Wuliangye distillery

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Wuliangye distillery

Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. is located at the intersection of Jinsha River and Minjiang River, the first city of the Yangtze River -- "Jiudu" Yibin. It is a modern corporate group with Wuliangye series liquor production as its main business, plastic processing, pharmaceutical industry, printing, packaging, foreign trade, fruit wine, vodka, mineral water, transportation, feed, breeding, etc.

Introduction to scenic spots

The group company covers an area of 5 square kilometers and has more than 10000 employees. Wuliangye, the leading product, enjoys a high reputation among Chinese and foreign consumers. Li Peng, former premier of the State Council, once wrote an inscription for Wuliangye: "Shenzhou Qiongjiang Wuliangye". Today's Wuliangye Group Company enjoys the reputation of "garden company". The splendid ancient wine culture is endowed with new connotation here. Wuliangye enterprise culture is characterized by well planned plant area, original sculpture, modern buildings and evergreen flowers and trees. There are also many famous landscapes in the group: endeavor tower, the highest corporate image sculpture in China, the largest wine culture exhibition hall in China, the magnificent Pengcheng square, and the Jiusheng mountain in the factory culture park.


Wuliangye Group Company attaches great importance to the protection of wildlife. Attention yo, to Wuliangye plant tourism or investigation, do not kill wild animals Oh, or it will be a punishment of 1000-3000 yuan. So there are sparrows at the door of the winery. You can't touch them.


150 Minjiang West Road