Xianghu Lake

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Xianghu Lake

Xianghu Lake is known as the "sister lake" of the West Lake for its beautiful scenery. It is a lake located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Xianghu Lake is also one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization.

The cultural site of the cross-lake bridge excavated here is a national heritage conservation unit, where the world's earliest canoe was unearthed, pushing Zhejiang civilization to 8,000 years ago; the site of Yuewang City at the top of Xianghu City Hill, which has a history of more than 2,500 years, is an important military castle of Goujian's troop resistance to Wu at that time, witnessing the historical wind and cloud of "lying on salaries and tasting gallbladder" and is the most preserved so far. Good ancient city wall sites; Xianghu Lake is the home of Tang Dynasty poet He Zhizhang, Li Bai, Lu You, Wen Tianxiang, Liu Ji and other celebrities have left immortal poetry here. There is Xianghu Station near Hangzhou Metro Line 1. Nearby is Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park, Hangzhou Paradise.

geographical environment

Xianghu Tourism and Holiday Area in Zhejiang Province is the first batch of national tourism and holiday resorts. The resort is located in the west of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, about 20 kilometers away from the center of Hangzhou City, opposite Qiantang River and West Lake Scenic Spot, and constitutes the golden triangle of Hangzhou's tourist scenery with West Lake and Qiantang River. The total planning area of the resort is 35 square kilometers, based on historical and cultural Xianghu Lake, natural and ecological Xianghu Lake and recreational Xianghu Lake, and relying on Hangzhou's international tourist city. Established as a large-scale leisure tourism resort with more competitiveness and vitality in the Yangtze River Delta.

At present, Xianghu scenic spot has formed five major scenic spots, including Xiangpu, Hushang, Chengshan, Yuanlou and Huqiao. There are several dozen scenic spots, such as Hubo, Xiangpu Fish View, Yang Sixian, Green Island Stars, Cloud Shadows in the Lake Heart, Chengshan Nostalgia, Lake Bridge Dream Collection, Dam Evening, Ancient Wind of Fibre Road, Yuanlou Pingming, and History of Cross-Lake Interrogation. The Polar Marine World Theme Park of Children's Park was also completed and opened in October 2008. 。 In 2008, Xianghu Lake was rated as a national 4A-level scenic spot and a top 100 scenic spot in China. At the 2nd China Leisure Economic Development Forum, it was named "the best destination for leisure tourism in China", and it was the first resort in Zhejiang Province to win this honor. Since its opening in 2006, the scenic spot has received more than 30 million visitors.

Eight thousand years old boat, thirty thousand hectares of blue wave. Xianghu Tourist Resort is waiting for the arrival of people who cherish history, love nature and advocate leisure with its charming demeanor, atmospheric mind and bright prospects.

Eight scenes in Xianghu

City mountain reminiscence

This scene and the "Yuecheng Evening Bell" in the Eight Sceneries of Xianghu Lake in Qing Dynasty Qianlong are both about Yuechengcheng Mountain, but the "Chengshan Memorial" is more appropriate. Because it highlights the eternal theme of inheriting Wang Gou's practice of "striving to govern and strive for self-improvement", and has more characteristics of the times. Moreover, Chengshan Temple was destroyed in 1861, and the so-called "late bell" no longer exists.

Pavilion view

The pavilion, which is located on the top of Shiyan Mountain, is the best place for panoramic viewing of Xianghu Lake and Qiantang River. Looking to the west of the pavilion, we can see a thousand hectares of Xianghu Lake and the green hills on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The Qianjiang River is as bright as silver, the fishing pool is dim, the vast Xiaoshao Plain is vertically and horizontally rivered, the villages are dotted, and a beautiful picture of the fishing rice Town in the south of the Yangtze River.

Let's shine first.

The Xianzhao Temple beside the Pavilion is an ancient temple in the Southern Song Dynasty. When the sun rises eastward, Wandaoxiaguang first illuminates the eaves of the Yellow Wall of the ancient temple. The name of the temple comes from "the light of the rising sun shines on the temple first". The Xianzhao Temple in the dawn, hidden in the green bushes, is brilliant, and together with the dark green rocky mountains, reflected in the lake, the scenery is fascinating. Wei Ji of the Ming Dynasty wrote this poem: "On the top of Lanruoyan Mountain, Ling Xuyi is scarce. Yangwuhu Dongsheng, streamer first served."

Night crossing Lake

Crossing the lake bridge and levee, a rainbow lying wave cuts across the gourd waist of Xianghu Lake. The scenery is charming in the daytime and more charming in the moonlight and night. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the night and moon of Xianghu Lake are all kinds of customs, especially autumn night. On autumn night, sitting in the pavilion beside the bridge across the lake, the mountains are dark and the forests are sparse, the lake is as flat as a mirror, and the night is as cool as water. At this time, a bright moon rises slowly, and the lake surface shines. This situation makes people worry about everything.

Yang Qi bells

Yangqi Temple in the southwest of Hunan Lake has a huge copper bell with sound and shock in all fields. Wang Mian, a Qing Dynasty poet, wrote the poem "Autumn Flood in Hunan Bin": "It is a pleasant place for visitors, and all the kilns in Chaokou are recorded. Ask where the bell is in the frost, and the boatwoman points to Yang Qi Temple. That is to say. There were many temples around Xianghu Lake in ancient times, and there were many bells, but Yang Qi's bells were outstanding and most famous.

Song of Heng Tang

Hengtang, or Hengzhu Tang, is located on the outside of the dyke pond in the southwest of Xianghu Lake. Legend has it that yellow bamboo (a kind of luzhu) was planted on a pond and grew into a forest. Because of the homonym of "horizontal" and "yellow" in dialect, it is commonly known as "Huangzhutang". This is what Wei Ji's poem of the Ming Dynasty says, "Huangzhu is a faint fan Litang". Hengzhu pond is three miles long, both inside and outside the pond are rivers, reeds are overgrown, is a good place for fishing and crab catching. When the sun sets to the west, Hengtang is setting, fishing boats are singing late, a school of poetry and painting.

Shadow of the lake

On a sunny day, we climbed the Yahu Mountain in the center of Xianghu Lake. But the lake looks like a mirror, the blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the lake, and the water grass and fish swim through the clouds. The clouds and shadows are different in the morning and evening, and different in the four seasons. Their scenes are picturesque and changeable. In the Ming Dynasty, Zeng Yi had a poem: "There is no end to the lakes and mountains, and there are several times of low return to quiet and prosperous credit. The water is covered with smoke and clouds, and the fishing boats near the bridge are shaded by willows. That is to say.

Mountain foot kiln smoke

Xianghu clay is a good material for making bricks and tiles. Lakeside residents have always made pottery as their business, and there are many kilns around the lake. At dusk, the smoke of the hillside kiln near the lake is dim, and it has become the unique scenery of Xianghu Lake. Huang Yuanshou's poem Xianghu Zayong in the Qing Dynasty says, "New fire is added to the kiln at dusk, and light smoke is scattered into clouds for half a day." That is to say.

Tourist guide

Contact information

Contact Unit: Zhejiang Xianghu Tourism Resort Management Committee

Address: No. 132 Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Zip code: 311203

Opening Hours

Opening to the outside world in April 2006, all-weather opening.

Admission ticket

1. Tickets for scenic spots: free

2. Polar Ocean Park: Adults 240 yuan per person, children under 1.2 meters free of tickets.

3. Children's Park: 10 yuan per person

4. Tourist around the lake, 40 minutes, 20 yuan per person.

(1) Children's Park: 20 yuan per person

(2) Tour around the lake for 40 minutes, 60 yuan per person;

Traffic information

The Xianghu Tourism Resort in Zhejiang Province is located in the east of Xiaoshan City, west of Qiantang River, north of Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, south of Hangzhou Circumferential Expressway, 30 kilometers from Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou, 15 kilometers from Qianjiang First Bridge, Third Bridge, Fourth Bridge and Fifth Bridge to Xihu, and adjacent to Xianghu Station of Hangzhou Metro Line 1, which has been opened, the traffic is very convenient.

Bus information of scenic spots:

Number, Bus Station Name, Parking Line

1. Section 515 of Polar Ocean Park (Cross-Lake Bridge | Xianghu Scenic Area)

2. Xianghu Home 327, 659, 701, 702

3. Xianghu Laochang 726

4. Xianghu intersection 712

5. Xianghu Meidi 659

6. Xianghu Automobile Repair Plant 726

7. Xianghu Primary School 712

8. Xianghu Fishing Village 707

9 Xianghu Prefabrication Yard 726

10 Xianglifang (Hangzhou Paradise, XieBo Park) 327 344 405 701 702 707

11. Xiangpu Guanyu (Xianghu Scenic Area) 327 344 405 701 702 707

Sightseeing route

One-day Tour of Xianghu Lake: Promoting One Main and Two Subsidiary Tourist Routes

One main line: Xianghu Lake Scenic Area-Polar Ocean World. Along this tour route, tourists can take a boat boat ride on the lake, enjoy the panoramic view of Xianghu Lake, walk around Chengshan Square for the Spring Festival Temple Fair, visit Xiangpu Fishing Festival, visit the Polar Ocean World and the Arctic Bear, Arctic Wolf, Penguin, Seal close contact, watch the splendid performances of whales, dolphins and sea lions, and watch Russia. Ross Mermaid deduces underwater ballet;

One of the bylines is the Polar Ocean Park (including the polar ocean world, recreational facilities, bird language forest), playing in the polar ocean world, enjoying more than 20 large and medium-sized recreational facilities, such as surfing boats, skipping clouds, merry-go-round horses and virtual magic world. There are more than 80 species of nearly 3000 birds in the bird language park, which is the most complete Bird Park in East China. Visitors can feed with their own hands, watch funny birds performances, visit the Bird Museum, and have tea parties in the teahouse in the secluded birdsong mountains.

The second is the Children's Park, Bird's Language Forest. More than 20 new recreational facilities will bring children unlimited visits to Bird's Language Forest.

Catering accommodation

There are many places for tea tasting and catering around Xianghu Lake.

1. Tixing Island

2. Overwind Building

3. Xianghu Fishing Village

4. Xiangyue Restaurant

5. Xiangminglou

6. Yingxiangju

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