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Wuhan Donghu Eco-tourism Scenic Area, referred to as Donghu Scenic Area, is located in the central city of Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is a national 5A-level tourist attraction, a demonstration site of national civilized scenic spots, and the first batch of national key scenic spots. Mao Zedong loved the East Lake all his life and called it "the place of white clouds and yellow cranes".

Located in the east of Wuchang City, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Donghu Lake is now named as one of the most extensive lakes in the city in China, with a water area of 33 square kilometers, six times that of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Located on the South Bank of the Yangtze River, it was formed by the siltation of the Yangtze River. More than 100 years ago, it was connected with other lakes in Wuchang and the Yangtze River, with frequent floods. From 1899 to 1902, Governor Zhang Zhidong of Huguang ordered the construction of Wujin and Wuqing dykes between the Yangtze River and Donghu Lake, and the construction of Wutai and Wufeng gates on the dykes. Under the artificial intervention, the East Lake and its surrounding lakes were separated from the Yangtze River.

Donghu Lake in Wuhan is a scenic spot with large natural lakes as its core and lake-sightseeing mountain features. It is a tourist attraction with tourism, leisure and vacation, and popular science education as its main functions. It receives millions of tourists from home and abroad every year. It is the largest scenic spot in central China. It was the largest lake in urban China before 2014. Because of Wuhan in 2014. With the expansion of the central city, Donghu Lake is the second largest lake in China after it retreated to Tangxun Lake in Jiangxia District of Wuhan City.

East Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area covers an area of 88 square kilometers. It consists of six districts: Hearing Tao District, Moshan District, Luoyan District, Flute-blowing District, Baima District and Luohong District. The Chu wind is strong and the Chu rhyme is exquisite. The lakeshore is tortuous, the harbor braides are staggered, the green hills are surrounded by green hills, and the island Zhu Xingluo is known as the ninety-nine bay. Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Wuhan Institute of Physical Education and other key national universities are situated on the shore of Donghu Lake, which has become an excellent scenic spot.

On December 28, 2016, Donghu Greenway opened and operated as a world-class greenway.

Historical culture

East Lake has been a tourist attraction since ancient times. Quyuan sang in the East lake, King Chuzhuang beat drums and supervised warfare in the East Lake (the site of the ancient bridge of Qinghe Bridge); Liu Bei set up altars to worship the heavens at Moshan Mountain in the East Lake during the Three Kingdoms Period; Yuan Shuoyou, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, praised the East Lake with "only saying that the West Lake is in the imperial capital, Wuchang Xin also saying the East lake"; Li Bai put Yingtai inscriptions After 44 visits to the East Lake, Zhu De received 94 foreign dignitaries from 64 countries in the East Lake; Zhu De wrote a poem "East Lake is better than West Lake temporarily and will be stronger than West Lake in the future" more than 50 years ago; Chen Yunhe, a contemporary writer, praised "how many historical stories have been digested" in his prose "Changjiang River, China's intestines; East Lake, Wuhan's stomach". It strengthens the body of a city. In modern times, there are also historical and cultural sites such as Nine Female Piers, Tao Casting Building, Quyuan Memorial Hall, Zhu Stele Pavilion and so on, all of which are here. The Museum of Hubei Province is a national key museum with more than 200,000 cultural relics and 945 sets of national first-class cultural relics, which gathers the cultural relics of Hubei Province. Zeng Houyi chimes bells, Goujian sword of Yue King and Rentou of Yunxian County are treasures of the town hall.

Mao Zedong once sighed at Donghu Hotel: "Here is the Yangtze River, you can swim in summer. The scenery of camphor trees, osmanthus trees and bamboo in Donghu Lake is very good. There are many willows and metasequoias around it. On the other side is Rattail, far away is Zhongshan Pavilion. There is Loga Mountain. The dense woods are the campus of Wuhan University. East Lake is really good!" The South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the shelling of Jinmen, the People's Commune and Xiaoping's recovery... After the founding of the People's Republic, Comrade Mao Zedong made many important decisions in the East Lake.

On April 27 and 28, 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping held an informal meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi at Donghu Hotel in Wuhan.

Location of scenic spots

Wuhan Donghu Scenic Area is located between the Second Ring Road and the Third Ring Road in Wuhan City. The area of the Scenic Area is 73 square kilometers, of which 33 square kilometers is the second largest lake in the city in China. In addition, along the lake and land scenic spots, the area of more than 80 square kilometers. Donghu Lake is known as the Ninety-nine Bay because of its tortuous coast and staggered harbour branches. There are more than 100 scenic spots in the East Lake Scenic Area. Twelve large and small lakes, more than 120 islands, Zhuxing Luo, 112 km of lakeshore twists and turns, 34 peaks around the lake rolling, more than 10,000 mu of forest.

natural resources

East Lake is China's second largest lake in the city (the largest lake in the city in China is Lake Tangxun, also in Wuhan), with a national wetland park. There are 13 special botanical gardens in Donghu Meiyuan, Lotus Garden and Donghu Cherry Garden. Donghu Meiyuan is the research center of plum blossom in China. It has 320 varieties of plum blossom. Among them, 152 varieties are listed on the international plant list, accounting for 60% of the world's registered varieties of plum blossom, ranking first in the world. It has more than 100 varieties of waxberry, accounting for 90% of the world's total. Donghu lotus garden is the research center of lotus in China. It has more than 700 kinds of lotus, accounting for more than 80% of the world. It is the largest and most complete lotus variety resource nursery in the world. Donghu Cherry Garden, Hongqian Cherry Garden in Japan and Cherry Garden in Washington, USA are known as the world's three major cherry scenic spots. More than 50 kinds of cherry blossoms and more than 10,000 plants are planted. Guanshan cherry and Yunnan early cherry are the best products of cherry blossoms. Plant kingdom, plant types are diverse and rare, unique landscape. In particular, aquatic plants account for 40.37% of the aquatic plants in China and 29.87% of the world.

The abundant aquatic plant resources in the botanical area play an important role in maintaining the ecological stability of the scenic area. There are 234 species of rare birds in the paradise of birds. Among them, 2 species of endangered birds, 9 species of secondary protected birds and 10 species of provincial protected birds are excellent places for bird-watching tourism.

Scenic spot

The East Lake Scenic Area in Wuhan includes Tingtao Scenic Area, Fishing Scenic Area, Baima Scenic Area, Laoyan Scenic Area, Houhu Scenic Area, Flute Scenic Area, Moshan Scenic Area and Yujiashan Scenic Area.

Listening to scenic spots

One of the core scenic spots of Donghu Scenic Area is located on the northwest Bank of Guozheng Lake, the largest lake in Donghu Lake. Its predecessor is Mr. Zhou Cangbai's private garden, Haiguang Nursery, which is also the first open scenic spot of Donghu Scenic Area. The main attractions are Xingyin Pavilion, Quyuan Memorial Hall, Canglang Pavilion, Long Skyscraper, Luxun Square, Jiunudun, Huguang Pavilion, Chufeng Garden and the largest beach bathing ground in East Lake of China. This area is a narrow peninsula.

Mill mountain area

Moshan is an important part of Donghu Lake, a national key scenic spot. It is surrounded by water on three sides and has six peaks. It has both beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural and cultural landscape of Chu (Moshan Chucheng). It receives more than 1 million Chinese and foreign tourists every year. It is the most beautiful tourist and leisure resort in Wuhan. Beautiful landscapes, rich plants, unique gardens and rich Chu customs are the four characteristics of Moshan scenic spot. Sufficient rainfall and light, so that there are more than 250 kinds of ornamental trees, a total of more than 2 million, in Wuhan has the reputation of "green treasure house" (Donghu Cherry Garden). The mystery of the falling down of the Moshan tree in the scenic spot is a mystery that can not be solved for thousands of years. It adds a layer of mystery to the East Lake scenic spot.

Luo Hong District

Baima District

To the north of the Luoyan District is the Baima Scenic Area. There is a Baima Island in the area. Legend has it that after the Battle of Chibi in the eighth year of AD, Lu Su returned to Xiakou and rode across the continent. His horse died in the mud. Lu Su buried his horse in tears in the continent. Therefore, this place is called Baima Chau. To the east of Luoyan District and Moshan District is Pidi Mountain. According to legend, Zhu Zheng, the sixth son of Zhu Yuanzhang, emperor of the Ming Dynasty, had once played flute here when he was sealed up in Wuchang, so the mountain was named Flute Mountain.

Fallen wild goose area

Located on the coast of Tuanhu waters in the eastern part of East Lake, Nanyuan Jiufeng Ma'anshan Forest Park Valley is facing the Moshan scenic area across the lake. With more than 30 ancient and famous trees and their follow-up resources, it is the most concentrated and ornamental community of ancient and famous trees in Wuhan.

Piper District

Ma'anshan Forest Park has six natural villages and bays scattered gardens. The highest elevation of Ma'anshan is 136 meters. There are 17 peaks of different sizes. The forest coverage rate is as high as 80%. It is said that Jiang Taigong, Chuzhuang Wang, Zhao Zilong, Zhu Yuanzhang and other historical celebrities have left footprints and beautiful legends in this area.

No development zone

The Donghu Lake Scenic Area in Hubei Province is divided into prohibited development areas, including nature reserves, scenic spots, cultural and natural heritage, forest parks, geological parks, wetland parks and flood storage and detention areas, with a total of 233 places in the province.

Scenic spot

East Lake Greenway

The 28.7-kilometer-long East Lake Green Road is now running through the whole line. The greenway links up three scenic spots of Moshan, Yintao and Luoyan in East Lake. It will build four theme greenways, four portal landscapes and eight landscape nodes, including Huzhong Road, Hushan Road, Moshan Road and Country Road.

On October 17, at the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Sustainable Development, Donghu Greenway was introduced to the world as a model project at the theme forum of "China's Urban Public Space Development Plan". The East Lake Greenway is well known all over the world before it is opened.

Wu Zhaoyu, director of Donghu Greenway Project of Wuhan Institute of Landscape Planning and Design, is the designer. It is difficult to say which greenway is the most in the world and the most in China because of many considerations. But one thing is certain. Donghu Greenway is the first 5A grade scenic spot Greenway in the urban area in China. "It is the nearest and most beautiful greenway to the citizens."

Citizen photographers also went to Donghu Greenway to record the story of Greenway construction. Zhao Qian works in the East Lake Scenic Area and witnesses changes in the East Lake almost every day. She said, "East Lake is the pride of Wuhan people. By the end of the year, the East Lake Green Road will be built. I believe that the Green Road will not only change the way some Wuhan people travel and play, but also close the distance between the East Lake and Wuhan people, so that people can feel the beauty of the East Lake more intuitively.

Greenway four most

The Smart Greenway

Because Donghu Greenway can only ride and walk, so that tourists can easily ride, Park and return bicycles and other issues are fully considered when the design of Donghu Greenway. Wu Zhaoyu, director of Donghu Greenway Project of Wuhan Garden Planning and Design Institute, the designer, said, "As a tourist, you can borrow a car whenever and wherever you have a mobile phone." As long as visitors download mobile clients or pay attention to the corresponding Wechat platform, they can enjoy the East Lake Greenway. For example, we can check the traffic around Donghu Green Road, find parking spaces, rent bicycles, and so on. We can also give an alarm in case of emergencies.

That is, Wuhan University, hidden in the mountains and forests. Simple and elegant campus buildings scattered among cherry blossoms, osmanthus and other flowers and trees, attracting numerous visitors. Hongshan is also a good place for many historic sites. There is a Gujia Mountain in Luoyan District. It is said that during the Warring States Period, the King of Chuzhuang beat drums to fight against Douyuejiao. In a battle, Douyuejiao shot an arrow at the King of Chuzhuang, but shot it on the drum shelf. This mountain is therefore called Gujia Mountain.

The healthiest Greenway

For fitness enthusiasts, whether walking, cycling or racing, Donghu Green Road is thoughtful. The Lake Middle Road and Hushan Road of Donghu Green Road are designed and constructed according to the international bicycle track. The lanes are all paved with racing asphalt, along the east coast of Donghu Green Road, and there is a simulated professional track, parallel to the Third Ring Road, experiencing the feeling of racing with cars.

For night runners, Donghu Green Road has a 600-meter long fluorescent night track. Whether it's running or walking, it's like walking in the fluorescent forest of Avatar.

The Greenway with the Most Love

Donghu Green Road is also the first urban road in Wuhan to reserve access for wildlife. The 28.7-kilometer-long Donghu Green Road has reserved 13 biological channels to protect hundreds of wildlife habitats. These reserved biological channels are tubular culverts and box culverts with low waterways and footpaths for animals to pass through.

The cleanest Greenway

The term "clean" here refers not only to the clean road surface, but also to the function of purifying rainwater and lake water. East Lake Green Road passes through municipal roads, slopes, wetlands, mountains, lakes and other places along the road. The building materials and construction schemes used are different. When it rains or rises, it is necessary to ensure that the water flowing into Donghu Lake is clean. The concept of "sponge city" is adopted in greenway construction, and various ecological measures such as "seepage, stagnation, storage, purification, utilization and drainage" are adopted to improve the ecosystem. The lake water is purified by means of vegetation planning and constructed wetlands.

Greenway four questions

1. How long does Donghu Green Road last?

Answer: The first phase of Donghu Green Road completed this year is not a completely closed loop, nor more than one green road. The section from Fenghuangcun to Liyuan has not been completed yet. Therefore, it is impossible to ride 28.7 kilometers without turning back from the starting point and return to the starting point. According to the plan, there are 25 post stations along Donghu Green Road, and bicycle rental points will be set up. Vehicle models include single, double, triple, and so on. For the elderly and children who can not ride bicycles, they can also ride battery touring bikes.

2. Are the attractions along Greenway free?

Answer: Yes, Moshan Section of Green Road around Donghu Lake is composed of 1.3 kilometers of water bank and 4.5 kilometers of dense forest between mountains, including Moshan North Gate, Chucheng and Chushi City. Among them, the existing area of Moshan North Gate will be rebuilt, retaining the existing garden gate as a historical memory, arranging recreational seats in combination with trees, and building new landmark sculptures at the entrance. The Chucheng and Chucheng districts in the northern part of the mountain have been opened and become free and open areas.

3. Is there a subway to Donghu Green Road?

Answer: Metro Line 8, which opened at the end of 2017, has a station in Liyuan, Donghu. At present, the nearest subway station to the Donghu scenic spot is Yuejiazui Station, Line 4. It is about one kilometer to the gate of Liyuan scenic spot, and it takes less than 10 minutes to walk. It can also transfer to No. 810 bus directly to Liyuan Gate.

4. Is it convenient to drive and park?

Answer: 11 new parking lots on Donghu Green Road can provide 10870 parking spaces. Among them, 3 parking lots at Luoyannan, Meiyuan East and Hongmiao Interchange have been basically completed. By the end of this year, 1267 temporary parking spaces at Meiyuan East and Luoyannan Ground have been completed. In the four directions of southeast and northwest of Donghu Lake, a first-class post station will be built to facilitate visitors to enter and exit from different directions of the city.

Park tea

Sea World

Wuhan East Lake Ocean World is very famous.

Wuhan University building

The early architecture of Wuhan University is very famous.

Happy Valley in Wuhan

Located at No. 196 Happy Avenue, Donghu Ecotourism Scenic Area, Wuhan, Happy Valley covers an area of about 3167 mu. It is the fifth and first Happy Valley Theme Tourism Park in central China built by Shenzhen Overseas Chinese City Group after Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. It is a complex, ecological and innovative park built by Wuhan City. A type of cultural tourist attraction.

East Lake bird forest

East Lake Bird Language Forest collects more than 800 rare birds from all over the world. Among them, there are more than 20 birds under the first and second protection of the country, such as red-crowned cranes, golden carvings, Oriental White storks, green peacocks, as well as foreign macaws, flamingos, African parrots and other rare birds, which are of great ornamental and scientific value.

In 2010, the Bird Language Forest was closed due to the expansion of the area occupied by Wuhan Avenue.

Eight years later, the Bird Language Forest of East Lake returned in full costume, and the Bird World opened its garden on New Year's Eve 2018.

Mill Hill Chu City

Moshan Chucheng (Moshan Scenic Area)

Chucheng, built in July 1992, is the entrance to the Moshan Chu Culture Tourist Area in East Lake. It has a simple design and a magnificent momentum. The gate is 23.4 metres high and 11 metres wide. It consists of watergate, land gate, city wall, watchtower, arrow tower and beacon tower. Its length is 117 metres. The middle gate of the land gate is 3.9 meters wide and the two side doors are 1.8 meters wide. Chu is popular and red. The wall is made of red sandstone from Daye County, Hubei Province. The inscription "Chucheng" is inscribed on Oracle bones. It is inscribed by Hu Houxuan, a modern business historian and oracle bones writer. The inscription "Jingchuxiongfeng" is written by Li Duo, a famous calligrapher.

Grinding mountain trick

The thousand-meter trick road of Moshan Mountain (Moshan scenic area) is a mystery left by the riddle of Moshan tree inversion for thousands of years, which adds a layer of mystery to the East Lake scenic area. Related CCTV programs include: "CCTV 10's video: Mysterious Mooshan Sophistry Potato High Definition Video Online Watch

Donghu Cherry Garden (Moshan Scenic Area)

Donghu Cherry Garden in Wuhan, together with Hongqian Cherry Garden in Japan and Cherry Garden in Washington, USA, is named as the world's three big cherry gardens. Moshan Cherry Garden in Donghu, together with Cherry Flowers in Wuhan University, holds the reputation of the world's three big cherry blossom capitals in Wuhan. Every year, Donghu Cherry Garden holds the annual Cherry Blossom Festival from

East Lake Plum Garden

Donghu plum garden: plum blossom is the city flower of Wuhan. The plum blossom garden of Donghu is named as the four largest plum gardens in China with Nanjing plum blossom mountain, Shanghai Dianshan Lake plum garden and Jiangsu Wuxi plum garden. The annual Plum Blossom Festival is held every year from February to March in Donghu plum garden.

Donghu Lake has beautiful mountains, winding coastline, Shidaozhu Xingluo, 34 lush peaks closely surrounding Donghu Lake. The beautiful and tranquil natural environment made Mao Tse-tung linger and forget to return. From 1953 to 1974, Mao Tse-tung visited the East Lake 26 times. The East Lake became the place where Mao Tse-tung lived for the longest time except in Central and South China after liberation.

Comrade Zhu De once wrote a thousand-year-old cliche: "East Lake is better than West Lake for the time being, and will be better than West Lake in the future".

bus line

Donghu Scenic Area is located in the urban area of Wuhan. The airport, station and wharf are adjacent to the scenic area. The traffic is convenient. It is 8 kilometers from Wuchang Railway Station, 12 kilometers from Wuhan Pass Terminal of Yangtze River and 30 kilometers from Tianhe International Airport of Wuhan. City bus routes: 14, 36, 401, 402, 411, 413, 515, 605, 701, 712, 578, 573, 537, 1, 8, 643

There are Jingchu Culture Exhibition Hall in Park Yuan. There are always Chibi Green Brick Tea, Bronze Wares, Lacquerware and other exhibitions in Hubei Province. There are handicraft craftsmen of folk intangible cultural heritage. In the front, there is Xiaomeiling in Donghu Lake, sitting in a lotus pond and backing Weiqi Mountain, Park Yuan enjoys a cup of tea quietly, and feels the natural scenery and cultural atmosphere of Big Wuhan.

Admission ticket

Listen to Tao Scenic Area, Moshan Scenic Area free of charge , 13 yuan per person in Laoyan Scenic Area, 40 yuan per person in Botanical Garden.

Ma'anshan Forest Park is the third free park in the East Lake Scenic Area since December 28, 2017.

Every year in early February (around the Spring Festival), the festivals of plum blossoms, lotus blossoms, cherry blossoms and summer customs of the East Lake will be held in Wuhan, China.

East Lake Plum Blossom Festival

Time: 10 February - 18 March

Location: Donghu Meiyuan

Contents: plum culture featured singing and dancing performances such as zither and flute; plum appreciation and plum pinning; "love Wuhan, love city flowers" composition contest for primary and secondary school students; photography contest, etc.