Wuzhizhou Island Scenic Area

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Wuzhizhou Island Scenic Area

Wuzhizhou Island is situated in Haitangwan Bay in the north of Sanya City. It is opposite to Monkey Island in the South and is adjacent to Yalong Bay, the world's most famous Bay in the south. Wuzhizhou Island is 2.7 kilometers away from the coastline and 1.48 square kilometers in circumference. It is irregular butterfly-shaped. It is 1400 meters long in East and West and 1100 meters wide in North and south.

It is 30 kilometers away from Sanya City and 38 kilometers away from Phoenix Airport. It is close to Haikou-Sanya Expressway. It has superior location and convenient transportation. Wuzhizhou Island is one of the few islands around Hainan Island with freshwater resources and rich vegetation. It has more than 2000 kinds of plants.

geographical environment

Wuzhizhou Island is close to Hainan Eastern Highway. It has superior location and convenient transportation. It can take the largest hovercraft in China and can carry 70 passengers on the island. Wuzhizhou Island is a tropical marine climate, mild and refreshing all year round, pleasant four seasons, is an ideal place for vacation, leisure, winter swimming, entertainment. The highest peak in the eastern and southern part of the island is 79.9 meters above sea level, with cliffs and rocks in all shapes, rocks and waves like snow. The western and Northern terrain gradually flattened, a bend of beach, fine white sand.

The rocks of the seaside mountains are rugged and steep, plunging directly into the bottom of the sea and splashing the shore with great waves. The mountains, forests and grasslands in the central part fluctuate with green shadows. The northern beach is quiet, white and delicate, like a jade belt.

natural resources

There are more than 2000 kinds of plants on the island, with tall and tall trees and dense shrubs. The waters around the island are clear and visible, reaching 27 meters. It is rich in noctiluca, sea cucumber, lobster, mackerel, sea urchin, pomfret and colorful tropical fish. The coral reefs in the southern waters are well preserved, colorful and strange in shape. This is the preferred place for diving, sightseeing and marine entertainment. There are more than 2700 species of native plants in 85 families in the east, South and west of the island. They are not only tall and tall trees, but also luxuriant shrubs. Among them, there are not only exotic flowers and trees such as Quercus spinulosa which came down from the dinosaur era, but also the oldest plants that have survived on the planet so far. The Dragon Blood Tree, known as the "Old Plant of the Earth", parasitizes and strangles them. Isotropic plant landscape can be seen everywhere.

Wuzhizhou Island enjoys the reputation of "China Maldives". It is also the only island in the world without reefs or pebbles. The sea area around the island is clear and transparent. The visibility of the sea water is 6-27 meters. Corals of various shapes together with mackerel, grouper, sea urchin, sea cucumber, prawn, conch and colorful tropical fish constitute a magical underwater world. Extreme vision, vast and vast, sea and sky uniform.

As a necessary tourist attraction for middle and high-end tourists in Hainan, Wuzhizhou Island integrates the richness and uniqueness of tropical island tourism resources. The beautiful natural scenery of the island, various vacation villas, wooden houses and bars, tennis courts, seafood restaurants and other supporting facilities, as well as more than 30 marine and beach recreational projects, including diving, semi-diving sightseeing, sea fishing, water skiing, sailing, motorboats, banana boats, canoes, tugboats, beach motorcycles, beach volleyball, beach football, etc., have been carried out to provide sightseeing. And holiday tourists bring primitive, quiet, romantic and dynamic fashion leisure experience.

Main attractions

Mazu Temple

During the reign of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, Wu Huacun, a Taoist tourist from Hainan Province, traveled all over the islands of Hainan to seek the places of self-cultivation of alchemy. Finally, he saw the geomantic omen of Wuzhizhou Island and wanted to settle down here and cultivate himself by alchemy. Knowing this, Zhong Yuandi, the then Yazhou prefecture, came to Wuzhizhou Island and saw such a beautiful island and excellent geomantic omen. He believed that this treasure land should not be used by individuals, but should benefit the people. So it stopped Wu Dao people's behavior and built a nunnery on the island, named "Three Views of Sea Implication", which was funded by the state capital. It was dedicated to Cang Jie, the creator of Chinese square characters, which is very rare in China and a brilliant stroke in Hainan's cultural history. It was built in 1893, more than 100 years ago. After the collapse of the Qing government, the temple was not managed, and the fishermen did not know what God they offered, so they pushed down the statue and worshipped the God Mazu instead. The original temple had collapsed and collapsed, and in 1993 the island's developers and builders rebuilt it.

Lover Bridge

Valentine's Bridge, an important filming site for the New Year's film Private Customization, was originally a cable bridge, and was the sea hope of the Island-Guarding forces at that time. Walking on the rocking cable bridge requires a bit of courage and ingenuity. Some ladies not only want to cross the bridge to the point of view to experience, but also afraid of falling into the sea. When crossing the bridge, they hold their friends'hands tightly, so the bridge is also nicknamed "Valentine's Bridge". Later, the island for the safety of guests, so the original cable bridge into today's wooden bridge, is still the most desirable place for couples.

Privately Made Freshwater Pool

In 2013, Sanya Wuzhizhou Island joined Feng Xiaogang's annual New Year comedy Private Customization into the public eye. The New Year's Comedy Masterpiece Private Customization, starring Ge You, Bai Baihe, Li Xiaolu and Zheng Kai, joined by Fan Wei, Song Dandan and Wang Baoqiang, has attracted much attention since it came out.

As one of the important filming sites of Feng Xiaogang's annual New Year's Comedy Private Customization, Sanya Wuzhizhou Island has won praise from both the drama group and the stars for its unique tropical scenery and charming pure island vacation style, and is also regarded as an "important scenic spot" by Feng Xiaogang. The freshwater swimming pool beside the pirate bar on Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya, is a curved blue pool hidden between the blue sky and the coconut forest. The pool edge is like a "bird's nest" of white buildings built between the sea and the sky, in the triangle plum, blue sky, blue pool, coconut shadow whirling against, it seems particularly quiet and tranquil. The Office of Yuanmeng Company in the scenic spot of Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya, Hainan, has become the place that countless tourists yearn for. The private customization of Wuzhizhou Island has also become the synonym of Hainan's tourism routes and products.

Sunflower rock

Guanriyan is located on the southeast cliff of Wuzhizhou Island. Standing on the rocks, facing the wind from the sea, overlooking the whole island, we can see the vast South China Sea. Beneath the cliff, the rocks were rugged. When the wind is calm and the waves are calm, we take a boat tour around the island. The stone scenery is very strange. Watching Riyan is like a natural stone Buddha, facing the sea and practicing day and night. The dawn of the new century rises from here, and the red sun rises slowly from the sea to form a uniform sea-sky viewing point. If you want to watch the sunrise, you can consult the hotel front desk for the sunrise time.

Golden tortoise

Under the observation rocks in the southeastern part of Wuzhizhou Island, the natural boulders, such as a giant turtle, can be distinguished clearly, especially in front of the whole boulder's left, there is a long strip of rock showing the sea surface. When the sea water comes, it is like a turtle paddling with its feet, dynamic and realistic, as if a giant turtle is expecting to return to its homeland, and is slowly climbing. To the sea, so called "turtle exploring the sea".

Lovers Island

Valentine's Island is two boulders that have been baptized by the tide for thousands of years but still stand and look at each other quietly. Legend has it that people in ancient times were famous for commemorating the infatuated lover of a pair of dragon kings who were annoyed by their love and turned into stones. Now it has become a major scenic spot of Wuzhizhou Island. It is a good place for young men and women to whisper and listen to the waves.

Sea view promenade

On the west side of Wuzhizhou Island, wooden corridors and platforms have been built along the coastal terrain. You can watch the clear water along the corridors. Because there are many reefs in this area, you can see many crabs "walking" on the reefs. If you are lucky, you can also see groups of tropical fish on the platform.

Surrounding attractions

Yalong Bay Resort, Dadonghai Resort, Sanya Loving World, Laibidong Tourist Area, Xiaodong Bay, Luhuitou Park, Tortoise Island, Miaozhai Village, Coconut Dream Corridor, Yulin Bay Resort, Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park, Nanwan Monkey Island, etc.

Scenic spot activities

520 KISS DAY: Every May 20, the theme activity of "520 KISS DAY" is designed for couples on Wuzhizhou Island. Lovers bathed in the sunshine, kissed romantically in the beauty of the sea and the sky, watched by many tourists and won the prize. The scene was very exciting and had a good response.

1314 Brand Days: 1314 Brand Days of Wuzhizhou Island are held on the 1314 Brand Days of each month. On Brand Days, scenic staff carefully design interesting games to interact with tourists, and distribute rich prizes to enrich tourists'experience and give back to tourists.

Catering facilities

Dinka Cafeteria

Dingjiale Taste Buffet is a luxurious lunch prepared for you in Wuzhizhou Island. The dishes include cold dishes, hot dishes, staple foods, soups, miscellaneous grains, desserts, Hainan characteristic classic delicacies, fruits, drinks, new-style sticker baking stalls, mass barbecue stalls, Hong Kong-style baked wax stalls, potato stalls, steamed porridge stalls, Hainan flour soup stalls, noodles stalls, etc.

Melia Coral Hotel

Coral Hotel: The hotel has 6 characteristic restaurants and lounges, fashionable, integrated Chinese and Western. In Linhai Pavilion Chinese Restaurant, warm and unique interior decoration, with jellyfish shaped pillar lights, can enjoy high-end Cantonese food, Hainan cuisine and other fresh dishes; in Asian flavor restaurant, you can taste exquisite Japanese tattoo cuisine, enjoy gourmet kitchen on-site fancy iron plate cooking; in Guchi Club, with the slow flow of music, enjoy orthodox French wine, Cuban cigars, noble and leisurely born. In Green Island All-Day Western Restaurant, you can enjoy delicate and creative dishes with European and Southeast Asian flavors. In Haiyun Lobby, the sun shines through the layers of mantles, the trees in the mountains, the birds'song echoes. Outside the open-air lawn of Coral Bar, enjoy the fruit tree barbecue dinner beside the swimming pool, put everything aside and return to nature. A variety of options, the ultimate enjoyment.


The development concept of scenic spots with outstanding quality and characteristics has made the development achievements of Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya widely recognized, and won the favor and praise of domestic and foreign tourists and tourism practitioners. The scenic spots have won the honors of "Top Ten Cultural Enterprises in 2015", "Top Ten Domestic Tourism Scenic Spots in 2016", "Top Ten Excellent Sports Tourism Scenic Spots in 2017" and "Top Ten Seas in China". Fishing Base, Ten National Wedding Industry Bases, AAAA Units of Service Quality of Maritime Tourism Passenger Transport Enterprises, Ten Important Brands of China Tourism Industry, China's Most Beautiful Leisure and Vacation Tourist Resort, National AAAAA Tourist Scenic Spot, South China's Most Popular Natural Scenic Spot and other heavyweight honors.

Traffic information

How to get to Wuzhizhou Island Pier

1. Free shuttle buses are available in scenic spots: Wuzhizhou Island has opened special buses for downtown area, Yalong Bay and Haitangwan to Wuzhizhou Island (the urban receiving points are the urban tourist reception center, Yalong Bay receiving points and Haitangwan receiving points for specific contact with customer service consultation). Reception time is 9:00 or 13:00, and delivery time is 12:00 or 16:00. Visitors are required to book tickets and other consumption items at the 5S Marketing Center of Wuzhizhou Island or the official flagship store of Tianmao in Wuzhizhou Island, and to call before 16:00 a day in advance to make an appointment before they can take the "special tour bus" for free.

2. Bus No. 28 and Haitangwan No. 1: Bus No. 28 can be taken in Sanya downtown area to Wuzhizhou Island Pier (30 minutes one train, the whole journey is about an hour). The fare is 12 yuan. Stops are: Sanya Bus Terminal, Municipal Government, Luling Road, Summer Department Store, Dadonghai Plaza, East Bus Station, Haitangwan Expressway Intersection, Linwang Market, Wuzhizhou Island; You can also take Haitangwan No. 1 to Wuzhizhou Island Wharf, stops are: Nantian Hot Spring Station, Liuhe Yuecheng City, No. 8 Mansion, Fujiao Overpass, Haitangwan Tax-free Plaza, Westin Hotel, Xilai. Deng Hotel, Wanda Hilton Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, Haitangwan Square, 301 Hospital, Wuzhizhou Island Station. Bus information is taken as reference, and the actual travel information on that day shall prevail.

3. Taxi: The fare from one-way to Wuzhizhou Island Pier in urban area is about 80 yuan; the fare from Yalong Bay to Wuzhizhou Island Pier is about 80 yuan; if chartered, it is about 150-200 yuan.

4. Self-driving tour: Navigate "Wuzhizhou Island Wharf", and provide free parking in scenic spots.

Ticket information

The market price of the ticket is 144 yuan per seat.

Children under 1.2 meters (including) are free of tickets.

2. Active servicemen are exempted from votes on the basis of valid officer's certificate, army police officer's certificate, Army civilian cadre's certificate and soldier's certificate.

3, 1.2m-1.5m (including) children, old people aged 60 to 69 with their identity cards, students with their valid student cards (full-time undergraduate course below university undergraduate course), disabled people (level 4 or above disabled people can not go to the island) with "disability certificate" enjoy half-price concessions. Customers who buy discount tickets need to show their valid certificates at the cash register.

Note: (My scenic spot does not have the conditions to receive the elderly over 70 years old, pregnant women and people with mobility disabilities). Customers who buy discount tickets need to show their valid certificates at the cash register.

Matters needing attention

1. Ultraviolet radiation is strong on the island. Please wear a sun cap and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

2. The main tourist spots have more concealed toilets and garbage cans. Please cooperate actively in the process of touring to strengthen your awareness of environmental protection.

3. Pets are forbidden to go to the island and fish feeding is forbidden in this scenic spot. In order to ensure safety, it is better to accompany tour guides to avoid accidents.

4. The beach of beach bathing ground is formed by the seabed necrotic corals washed ashore by sea water, which are weathered increasingly into "coral sand". Coral sand is especially white, but it is rougher than ordinary fine sand. Please keep your toes sharp and walk carefully.

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