Wulian Mountain Scenic Area

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Wulian Mountain Scenic Area covers a total area of 68 square kilometers and is a national AAAA-level tourist area. It is composed of Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain. It is located in the southeast of Rizhao Wulian County, a coastal city in Southeast Shandong Province, 130 kilometers east of Qingdao, 25 kilometers south of Rizhao City, Oriental Bridge Head Castle of New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, Juxian County, the residence of "Asian Ginkgo King", 110 kilometers north of Weifang City, and adjacent to Fulai Mountain Scenic Area of Asian Ginkgo King in the west. There are 20 kilometers in Wulian territory. 4. National Highway 206 runs from east to west with convenient transportation.

In June 2013, Wulianshan Scenic Spot was officially approved as a provincial tourist resort, which marks the transformation of the development of Wulianshan Scenic Spot from a sightseeing-oriented to a leisure-oriented tourist destination. It is of great significance to enhance the competitiveness of tourism regions and promote the development of related industries.

geographical position

Wulian County is located in the southern part of Shandong Peninsula and the northern end of Rizhao City. It is adjacent to Qingdao West Coast New Area in the east, Donggang in the south, Juxian in the West and Zhucheng in the north, with a total area of 1500 square kilometers. There are 206 National Highways and 051, 222 and 334 provincial highways crossing vertically and horizontally, which can directly connect Jinan (300 km), Qingdao (140 km) and Lianyungang (150 km) airports. Within 100 kilometers, there are Qingdao Port and Rizhao Port. Lanshan Port, Lanshan Port, Lanshan Port, Lantong Expressway (15km) in the east, Ridong Expressway (10km) in the south, Yanshi and Jiaoxin Railway are juxtaposed in the north and south. Jiaoxin Railway runs through the whole territory and forms a three-dimensional land, sea and air transportation network.

topographic features

Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot is characterized by undulating mountains, vertical and horizontal rivers, and small plains in the north and west. Mountains, hills and plains account for 50%, 36% and 14% of the total area, respectively.

The rivers in the territory originate from the mountains in the central part of the county and distribute radially to the north and south of .

Geographical climate

Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot is a temperate semi-humid marine climate with an average temperature of 12.6 degrees Celsius, warm winter and cool summer, pleasant climate and abundant rainfall.

The territory has a mild climate, rich specialties, beautiful mountains and rivers, known as "Taiwan Hualian, Shandong Wulian", "Shanxi Wutai, Shandong Wulian" reputation.

natural resources

Biological resources

There are large areas of forest vegetation and wild flowers in the scenic area. The forest coverage rate is over 70%. It is rich and gorgeous, with magnificent beauty.

It is not only the largest wild pharmacy in Qilu, but also has a wide variety of wild flowers, amounting to more than 4000 species.

Among them, the most famous is the Wild Rhododendron Nature Reserve, which is rare for its beautiful color, variety and wide area.

Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot has many wonderful stones and strange scenery, each of which has its own merits and demerits.

Ten thousand trees in the area are lush, beautiful and luxuriant, magpies around the valley, mountain springs around the stream, waterfalls, all kinds of scenic spots.

Looking at Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot, many humanistic and natural landscapes are organically integrated, creating seven features of the scenic spot, including 49 peaks, 20 caves, 18 waterfalls, 16 pools, 5 pools and 4 streams, all revealing the ingenious creation of nature.

Main attractions

Wulian mountain

Located in the southeast of Wulian County, it stands side by side with Jiuxian Mountain.

It is 13 square kilometers in diameter and the main peak is 515.7 meters in height. Wulian Mountain was originally five of Jiuxian Mountain.

Lotus Peak, which was granted by the emperor in the 30 years of Wanli in Ming Dynasty, is a mountain of its own, so it is called "Wulian Mountain".

In Tang and Song Dynasties, there were Buddhist activities in Wulian Mountain. In Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty, there were monks from Shu who visited the world famous mountains and rivers, and when they saw the magnificence and beauty of Wulian Mountain, they settled down.

After going north to the capital city, please build a temple. It happens that the Empress Dowager suffers from eye disease. She is cured for a long time. The open monk is cured for it.

Emperor Longyan Dayue gave the name of mountain and temple: "Mountain calls five lotus, Temple calls light".

From then on, Wulianshan has "bright eaves and errors", "golden wall shining, bells and drums competing", "the victory of the pagoda hall is recognized by all", and the sound of chanting sutras is silent in the morning and dusk.

The monks in other places were converted to the wind, and people from all over the country came in to enjoy the fragrance and to visit the mountains in an endless stream. Guangming Temple became one of the four famous temples in Shandong Province.

Wulian Mountain originally belonged to Zhucheng, which was called Mizhou in ancient times. It was assigned to Wulian County by Zhucheng in 1947.

In the seventh year of Song Shenzong's reign in Xining, Su Shi was transferred from Hangzhou to Taishou, Mizhou, where he wrote the famous "Jiangchengzi - Mizhou Hunting". This area should be the place where Dongpo chatted about teenagers'madness, so it is known as the mountain "Qixiu does not diminish Yandang". so far

Guangming Temple

Su Shi's "White Crane Tower" still exists in Guangming Temple Mountain.

Interestingly, there are legends flying from Wulian Mountain in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Sou Shen Ji once described that people at that time called it "strange mountain". Up to now, the two mountains have the same name, and their landscapes are just like the Lanting Pavilion.

It is understandable, not accidental, that Wang Xizhi's ancestral home, Langya, resides in the south of the Yangtze River, has a special love for the Lanting Pavilion. He wrote the famous Preface to the Lanting Pavilion here with the feeling of repairing and touching the scenery.

It is also worth mentioning that Lanling Xiaosheng, the author of Jin Ping Mei, a famous classical literary work in China, is smiling. Where is the word "Lanling" crowned on the life of laughter and laughter? It has been a mystery that has been difficult to solve for hundreds of years.

At present, according to the above clues, many scholars believe that the scenery of Wulian Mountain is just like that of Jiuxian Mountain in Lanting. The author is Ding Weining, who lives in seclusion in this mountain and still has Ding Gong's Stone Temple and Yangzhi Square. This is why the 4th International Symposium on Jin Ping Mei was held in Wulian in 2000.

Up to modern times, Wulian was the hometown of Wang Jingmei, a representative of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The old revolutionary area was once the seat of the East China Bureau. Many cadres from north to South had something to do with it.

However, it can best illustrate that there are blood links between the Taihu Lake Basin and the Wuyue area on both sides of Qiantang River. There are also Dantu sites 10 kilometers south of Wulian Shandong.

Scenic spot landscape

Tourist resources in the territory are unique, praised by Su Shi, a great writer of the Song Dynasty, as the Wulian Mountain of "Qixiu does not reduce Yandang". There are many scenic spots and historic sites. There are 28 peaks and 118 sceneries in the whole mountain. The peaks are strange, the scenery is varied and the scenery is pleasant.

In the scenic area, there is the Wanshou Guangming Temple built by the Ming Dynasty. It is one of the four major Buddhist resorts in Qilu and is an important place for Buddhist activities in the north of the Yangtze River.

Jiuxianshan has the largest wild Rhododendron Garden of ten thousand mu in the north of the Yangtze River. Every year at the turn of spring and summer, flowers are blooming in a race. There are many colors in it, such as poems and pictures. It is a good place for leisure eco-tourism and religious and cultural tourism.

Landscape resources

1. Human Scenic Spots

Shanmen archway, Wulian fairyland monument, Qishiqiao, Guangming Spring, Dizang Hall, Guangming Temple, Shanmen, Xipaidian, Jialan Hall, Shishi, Restoration of Guangming Temple Stele, Tianwang Hall, Nianfo Hall, Daxiong Palace, Tibetan Sutra Building, Royal Ambassador Building, Fenbei Pavilion, Stone Buddha Garden, Wulian Buddha, Eighteen Luohan Stone Statue, Four Bodhisattva Stone Statues, Zhenyun Pavilion, Liao Tianpavilion, Guanlan Pavilion, Wanghai Pavilion, Lixue Pavilion Guanyin Zidian, Bell Tower, Rain Pavilion, Water Curtain Pavilion, Thousand-Handed Guanyin Stone Sculpture, Drop-Handed Guanyin Stone Sculpture, Su Shi Drunken Mountain Stone Sculpture, Water Curtain Smoke and Rain Stone Sculpture Archway, Kaishan Pagoda, Talin, Songfeng Trail.

2. Mountain attractions

Five lotus peaks, Nantianmen, Boyufeng, Yuzhu Peak, Baihe Peak, dressing building, Hongshibi, Baiyulou, Xifengmen, Maile Peak, Dabeifeng, Tianzhu Peak, Lixitai, Hangyuefeng Peak, Lengga Peak, Baihe Peak, Taiyi Peak, Turi Peak, Huxiao Peak, Beifengmen, Dasima Peak, Xiaosima Peak, Danzhao Peak, Biji Peak, Jiansu Peak, Juzhu Peak, etc.

3. Grotto attractions

Bailu Cave, Shuixian Cave, Zhinu Cave, Lion Cave, Guanyin Cave (also known as Eggshell Cave), Taiyi Cave, Hulu Cave, Zixia Cave, Biyun Cave.

4. Canyon Scenic Spots

Cherry Stream, Liuyunxia, Zixia Valley, Smoke and Rain Stream, Tiehutong, Guanyin Stream, etc.

5. Hydrological attractions

Shuyuquan, Banruoquan, Xiguquan, Fangsheng Pool, Taiyi Pool and Xiboquan.

6. Wonderful Stone Landscape

Tiger Wuthering Mountain Forest, Shilang Feikong, Weng Fengpu Stone, Inkstone Shed, Fuyou Mountain, Monkey Buddhism, Python Sutra, Phoenix Stone, Horse Stone, White Deer Sutra, Eighteen Send-off, Facial Wall Monk, Cucurbit Stone, Swordstone, Fishing Boat Question and Answer, Amitabha Buddhist Stone, Cool Bed, Daoshi Cap, Small Tower, Seal Stone, Wuzhang Man, Speaker Stone, Frog Stone, Wordless Stele, Lotus Leaf Shelter, Rabbit Fossil And so on.

7. Meteorological Landscape

Wulian Mountain Sunrise, Dabeifeng Yunhai, Liuyun Gorge Liuyun, Guangming Temple Buddhist Light, etc.

8. Cliff stone carvings

Ancient stone inscriptions include Su Shi, Xinkong, Hai Cheng, Cheng Fang and Zhang Sizhong. Modern inscriptions include Zang Kejia, Xie Hua, former director of the Policy Research Institute of the General Office of the State Council, Liang Buting, former Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, famous calligrapher Zhu Xueda, Zhang Guanzeng, Yu Taichang, Jiang Weisong, Li Fuchong, Zhang Xunshan, Wang Zhongyin, Su Yiran and Wuzhong Qi.

On the Yellow Sea, Wulian Mountain has been a famous Qilu Mountain since ancient times. Qifeng, Weishi, Falls, Youtan, Shengong ghost axe, extraordinary momentum. In the past, people mentioned this place alongside Daiyue and Laoshan, and Su Shi praised it as a "beautiful geese without diminishing the swan", which is really a heavenly opening picture. As a matter of fact, it is well-known.

9. Sun Bin College

The cultural landscape of Wulian Mountain has a long history.

Wuyue, which is located on both sides of Qiantang River and Taihu Lake Basin, is also connected by blood and has an extraordinary relationship. As we all know, Qiantang River was once the boundary between Wu and Yue, and Wushan was named after it.

Few people know that after that, the king of Yue expelled Wu to the north to become the hegemony, and he had always been the capital of Langya. At that time, the boundary between Qiyue and Wulian Mountain was located.

Up to now, the Great Wall of Qi Dynasty and Bai Jiangkou of ancient battlefield still exist. The south of the city is Vietnam and the north of the city is Qi.

Reading Tai Shi Gong Shu, the account of Sun Bin's life only ended when Pang Juan was shot by Ma Ling Dao, and his future was unknown. However, Wulian Mountain retains Sun Bin's relevant sites and many legends, which is the eternal land of this wizard.

The emperor visited all directions and set up a monument to praise Dejigong. The famous Langyatai stone carvings were nearby. Qingdao ferry across the sea, through Jiaonan Wulianshan must pass here. Nowadays, the railway from Jinan to Rizhao has been opened all the way, and the traffic is more convenient.

Honorary title

Provincial level: in 1987, it was listed as a "provincial scenic spot" by the Shandong Provincial People's Government; in 1993, it was approved by the Provincial Forestry Bureau to build a "provincial forest park"; on January 2, 2003, it was named "the ten best forest parks in the whole province"; on September 5, 2012, it was named "provincial geological park"; on June 20, 2013, the provincial government approved the establishment of "Wulian Mountain provincial level" by Lu Zhengzi 118. Tourist Resort".

National level: on January 1, 1991, it was listed as "the second national azalea nature reserve"; on December 25, 2003, it was assessed as "national AAAA tourism area" by the National Committee for the Quality Grading of Tourist Scenic Spots; on February 4, 2004, it was designated as "national forest park"; on January 2, 2004, it was designated as "China's ecological tourism experimental demonstration base" by the China Ecotourism Professional Committee. On January 2, 2008, it was awarded "China's Best Ecotourism Destination". On January 2, 2008, it was awarded "China's Best Cultural Ecotourism Destination" by the Tourism Ecology Committee of the Chinese Ecology Society, the Tourism Culture Research Center of the Chinese National Culture Promotion Association and the Asia-Pacific Tourism Federation.

Scenic spot activities

Known as the "Wild Rhododendron Base in North China" and "the largest wild Rhododendron Garden in North Jiangsu", Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Spot are covered with rhododendron, orchid brocade and forsythia Forsythia every year in late April. In the endless cold spring breeze, it reveals vigorous vitality. It is the sea of flowers, the red hills and gullies, the crisp song of sons, the flying bees and butterflies, colorful and picturesque. In 2009, there will be abundant rainwater and sunshine, as well as bitter and miscellaneous Dujuan flower festival. According to the investigation and demonstration by forestry and flower experts, the blooming period in 2010 will be the most prosperous in history, and azaleas will be more red. In 2009, the Wulian Mountain Ventilation Control Commission invested 10 million yuan to connect the two mountains. The magnificent Eighteen Pans of Jiuxian Mountain became the largest in Shandong Province, such as the Old Mother's Pavilion in Yaotai Wonderland, the Lovers Peak Scenic Spot and the newly-built Visitor Service Center with an investment of 12 million yuan. Stone Folk Custom Tourism Village has formed a one-stop service of gathering food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment, which provides you with the conditions to appreciate flowers. At that time, the Wulian Mountain Ventilation Control Commission will also hold a large-scale "Wild Rhododendron Festival".

Guangming Temple Shufo Festival

The Guangming Temple Fair falls on March 15 of the lunar calendar every year. At this time, the azaleas are all over the mountains and rivalries. Visitors and good men and women came to Guangming Temple to worship Buddha. Some visitors go to the Baizidian Hall of Maitreya Buddha (commonly known as Doll Hall) near Guangming Temple and west of Wanghai Peak to pray for their children.

"Autumn Scenic Landscape" Series Activities

On the eve of the Golden Week of the Eleventh National Day, Wulian Mountain Scenic Area launched a series of "Autumn Scenic Landscape Tour" activities with the theme of tasting fruits, appreciating red leaves and viewing scenic spots, in order to build momentum for the coming tourist season.

Wulian Mountain (Jiuxian Mountain) is a national 4A level tourist area and national forest park. With its abundant eco-tourism resources, the scenic spot attracts the attention of tourists both inside and outside the province. It has become a new highlight of tourism in the whole province, and has been rated as the preferred destination for self-driving tour of "Changyou Shandong". Especially the scenic spot has 10,000 mu of azalea garden, Longtan Grand Canyon, Royal Buddhist Temple Guangming Temple and other landscapes, rich and unique tourism resources.

Current situation of scenic spots

In recent years, while strengthening the construction of soft and hard environment in scenic spots, the Management Committee of scenic spots has paid attention to the two-way development of ecotourism and folk tourism. Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain have organized a series of participatory and interesting tourism activities with their respective characteristics and abundant ecotourism resources, which are popular with tourists. On the eve of the 11th National Day, a large number of chestnut orchards, peach orchards, date orchards and pomegranate orchards in the scenic area entered the fruit-picking period one after another, and Wulianming, which has long been well-known, has become a popular fruit-picking area.

The black cattle farm wild azalea garden chestnut, Chinese longevity peach, big pomegranate, big jujube and other seasonal fresh and dry fruits are dazzling, attracting a large number of tourists into the mountains to collect fruits and treasures.

The Scenic Area Management Committee took the opportunity to launch a series of activities with the theme of "Autumn Scenic

At the same time, the administrative committee of scenic spots invites managers of travel agencies and journalists from all over the country to go to Wulianshan and Jiuxianshan to collect local customs. It also strengthens the cooperation between Rizhao and Wulianshan, and intensifies efforts to develop one-day and two-day tour routes to attract more tourists both inside and outside the province.

Special products in scenic spots

Tourist souvenirs mainly consist of traditional crafts, folk crafts and native products.

Cherry - the first branch of spring fruit in Jiangbei, Songbai Township Cherry in Wulian County, is ripe in March when the peach and plum have not yet blossomed, so it is known as "the first branch of spring fruit in Jiangbei" and "fresh fruit in the world". Cherry is also effective. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cherry is sweet and warm in nature, enters the spleen and liver meridians, has the effect of sweating through rash, dispelling wind and dampness, detumescence and pain relief. "Family Medical Records" says that "in the main tone, it is good for temper". "South Yunnan Materia Medica" says that it is "immersed in wine, paralysis, limbs are not benevolent.

Cherry rheumatism lumbar and leg pain. "Compendium of Materia Medica" said that it "adjusts the temper, makes people good color, stops sperm discharge". Therefore, cherry medication is suitable for the prevention and treatment of measles at the beginning, poor eruption, rheumatic lumbar and leg pain, numbness of limbs, unfavorable joint flexion and extension, limb paralysis, water and fire burns, insect and snake bites and other diseases.

Chestnut sunshine has a long history of developing chestnut production. The soil is fertile, the light is abundant and the rainfall is abundant. All kinds of natural conditions are very suitable for the growth of chestnut. Castanea mollissima is large, full and oily, and it can be stored well. Its pulp is golden yellow, waxy, sweet and easy to peel off.

Pancakes - - Shandong Wulian specialty is the main folk food of Rizhao Wulian. The main raw materials are wheat flour, sweet potato flour, millet noodles and corn noodles, which are twisted into thick paste, heated and branded. The cake is thin as paper, yellowish in color, delicate and sweet in quality, soft and delicious. The pancakes made from wheat, with fresh and tender tofu and chili pepper, are more delicious. Taiwan records: yellow crucian carp roll pancakes, one of the best sunshine foods, are long-lasting, easy to eat and easy to preserve.

The main apple varieties are "Red Fuji", "Guoguang", "White Powder Peel", "Zhuguang" and more than a dozen other high-quality varieties, with high yield and high quality. Peanut sunshine peanut is characterized by large and full grains, sweet and delicious, oily and non-greasy quality, which is well received at home and abroad.

Peanut cultivation has a long history and rich production experience. Rizhao is the National Peanut commodity export base. It processes more than 100,000 tons of peanut products annually, such as peanut butter, refined peanut oil, milky white peanut and other high-quality products. There are also fragrant Fuji red Fuji apple, Wulian cherry, Wulian hawthorn, Cha River jujube, Xu Meng taro, Wulian black pig, Wulian big black goat, Wulian black legged pheasant, stone farm pheasant, stone field scorpion, Huaihe carp and so on.

Accommodation in scenic spots


Wulian Friendship Hotel

Friendship Hotel is located in the western part of Wulian, a beautiful mountain city, north of Wulian First Construction Bank, east of Jiefang Road, a busy commercial street, 300 meters north of Wulian Bus Station. It has superior location, convenient transportation, elegant environment, clean and comfortable, and warm service. It is a comprehensive place integrating catering and accommodation.

Friendship Hotel was officially opened in April 2000 with an area of more than 1500 square meters. It has 11 rooms with different decoration styles, more than 50 dining rooms in zero-point hall, and can accommodate nearly 200 people at the same time. The guest rooms have luxury suites, standard rooms and more than 40 beds in three rooms.

Friendship Hotel specially engaged chef's careful production, unique flavor, so that the flow of diners forget to return, taste endless.

Wulian Jindu Hotel

Jindu Hotel in Wulian County is a medium-sized hotel which integrates catering, entertainment, fitness and foot therapy. It is located at the intersection of Cultural Road and happy road. It has superior location, convenient transportation and elegant environment.

Jindu Hotel was built and opened on August 16, 1995. It has a simple but gorgeous appearance, square patio in the courtyard, fragrant flowers and plants, tangled vines, and full of pastoral flavor. After ten years of development, the hotel has become the first-class catering room in the county. It has 2000 square meters of business area. It has elaborately built 14 restaurant rooms with different styles, and a unique multi-functional luxury restaurant. It can be a teahouse and a small conference hall. The zero-point hall on the first floor is elegant and elegant. It can accommodate more than 100 people to have meals at the same time. More than 300 square meters of kitchen, clean and clean. The hotel is famous for its pure Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and precious seafood, so that customers can enjoy an unforgettable food trip without leaving the lotus.

Rizhao Feitian Hotel

Rizhao Feitian Hotel is a comprehensive service hotel built according to four-star standard. It is located between Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain, a national AAAA scenic spot with beautiful scenery. The hotel is surrounded by towering green hills in the north and 100 mu tea garden in the south. The fragrance is overflowing. The rippling water forms a natural lake in the east. The surrounding mountains are arched and guarded. The vegetation is dense, quiet and pleasant, elegant and unique.

The hotel covers an area of 120,000 square meters, the theme business service building is 15,000 square meters, elegant and precious interior decoration, complete and practical functional facilities, intimate and thoughtful humanized service, is your ideal place for business banquets, leisure gatherings and other activities.

126 sets of high standard double standard rooms (92 rooms), single rooms (26 rooms), Suites (8 rooms), luxurious and comfortable, classical decorative style permeated with modern atmosphere. VIP smoke-free floor, to provide customers with personalized and humanized services, so that you feel honorable and warm. The hotel has one VIP negotiation room (10 persons) and three meeting rooms and multi-function halls which can accommodate 30-230 persons. To meet your business meeting, negotiation, cocktail party and other activities. The banquet hall has an atmospheric layout and novel design. The style of the nine dining rooms is different. It can accommodate 400 people at the same time.


Rizhao Sanyunyuan Catering Company

If you travel to Wulian Mountain and Jiuxianshan Mountain, you should naturally live in Rizhao Sanyunyuan Food and Beverage Company (hotel). It is simple but gorgeous in appearance. It is located at the foot of Wulian Mountain. The scenic spot bus departure place (Wulian Tourist Distribution Center) is in the courtyard. The price is more economical than that on the mountain and other places, and it is clean, hygienic and considerate in service. It has 25 guest rooms, 50 beds, 16 dining rooms, 17 tables in the dining hall and 9 tables in the banquet hall. It can receive more than 300 people at one time. Mainly to Shanzhen game, at the same time equipped with two conference training rooms, ground development training (equipped with professional development trainers), to provide customers with personalized, humanized services, so that you feel honorable and warm.

Tourism information

Admission ticket

Adult 78 yuan;

Six-year-old (excluding six-year-old) - 18-year-old (including 18-year-old) minors, full-time undergraduate students and below half-vote;

Children under 6 years of age or under 1.4 meters of height, as well as the elderly, servicemen and disabled persons (with valid certificates) aged 60 years and above, are exempted from tickets.

Opening Hours



Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot has convenient transportation. It is 28 kilometers from Xiaoguanzhen to the county town, 68 kilometers from the north to Zhucheng, 35 kilometers from the south to Rizhao, 90 kilometers from the east to Jiaonan, 150 kilometers from the northeast to Qingdao, 83 kilometers from Juxian to Jinan.

The scenic spot is surrounded by highways, with Li Hao Road in the Northeast heading southeast and northwest, Wang Shituan Road in the South heading east and west, and Song (Bai) Wang Road in the West heading north and south.

Wulian County town

1. Station: Wulian County Passenger Station.

2. Bus Line: Wulian-Shijiu Passenger Line Bus;

Wulian-Chaohe Passenger Line Bus.

3. Ticket price: about 10 yuan

Rizhao Old Town

1. Station: Rizhao South Passenger Transport Station (North of Long-distance Bus Station Road).

2. Rizhao-Household Passenger Line Bus;

3. Ticket price: 7 yuan for the whole ticket.

Rizhao New Urban Area and Development Zone

1. Station: Bus stops on the east section of Shanghai Road and the whole section of Beijing Road in the Development Zone.

2. Rizhao Development Zone-Shibei Development Zone Bus for Passenger Transportation;

Rizhao Port - Wulianshan Passenger Bus.

3. Ticket price: 3 yuan for the whole ticket.

Rizhao Port and Shijiu Seashore

1. Station: East Section of Shanghai Road, Full Section of Haibin Second Road, Wanpingkou Scenic Area to Bihai Road Bus Station.

2. Bus Line: Rizhao Port-Wulianshan Passenger Bus;

3. Ticket price: 3 yuan for the whole ticket.

Travel and transportation charges:

1. Visitors who buy full tickets for the two scenic spots in Wulian Tourist Distribution Center can take the Rizhao Development Zone-Shibei Development Zone, Rizhao Port-Wulianshan two-line bus and transfer to the Wulian Tourist Distribution Center for free to the scenic spots.

2. Those who buy half-fare tickets in Wulian Tourist Distribution Center can take the Rizhao Development Zone-Shibei Development Zone, Rizhao Port-Wulian Mountain Line Bus and the Wulian Tourist Distribution Center free of charge, and pay another 10 yuan per mountain/person ticket to take the shuttle bus to and from Liangshan Scenic Area on the same day.

Travel time and fare of through buses in scenic spots:

1. Traveler Distribution Center departure time: 09:00 10:30 12:00

2. The departure time of Liangshan Scenic Area: 12:30, 14:00 and 16:00

3. The uniform fare standard is 10 yuan/hill/person. You are allowed to commute on the same day. Tourist peak period, Sunday and holiday bus running time, according to the passenger flow situation at any time to adjust and adjust.

Rizhao Wulian Mountain Self-driving Route:

Jinan to Rizhao Wulianshan self-driving route:

Southern Jiqing Expressway - Zhucheng West (Wulian Exit) - - 222 Provincial Highway - Zhucheng Zhigou Town - Wulian County Town - - - County South 222 Provincial Highway - - - 334 Provincial Highway (Wulian Mountain and Jiuxianshan Road Signs are obvious at T-shaped Road) - - Songbai Township - - - Zhuanlujie Road - - - Jiuxianshan Shanmen - - - 334 Provincial Highway (Hubu Township Section) - - Wulianshan Middle Road (Dingzi Road is obvious "Feitian Hotel" Sign) - - respectively. Men, Jiuxian Shandong Gate - - 334 Provincial Highway (Xiaoguan Town Section) - Dongmen of Wulianshan Scenic Spot

Linyi to Rizhao Wulianshan self-driving route:

Beijing-Shanghai Expressway-Ridong Expressway (Rizhao Station to Three Expressways) and Rizhao North Exit Station-204 National Highway-Heshan Town 204 National Highway in Donggang District-Chaohe Town to 334 Provincial Highway in Wulian County-Shandong Gate in Wulian County-334 Provincial Highway to Wulianshan Middle Road (Dingzi Road marked "Feitian Hotel") -to Ximen in Wulian Mountain Scenic Area

Qingdao to Rizhao Wulian Mountain self-driving route:

Tongsan Expressway Jiaonan Borikou Exit Station-334 Provincial Highway-Chaohe Town of Wulian County to 334 Provincial Highway-Shandong Gate of Wulian (Xiaoguan Town Section) - 334 Provincial Highway to Wulianshan Middle Road (Ding Zi Road obvious "Feitian Hotel" signpost) - respectively to Ximen of Wulian Mountain Scenic Area

Rizhao to Wulian Mountain Self-driving Route:

Rizhao-Chaoshi Road--Changing 334 Provincial Highways from Chaohe Town to Wulian County--East Gate of Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot (Xiaoguan Town Section) -- 334 Provincial Highway Turning directly to Wulian Mountain Middle Road (Ding Zi Road Obviously "Feitian Hotel" Road Sign) -- to West Gate of Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot