Xiaolangdi Yellow River Three Gorges Scenic Area

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Xiaolangdi Yellow River Three Gorges Scenic Area

The Three Gorges Scenic Area of the Yellow River in Xiaolangdi is a world geological park, a National Water Conservancy Scenic area, the most attractive place in China, ten hot spots in Henan Province and the essence of Xiaolangdi. The scenic spot is located 20 kilometers upstream of Xiaolangdi Dam with a total area of 40 square kilometers. Located in the junction of the northern mountain tourism belt and the southern Yellow River tourism belt (three points and one line), Wangwu Mountain, Xiaogou Background Area and Xiaolangdi Tourist Line are the pivotal areas.


1. Purchase a luxury bus from Zhengzhou to Jiyuan at Zhengzhou Passenger Transport Center Station. The fare is 45 yuan per person. The first bus is 07:10 and the last bus is 16:10. It arrives in Jiyuan about 2.5 hours an hour (there are also buses from Erma Road Station and Huayuan Road North Bus Station). The whole journey is about 180 kilometers. It passes through Jiaozuo and Boai to Jiyuan Long-distance Passenger Station (Jiyuan Bus Station). Then transfer to Jiyuan - the Three Gorges of the Yellow River passenger train to the scenic spot (9:50 a.m. every day, a daily flight, fare 14 yuan / person, train number: Yu U07790).

2. Fifty kilometers away from Jiyuan City, the scenic spot can be reached by Jiyuan Public Transport Bus Station, the Three Gorges of the Yellow River, by passenger train (leaving at 9:50 a.m. every day, with a fare of 14 yuan per person).

Survey of scenic spots

Xiaolangdi Scenic Area is located at the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, 30 km southwest of Jiyuan City, 40 km north of Luoyang, the thirteenth ancient capital of the dynasty.

Hexi Beach, 54 kilometers long, is divided into four famous scenic spots: Xiaolangdi Dam Scenic Area, Zhangling Peninsula Ecotourism Resort, the Three Gorges Scenic Area of the Yellow River and the Yellow River Wind Scenic Area of the West Beach.

Xiaolangdi Reservoir is located in the Yellow River Gorge of Shanxi and Henan Province, which crosses Zhongtiao Mountain and Wangwu Mountain. The total length of the reservoir area is 130 kilometers and the total area is 278 square kilometers. After the closure of Xiaolangdi Dam, more than 20 scenic spots and magnificent reservoir dams such as Baiya Mountain, Hongya Mountain and Huanglu Mountain in the Jin-Henan Yellow River Gorge and reservoir area intersect to form the natural landscape of lake and mountain, thousand islands and "high Gorges out of flat lake", which makes Xiaolangdi Reservoir a large-scale tourist area composed of natural scenery of mountains and rivers and water conservancy projects at the same time.

A large number of peninsulas, isolated islands and dangerous peaks in Xiaolangdi Reservoir make the natural landscape close to winding bays and vast lakes with smoke. Boarding a boat from the dock, fighting against water and waves, entering and leaving the high Gorges and Pinghu Lake, enjoying the scenery of the coastal mountains and rivers, enjoying the elegance of the mother river to the fullest extent, satisfying people's noble enjoyment and pursuit of returning to nature with the beauty, quietness, wonder, victory and elegance of the landscape, and the luxury of modern fashion in the style.

The Three Gorges of the Yellow River is the essence bred by Xiaolangdi and Wangwushan, located 20 kilometers upstream of Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam, with a total area of 40 square kilometers. It is the essence of Xiaolangdi Scenic Area. Bali Hutong is located in the narrowest part of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. The two sides of the Hutong are severed, and the middle river rushes. The Three Gorges have their own charm: the Gushan Gorge has a magical workmanship and a thousand walls; the Longfeng Gorge is winding and winding, and the Dayu Gorge is open and stretching with thousands of meteorologies. Especially the Nine-pedal Lotus Treasure, Nine-pedal Nine-level, the next higher, if the lotus blossoms, like lotus lotus, known as "Gongshan Yu axe". Moreover, there are many rich cultural sites such as Sui and Tang ancient trestle road, Chen Xiejun's Yellow River crossing and so on. There are more than 60 natural and humanistic scenic spots, which are rare landscapes in northern China and can be completely comparable with the Yangtze Three Gorges.

There are three gorges in the Yellow River, each of which has its own merits. Gushan Gorge is famous for its supernatural workmanship and spectacular peaks; Longfeng Gorge is full of twists and turns and deep valleys; Bali Gorge is known as "the first gorge of the Wanli Yellow River". Not only do mountains, rivers, cliffs and caves blend harmoniously and are rich in natural resources, but there are also natural and humanistic landscapes such as Gongshan Yu axe, rhinoceros looking at the moon, Meng Liang Living Place, Jingniang Huafeng, Shirending Shishan, Zhanggongbei Zhangpo and so on, with more than 80 scenic spots. It is the essence of Xiaolangdi's tourism resources. Water goes around the mountains and waters. Ships sail on the top of the mountains. Landscape blending, Bay staggering, high Gorges and lakes, Qifeng forest, constitute a rare north of the Yangtze River South beauty, beautiful water countryside magnificent picture scroll, completely comparable to the Yangtze River Three Gorges. Boarding the large river building called "the first floor of the Yellow River in ten thousand miles", but the water and sky are uniform, the mountains are covered with emeralds, the big rivers are like belts, the cruise ships shuttle, the waterfowl flies over, and the beauty is endless.

Xiaolangdi Three Gorges of the Yellow River, peaks and majestic rocks, cliffs stand like ghosts and axes; the vast forest sea, smoke cage lock, such as the elusive fairyland; high Gorges and lakes, mountains and waters in one color, with the charm of the Lijiang River. It has both the gentleness and gracefulness of the southern landscapes and the vigor and masculinity of the northern landscapes. It is a great achievement of the northern and southern landscapes. On the blue wave of boating, it seems as if it has entered a continuous picture scroll. It is really "on the blue wave of boating, people swim in the painting."

Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Junction Area. There are 1667 meters, 51.85 million square meters of Asia's first earth-rock dam; the world's largest underground powerhouse, intake tower, stilling pond. The main projects are flood control, ice control and silt reduction, taking into account irrigation, water supply and power generation. During the period of water and sediment regulation in Xiaolangdi Cave Group, Liulong spray water, yellow and white interweave, forming clouds and smoke at the bottom of the waves, surging waves, great momentum, high rainbow, not a waterfall is better than a waterfall.

Xiaolangdi Yellow River Three Gorges scenic area is invested and developed by Jinyuan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. The company is the first private enterprise to develop scenic spots and Xiaolangdi Reservoir in Henan Province. The scenic spot has excellent travel agencies in Henan Province and the first travel agency in Jiyuan City - Wangwushan Travel Agency Co., Ltd.

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