Xiantan Mountain Hot Spring Town

Home Scenery 2018-12-22

Xiantan Mountain Hot Spring Town is located in Xiwangzhuang Town, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. It is on the west side of Zaoji S345 Highway, south of Taierzhuang Ancient City, and on the side of Guanshi Pomegranate Garden.

Xiantan Mountain Hot Spring Town is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, and is one of the classic scenic spots in Xiantan Mountain Hot Spring Scenic Area. Natural environment and culture are integrated, and natural water resources are unique. It is the home of Xiantan Xiaocui, the first of the eight scenic spots in Gufu County.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Xiantan Mountain Hot Spring Town is built in accordance with the mountains. It can be built according to the situation. The mountains, rocks and springs are interesting, pavilions and pavilions complement each other, and the environmental facilities are natural. Garden Hotel, which integrates business, conference, leisure, vacation, fitness, catering and entertainment. The view from the window is pleasant, the haze is hazy, the mountain scenery and the spring water are interesting and magnificent, coupled with the fragrance of birds and flowers, it really makes people enjoy the natural flavor.

supporting facilities

There are more than 20 independent restaurants with distinct personalities and different styles in Xiantan Mountain Winery. Kitchen equipment are fully automatic stainless steel, with advanced and perfect far-infrared detoxification equipment, food highlights local characteristics, restaurants highlight the "water system" concept, the theme restaurant of ecological water system uses active live water, running water circulates between a deep pool and corridor, forming a self-contained water system ecosystem. At present, it is the largest suburban ecological garden in our city.

There are 40 sets of hot spring soup houses in the scenic area, which are independent and exquisite courtyards. The courtyard is evergreen in all seasons and has pleasant scenery. Hot spring rooms are equipped with VOD, network TV, computer, background lighting music, fitness equipment and a series of high-tech humanized auxiliary equipment, providing catering, physiotherapy and other services for tourists. Thirty-six vacation and leisure villas and a 6000 square metre Fuyuan Hotel will be built.

Hot spring construction

In the construction of Xiantan Mountain Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Xiantan Xiaocui Guantai has completed 40% of the total amount of hot spring construction, Tangchi Foundation has been completed, 40 Tangwu are ready to start construction, hot spring wells have been drilled 600 meters, vacation villas have been completed, Fuyuan Hotel has completed site selection planning, excavated 3 kilometers to the roadbed of Shenzhuangtan Panshan Highway, and introduced a large number of fantastic buildings in Feixian successively. Stone, the construction of marvelous stone viewing area, building stone culture.

Functional classification

The whole scenic area highlights the health and leisure functions of hot springs. The hot springs are collected from the depth of 1300 meters below the Xiantan Mountains, rich in zinc, iron, calcium and other minerals needed by the human body. The scenic spot consists of seven parts: indoor hot spring recuperation area, open-air hot spring health preservation area, characteristic hotel catering area, conference and Exhibition area, hot spring villa VIP area, fashion leisure sports area and ecological cultivation and aquaculture area. It is a unique Canyon hot spring in Jiangbei area.