually open from March to August. It is white and ginseng yellow, colorful and colorful. When it is in full bloom, it is full of flowers, covering the earth and dazzling.

Xiaoxiangling, also known as Xishan Mountain, has steep mountain, exposed rocks, good ecological vegetation, ice bucket lake, white stars, obvious traces of ancient glaciers, composed of forests, meadows, lakes, waterfalls, peaks, with biodiversity and rarity, it has high tourism value. Formed by the ancient ice sports in the fourth century, the scenic area has a wide range of forest resources, and ice wrestling lakes are dotted with stars. It is a good place for summer vacation, mountaineering and scientific research tourism. It is a tourist scenic spot with rich characteristics of Xide.

Features of scenic spots

In the scenic area, there are ravines, dense forests, meadows, birds and beasts, and exotic flowers. Under the action of the Quaternary glacial movement, the huge cirque and boulders, the scattered ice bucket lakes and glacier grooves make Xiaoxiangling's terrain and landform very strange, and the dangerous rocks and rocks are carved like axes, birds and animals, and lifelike. In the main scenic area, there are 12 glacial lakes of different sizes. Each lake presents different colors against the color of granite bedrock and surrounding vegetation, which is colorful and beautiful. There are four high mountain waterfalls among the lakes, which are flowing straight and the clouds are resplendent. In the northwest of the lake group, there are 2200 hectares of Alpine Rhododendron forest, with more than 30 species of species. Due to the temperature difference, it gradually opens from March to July every year. In the southeast of the lake, there are hundreds of thousands of mu of dense primeval fir forest. The thousand year old trees are tall, straight and towering, and the green velvet is like a blanket under the trees. The climate of the scenic spot is changeable, with vertical distribution, warm at the bottom, rich sunshine, warm and humid in the middle, abundant rainfall, cold at the top and deep snow. One day can meet the four seasons, sometimes sunny, sometimes fog, sometimes rain and snow, the scene is thousands of. The whole scenic spot integrates "danger, preciseness and magnificence" in one furnace, and integrates "strangeness, elegance and beauty".