Wushan small Three Gorges

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The Little Three Gorges, or the Little Three Gorges Tourist Scenic Spot, was named "Forty Best Tourist Resorts in China" in 1991, "National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot" in November 2004 and "National AAAAA Tourist Scenic Spot" in May 2007.

At the same time, it has been rated as "China's National Key Scenic Spot", "Chongqing Civilization Scenic Spot", "Chongqing Security Scenic Spot". It has been honored as "China's Miracle" and "the world's greatest scenic spot".

Wushan Xiaoxiao Three Gorges is located on Madu River, a tributary of Dicui Gorge of Daning River. It is the general name of Changtan Gorge, Qinwang Gorge and Three Gorges. The small Three Gorges is the sister of the small Three Gorges of the Daning River, which is 15 kilometers long. Because it is smaller than the small Three Gorges of the Daning River, it is called "the small Three Gorges".

Wushan Little Three Gorges is also known as the best drifting area in the country, and it has a breathtaking return to nature participatory drifting - known as "China's first drifting".

Main attractions

Longmenba fog dripping green, Qishan beautiful water than the Three Gorges. The small Three Gorges of the Yangtze River attracts many tourists with its beautiful scenery; the small Three Gorges of the Yangtze River starts from Wushan County in the South and goes north to the ancient city of Dachang. Wushan Xiaosanxia, also known as the Daning River Xiaosanxia, is the essence of the Daning River scenic spot. Compared with the magnificent, magnificent and precipitous of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the small Three Gorges is beautiful and unique, exquisite and elegant, so people praise the small Three Gorges as "not the Three Gorges, better than the Three Gorges". More importantly, there is a cliff coffin hanging on the cliff, which makes people unable to do anything about it.

The Little Three Gorges consists of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge. Longmen Gorge is about 3 kilometers long, with verdant peaks on both sides and turbulent water flow in the river. It is the gateway of the small Three Gorges. Most tourists here are on foot to enjoy the scenery.

Qi Ba Wu Gorge

Out of Longmen Gorge is the famous dangerous beach "Yinwo Beach". Here the mountains turn back and water turn, the dangerous current of the beach is fast, it is really a dangerous way on the voyage. Crossing the dangerous beach, we enter the Iron Coffin Gorge. The Iron Coffin Gorge is about 10 kilometers long. The rocks on both sides of the river are rugged, forming a group of natural sculptures, each interesting. On the eastern cliff wall, there is a golden-scale glittering feldspar, much like a giant dragon coming back from the sky, and the head of the dragon has been caved; on the opposite side, there is a cave with a yellow pebble at the entrance of the cave, like a tiger just about to leave the cave; on the West bank, there are a series of inverted stalactites under the cliff, which look like two steeds, whose heads have entered the mountain, but the horse tail and the tiger. The hind legs are still outside the mountain. So people named them Longjin, Tiger Exit and Ma Guishan respectively. In addition, there is a black hanging coffin, commonly known as the "iron coffin", in the cliff crack four or five meters above the water surface on the East Bank of the river, from which comes the Iron Coffin Gorge. According to the textual research, this "iron coffin" was a suspended coffin of the Ba people in the Warring States Period. It was not cast iron, just because of its similar color. At present, the most well-preserved hanging coffins are Jingzhou Dam, 25 kilometers northeast of Wuxi County, where there are 24 black coffins.

Xiong Longmen Gorge

Longmen Gorge is the first gorge of the small Three Gorges, about 3 kilometers long. The gorge mouth is confronted by two mountains. The cliffs are cut, the sky opens a line, and the shape is like a gate. It is praised by the tourists of the Three Gorges. The famous landscape of Longmen Gorge is composed of Lion Gatekeeper, Ancient Trestle Road Site, Lingzhi Peak, Yinwo Beach, Majiao Beach and so on. The beautiful scenery makes visitors forget to return. In the Shipping Gorge, we can appreciate the strange peaks and rocks, flowing springs and waterfalls, hanging coffins and ancient caves, Yinwo Beach, Panda Cave and ancient trestle Road Relics on both sides of the Strait, and the lush mountain walls are occasionally hidden by monkeys.

Wushan small Three Gorges

Wushan small Three Gorges because of its narrower waterways, the mountain situation is particularly steep, the canyon is more deep. Within the small Three Gorges, there are many beautiful peaks, mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, cliff confrontation between the two sides, thousands of walls, narrow rivers, and a line of Tiankai, revealing the unstoppable temptation of mountains and fields. The inverted stalactites on the rocks are odd in shape and have different shapes, giving off a primitive and simple atmosphere. During the boat journey, the scenery between the shores is infinite, the eyes are green and very beautiful, making people only return to the true and embrace the natural interest . Long Beach Gorge: From Shuanghe to Pinghe, it is 5 kilometers long. There is a stretch of river beach about 2 kilometers long, more than 10 meters wide, straight line, level as a mirror, white sand and rocks, both sides of the mountains and waters are covered, so it is called Long Beach Gorge. Narrow valleys, high mountains, confrontational cliffs, dangerous momentum; clear water bottom, the upstream water of a wide variety of fish; along the coast there are many colorful pebbles, sometimes see fossils of paleontology. There are dripping rocks, smart springs, climbing rocks by hand and piercing holes in the gorge. Qinwangxia: From Shangdoukou to Shuanghe, it is 4 kilometers long. Here, beautiful mountains and waters, deep and quiet, gentle water flow, clear bottom, is the best place for drifting tours. There is a large karst cave on the East Bank of Qinwangxia. According to legend, during the Chongzhen period of the Ming Dynasty, there were thieves surnamed Qin who occupied the cave as the king. They were captured by Zhang Xianzhong Department of the peasant rebellion army, so they were named "King Cave of Qin". There are many scenic spots in the gorge, such as Xiangtai, Hutouyan, Huanglong River Crossing, Yuelongmen of carp, Yingbin of fairies, Xianle Bell and Luohan Hall. Three Gorges: Beginning at the entrance of the Madu River, it is 5 kilometers long and is the first gorge of the small Three Gorges. Cliffs and cliffs on both sides are like axes; rivers are narrow and open in the sky, with beautiful scenery. When sailing against the water, the current is turbulent and there is no way to stretch the fibers. It can only be supported by a pole, so it is also known as "Changzhuang Gorge". Here, the original vegetation is undamaged, along the way green, bizarre bell milk is everywhere, the sky is full of waterfalls, rain and mist, full of rich poetic and picturesque. There are Luhuitou, Shouxing Peak, Shizhuwan, Acacia Spring, Longhutan, Bajie River Crossing, Mother's Stone, Moon Village and other landscapes in the Gorge. On May 8, 2007, Wushan Small Three Gorges - Small Three Gorges Tourism Scenic Spot in Chongqing was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national 5A-level tourism scenic spot.

Yudai Chui Chui Gorge

Dicui Gorge is the longest, deepest and most beautiful section of the Little Three Gorges. It is about 20 kilometers long from Shuanglong to Tujiaba. The main scenic spots are Shuixian Cave, Moshan Buddha statue, Tianquan Feiyu, Luojiazhai, Sheep Beach, Madu River, Tianfeng, Trestle Road, Cable Bridge, Chibi Ferris, Suspended Coffin, Double Eagle Screen, Feiyun Cave, etc. "Red Cliff Skyscraper" is a cliff up to hundreds of meters, such as knife cutting, straight into the clouds, in the sunshine, shining golden, is a true red cliff.

Dicui Gorge is known as "infinite beauty, most of which is Dicui Gorge" because of its beautiful peaks, lush trees, overflowing waterfalls, dripping green on both sides of the Strait, water-exhausted springs and cliff-free peaks. There are both magnificent momentum and exquisite scenery in the Gorge.

geographical environment

Wushan Small Three Gorges is composed of Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge, which is 50 kilometers long. She has a pool of blue water, strange peaks, bamboo, onions, apes, interesting wild. The small Three Gorges is characterised by its beauty and magic. Chen Yunhe wrote the poem "The Little Three Gorges of the Daning River" for it. Some people think that it has six wonders, namely, Qixiong Mountain, Qiqiqing Water, Qixixiu Peak, Qixuan Beach, Qiyue scenery, Qimei Stone, which can be called "the world Qixia". The Little Three Gorges, adjacent to the Yangtze River and the Great Three Gorges Scenic Area, is one of the key scenic spots in the country. In 1991, it was named "Forty Best Tourist Resorts in China".

As the saying goes, there must be water between the two mountains. I don't know whether the water of the Daning River breeds the exotic peaks on both sides, or whether the beautiful peaks on both sides moisten the clear and green water of the Daning River. Visiting the Little Three Gorges is like sailing in a delicate and exquisite natural bonsai, which will make you fascinated. The Little Three Gorges is not only a well-known scenic spot, but also a precious historical relic, such as the suspended coffin and boat coffin of the ancient Ba people, as well as the stone hole of the ancient trestle road. This peculiar Canyon scenery, which combines the natural landscape with the human landscape, is a bright pearl on the golden waterway line of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. After having a full view of the small Three Gorges in Wushan, I can't help issuing that "the Ninghe River is not the Gorge, except that the sea has been troubled by water." Wuyue returns without looking at the mountains, Ninghe returns without looking at the gorge.

Three Gorges Project

In the third stage of the Three Gorges Project, the backwater reaches a long life, and over 500 kilometers of River reservoirs are formed above the dam, which is nearly 1000 square kilometers. The beautiful scenery of Pinghu Lake in Gaoxia has made some changes in the landscape of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Some natural and humanistic landscapes have been submerged underwater, but some new natural and humanistic landscapes have appeared again, with little change on the whole. The construction of the Three Gorges Dam not only has three main functions of flood control, power generation and improvement of shipping conditions, but also has opened a new historical chapter for the rapid development of tourism in the Three Gorges.

There is a "return to nature" small Three Gorges, tourists take self-participation, self-operated oar handle rafting, is a "temptation" of the best drifting area; there are more than 1000 tree-climbing and rock-climbing monkeys, more than 100 pairs of companion Mandarin ducks, a variety of waterfowls flying, a variety of fish swimming in blue water, birds singing at any time can be heard, is a well-known. Scenic Animal Zone. There are ancient suspended coffins and boat coffins of Ba people, and the stone hole of the ancient trestle road is a precious historical relic. This peculiar Canyon scenery, natural landscape and human landscape are integrated, is a bright pearl on the golden waterway line of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

Longmen Gorge is 3 km from Longmen Gorge Estuary to Yinwo Beach. Majestic and majestic. The two mountains confront each other, the cliffs are cut, the sky opens a line, the shape is like a gate, known as "Xiongzao, Longmen Gorge" reputation. There are some scenic spots such as Longmen Bridge, Longmen Spring, Qingshiweimen, Jiulongzhu and Lingzhi Peak, which are the starting point of the longest ancient trestle road relic in China. Out of the gorge is the dangerous Yinwo Beach of the rapids. During the voyage, there is a feeling that "Bashui is as fast as an arrow and Bashui is as fast as flying".

The extension of this gorge is a wide valley with gentle mountains and rivers. It passes through Pipa Prefecture and runs through Majiao Beach. Bawu Gorge is ten kilometers long from Tortoise Beach to Shuanglong. It has deep mountains and valleys, misty clouds, dense bells and milk, and many strange shapes. It has rocky peaks and winding paths. There is no doubt that the rocks will turn around. Has always been known as "Qizao, Bawuxia". There are monkeys fishing for the moon, Ma Gui Shan, tiger out, Longjin, Huilong Cave, fairies throwing embroidery balls, Xiantaofeng, Guanyin sitting in Liantai, Bajie Guanyin, hanging coffins and other landscapes. From Shuanglong to Tujiaba, Dicui Gorge is 20 kilometers long. It is the longest, deepest and most beautiful section of the Little Three Gorges. There are many peaks and cliffs in the gorge, such as flying springs, competing peaks, lush trees, green bamboo, empty waterfalls, dripping green on both sides of the river, green current, mandarin ducks playing with water, monkey climbing, ape voice, wild and interesting, and often praised as "Youlu, dripping green gorge". Splendid and colorful scenic spots include water curtain cave, Moshan Buddha statue, Tianquan Feiyu, Luojiazhai, Sheep Beach, Madu River, Little Three Gorges, Tianfeng, trestle, cable bridge, Chibi Ferris, boat coffin, double eagle screen, Feiyun Cave, etc.

The beauty of the Little Three Gorges is so rich that it has the reputation of "infinite beauty, most of all Dicuixia". With the vigorous development of tourism, Wushan Little Three Gorges, a deep mountain pearl, shows its true face to the world, attracting and attracting many tourists at home and abroad. Every visitor who visits the Little Three Gorges seems to have returned to the embrace of nature. He is intoxicated by the magnificent and beautiful scenery. He takes photos, videos, writes articles, poems and paintings one after another, and extensively publicizes and introduces the tourist resort to the outside world. Now he is well known both at home and abroad. All these constitute the beautiful and peculiar Canyon scenery of the Little Three Gorges, which has become a wonderful tourist attraction and is known as the "Chinese Wonder" and the world's most beautiful scenery. The famous Wushan Small Three Gorges, also known as the Daning River Small Three Gorges. Some people praised it as "not the Three Gorges, better than the Three Gorges", "God is absolute, amazing is enough". Others say, "Once the sea was troubled by water, except Ninghe River is not a gorge; when the five mountains return, the Ninghe River does not look at the gorge."

Climatic characteristics


The small Three Gorges and the small Three Gorges area belong to the warm and humid subtropical climate, which is greatly affected by the canyon topography. Among them, Wu Gorge has a long and tortuous deep canyon, which shows typical climatic characteristics of the canyon and can be used as a representative of the climate of the Three Gorges. Here, the annual average temperature is 18.4 Celsius, the coldest January average temperature is 7.1 Celsius, and the hottest July average temperature is 29.3 Celsius. The annual average rainfall is between 1000 and 1400 millimeters, mostly concentrated in July and August. The mild winter, hot summer, abundant rainfall and distinct seasons are not much different from the Sichuan Basin and the plain of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. However, because the canyon is deep, the sunshine time at the bottom of the canyon is short. In winter, there is only two or three hours of sunshine around noon, and in summer, there are only five or six hours of sunshine. In the canyon, the wind is strong and the wind direction is fixed, mostly the east wind or the west wind along the canyon. Canyon terrain is closed, humid and steaming, easy to become clouds and fog. In summer, thunder and lightning often occur, and heavy rain pours down, which is one of the national rainstorm centers; autumn is sunny, cloudy day is high; winter is more "Mongolian Gorge Rain", often continuous for several days; at the turn of spring and summer, the weather is changeable, "morning clouds and evening rain", and it is a scene.

Wushan small Three Gorges and small Three Gorges have narrow channels, great changes in river flow and great disparities in water level fluctuations. Flood discharge is generally 40,000 to 50,000 cubic meters per second in flood season and 3000 cubic meters per second in dry season. The difference between the highest water level and the lowest water level can reach more than 50 meters. During the flood period, the river water rose abnormally rapidly, and the water level often rose more than 10 meters in a day. The slope of the river bed is large, with an average drop of 1 meter every 5 kilometers, the water potential is turbulent and the eddy turns thousands of times. The flow velocity varies greatly. The average flow velocity in dry season is 4 kilometers per hour, in Flood Season 11 kilometers per hour, and in rapids and dangerous beaches it reaches 16 to 25 kilometers per hour. During the summer flood season, the turbulent river burst out of the tortuous Canyon and poured down thousands of miles. In the dry season, the river flows meandering in the mountains and valleys, making the channel of the Three Gorges particularly difficult.

Historical culture

Deep interest

The channel is narrow, the river narrower and the peak higher, the peak narrower and the river narrower. Visitors take boats during the journey, looking up only to see a line of sky, the gorge wall brushes past, making people feel more deep.

Interest of clear water

The river is clear and green, with a clear visible bottom and a clear color like jadeite and glaze. Take a cruise to the Three Gorges, the water is considerable but not palpable. It's interesting to swim in the small Three Gorges because you can reach out to the clear water outside the boat by boat. Tourists and landscape this tactile exchange and pleasure, make you feel that the landscape is closer.

The interest of mountains and rivers

Apes on both sides of the Straits can't cry anymore in the Great Three Gorges, but they can still be seen in the Small Three Gorges. People often see monkeys climbing on the bank and gorge wall, and from time to time they make faces and say hello to tourists. On the clear water, a pair of yaks loitered leisurely, ignoring the passing boats, as if to help the tourists.

The interest of gorge stone

There are several broad valleys in the Little Three Gorges. The river bed of the wide valley is covered with pebbles, which are dark red, light yellow, light green, dark grey, and transparent and colorless. Many stone patterns resemble landscape flowers. This is the famous "Three Gorges Stone". Many tourists go ashore to "pick up stones" and take them back. They are very good ornaments.

Interest of antiquity

Because of the late development of the small Three Gorges of the Daning River, people's clothing, food, housing and transportation still retain the ancient customs, together with the well-preserved ancient trestle roads and ancient hanging coffins in the small Three Gorges, which make the tourism of the small Three Gorges full of ancient customs.

Practical information

Ticket Price

120 yuan / person

hot tip

It's hot in July and August. Short sleeves will do. Wushan rains and clouds, Wushan often rains, we must take an umbrella, raincoat is OK.

Traffic information

Arrive in Wushan by high-speed hydrofoil boat at Chaotianmen Wharf for 8 hours and transfer to Longmen Ferry of the Little Three Gorges by bus.

Visiting the small Three Gorges is usually from the Daning River estuary near Wushan County to the Longmen Gorge upstream, through the Bawu Gorge to the Dicuixia Gorge, and then back.

In Longmen Gorge, the clear spring of Zhongfei Waterfall is quiet and beautiful. On the rock wall of Hedong, a clear spring flows into the river, known as Longmen Spring. On the cliff of Hexi, one side of the stone holes can be seen, extending more than 300 kilometers in an orderly way until the Heishui River. These stone holes are the relics of the ancient trestle road. There is also a colorful pebble beach in Longmen Gorge, which is a delicate and exquisite natural bonsai.