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Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley is located 23 kilometers south of Lufeng County, Chuxiong Prefecture, at Ana Village Dinosaur Mountain, Chuanjie Township. It is situated beside Kunchu Expressway, 68 kilometers away from Chuxiong City. The scenic area covers a total area of 36 square kilometers. The first phase of the core scenic area invested 500 million yuan and was completed and opened on April 18, 2008. The World Dinosaur Valley has recreated a lost Jurassic era. The World Dinosaur Valley is a dinosaur cultural tourism theme park which integrates site protection, sightseeing and leisure, science and technology examination, and is a national 4A-level tourist attraction. The park is divided into "Dinosaur Site Scientific Research Tourist Area" and "Jurassic World Tourist Area". Since 1938, more than 120 complete dinosaur fossils have been unearthed in Lufeng, spanning the early, middle and late Jurassic. Experts at home and abroad believe that Lufeng is one of the most abundant, complete, oldest and primitive dinosaur fossils unearthed in the world so far, and is the home of Chinese dinosaurs. In 2004, Lufeng was announced as the third batch of National Geopark Museum.

brief introduction

The World Dinosaur Valley Scenic Spot is 80 kilometers away from Kunming, 80 kilometers away from Chuxiong and 25 kilometers away from Lufeng County. It covers an area of 3.6 square kilometers. It is mainly composed of the "Dinosaur Site Sciences Sciences Tourist Area" and the "Jurassic World Tourist Area", with a total length of 2.5 kilometers. At the beginning of the park, the scenic spot cooperated with Yunlu Group's individual passenger center to develop five special trains every day at Guanguan Provincial Travel High-speed Passenger Station. Tourists can buy 160 yuan tickets for free.

The World Dinosaur Valley Scenic Area (Phase I) is a popular science tourism base and a theme park of dinosaur culture tourism, which is based on the burial sites of fossil dinosaurs of the stone class in Lufeng Dinosaur National Geopark, Yunnan Province, China, and is built according to the national AAAA-level scenic spot standards. It integrates popular science research and sightseeing and entertainment with the goal of "first-class in China and well-known in the world". Tourists from all over the world will enter the Dinosaur kingdom here, traverse the Jurassic world, interpret the rise and fall of the earth's creatures, and share the wonders of the world that have remained on the earth for 100 million years.

Traffic information

The World Dinosaur Valley is located in Lufeng County, Chuxiong, Yunnan Province. It is 60 kilometers west of Kunming. It is 80 kilometers away from Chuxiong and 25 kilometers away from Lufeng County. Enter from the special high-speed entrance of "World" Dinosaur Valley Tourist Area of Anchu Expressway.

Self-driving travelling

It is 60 kilometers from the west exit of Kunming, with a high speed and an hour's drive. It will arrive at the parking lot of the scenic spot under the special high-speed exit of "World Dinosaur Valley". One-sided toll of 35 yuan

"Kunming - Dali" Gold Tourist Line - Dinosaur Hill, Lufengchuan Street, Kunming - Chuxiong Expressway Section, 25 kilometers from Lufeng County, 80 kilometers from Chuxiong. The scenic spot is situated next to Hangrui G65 (Kunming-Dali Section). There are special highway entrances and exits. The toll station is the parking lot of the scenic spot. The highway is less than 300 meters away from the main gate of the scenic spot.

Public Transportation: The World Dinosaur Valley Tourist Special Line is scheduled to start on a daily basis. Party A shall allocate the type of vehicle according to the number of people, and the time is as follows:

08:30 Kunming-Dinosaur Valley 15:30 Dinosaur Valley-Kunming

09:30 Kunming-Dinosaur Valley 16:30 Dinosaur Valley-Kunming

10:30 Kunming-Dinosaur Valley 17:30 Dinosaur Valley-Kunming

The departure route:

1,08:30 Tuodong Stadium Distribution Center-09:00 Cuihu Agricultural Exhibition Hall-World Dinosaur Valley

2. 09:30 Tuodong Stadium Distribution Center - 10:00 Close Closed Cloud Passenger Station - World Dinosaur Valley

3, 10:30 Tuodong Stadium-11:00 Guanyun Passenger Transport Station-World Dinosaur Valley) Lufeng Dinosaur Valley is located in Lufeng County, Yizhou Autonomous Region, Chuxiong, Yunnan Province. The "Kun-Da-Li" tourist line is Chuanjie Dinosaur Hill beside the Anchu Highway (i.e. the "Dinosaur Hill Service Station" of Anchu Highway). It is 83 kilometers from Kunming City, an hour's distance, 80 kilometers from Chuxiong City, and 30 kilometers from Lufeng County Town. 。 Enter from the special high-speed export of Anchu high-speed "World Dinosaur Valley" tourist area. From Kunming to Chuxiong, you can take the Kunchu Expressway directly to Lufeng Dinosaur Valley.

Scenic spot scale

"Dinosaur Site Scientific Research Tourist Area" covers an area of about 35,000 square meters. It consists of "Dinosaur Base Camp", "Lufeng Dinosaur Site in China" and "Scientific Research Camp".

The Jurassic World Tourist Area covers an area of about 65,000 square meters. It is a natural Valley landform. The whole valley consists of four major tourist areas: Jurassic Return, Jurassic Adventure, Ana Leisure and Tourism Zone and Jurassic Carnival.

Practical information

Ticket information

A. Preferential policies: 1.1-1.3 m height half ticket, 1.1 m below free ticket

B. Preferential policies: Old age tickets: 60-70 years old and half, 70 years old and half-free, officers, disabled, disabled, tour guides (above must have relevant certificates)

Kaiyuan information

The long-awaited World Dinosaur Valley opened on the morning of April 18, 2008. The Dinosaur Valley was very busy that day when guests gathered in all directions and drums were beating the sky. Tourists from all over the world are about to enter the dinosaur kingdom, traverse the Jurassic world, interpret the rise and fall of the earth's creatures, and share the wonders of the world that have remained on the earth for 100 million years.

As soon as they stepped on the Jurassic Entrance Square of Dinosaur Valley, the people were deeply affected by the enthusiasm of the Yi people. They played three strings and danced the happy Yi family dance, warmly welcoming the guests from all directions. On the square, the lion dance team danced the lion, the trumpet sounded, and the original ecological dagger dance started, which added infinite charm to the opening of Dinosaur Valley.

With the sound of the host's melodious voice, the grand opening ceremony of the World Dinosaur Valley opened. Leaders from Yunnan Province, Chuxiong Prefecture and Lufeng County participated in the opening ceremony. The leaders of Golden Age Holdings Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing China Textile City Development Co., Ltd. also attended the event.

With the rising atmosphere on the spot, children representatives from 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over the country presented with signs. The grand opening ceremony ushered in the most exciting moment - the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Luo Zhengfu, standing committee member and executive vice governor of Yunnan Provincial Committee, announced the opening of the World Dinosaur valley. The square was filled with cannon salutes and ribbon dances, which made people wait for 100 million years for the World Dinosaur valley. Finally, the mystery was unveiled.

Guests from all over the world want to catch a glimpse of the fantastic landscape of the Dinosaur Valley. Everyone's face is filled with excitement and yearning. In the warm welcome of the guide of the Dinosaur Valley, the guests enter the Jurassic castle through the Jurassic trestle, and the trip to the Dinosaur Valley officially begins.

On April 18, 2008, not only the opening ceremony of Dinosaur Valley, but also the opening ceremony of the ruins square and the opening ceremony of Professor Yang Zhongjian's bronze statue were welcomed.

Main attractions

Lufeng Dinosaur Valley Heritage Museum in China is the largest dinosaur Heritage Museum in China at present. It consists of two groups of buildings, the Sequence Museum and the Main Museum. Preface Hall: Covering an area of 3500 square meters, Lufeng Dinosaur Valley is the most comprehensive and professional exhibition of dinosaur knowledge in China. It has the most local characteristics, the highest scientific and technological content, and the strongest interaction. The exhibition style and technique in the Dinosaur Popular Science Knowledge Hall are unique and novel. It is rich in Yunnan regional characteristics and humanistic colors. Through various fossil exhibitions, it introduces fascinating scientific introduction and vivid and intuitive. The high-tech demonstration enables visitors to have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the dinosaurs, the once dominant planet of the earth, in the process of relaxed and pleasant tours, and stimulates visitors'interest in further exploring the dinosaur world. Lufeng Dinosaur Valley Preface Hall has a "Crater" ring dynamic experience hall, visitors can experience meteorites falling from the sky, volcanoes erupting, shaking mountains, dinosaur extinction horror moment; in the "interactive entertainment hall" there are more than 20 interesting competitions with dinosaurs. The main hall of Lufeng Dinosaur Guxu Pavilion: It covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It is a frame-type original site protection building with an indoor space of 8,500 square meters. The two opposite areas in the hall, South and north, show two world-class wonders with tremendous impact.

The Lufeng Dinosaur Valley Site Museum is a world-shaking Dinosaur Cemetery with a 25-degree inclined, 15-meter high and 40-meter wide geological section of the late Middle Jurassic, which was 83 meters long and 160 million years ago. About 20 individual dinosaur skeletons and snake-necked turtles are exposed on the section of 380 square meters that has been excavated. Unexcavated slopes are buried waiting to be gradually uncovered. Hundreds of dinosaurs and other associated fossils, spectacular and mysterious, are the world's largest and most complete preservation of late Middle Jurassic dinosaur cemetery. Lufeng Dinosaur Valley Site Museum is the second largest dinosaur skeleton specimen mounting exhibition in the world. Sixty unearthed Lufeng Dragon skeletons are on display on two platforms for tourists to view from multiple angles and close distances. They are magnificent and spectacular.

Jurassic Scene of Lufeng Dinosaur Guxuguan

Jurassic Adventures of Lufeng Dinosaur Guxuguan

The Jurassic adventure of Lufeng Dinosaur Guxuguan is divided into water and land. Tourists either walk or cross the Jurassic world by raft. Lufeng Dinosaur Valley Xuguan Jurassic Adventure Zone has four major landscapes, including "Prehistoric Jungle", "Emperor Crocodile River", "Dinosaur Tribe" and "Fish Dragon Lake". It includes "Spacecraft", "Marsh Exploration", "Close Kinship Home", "Lufeng Dragon Tribe", "Forest Phantom" and "Fish Dragon Surge". Tourists who choose to walk follow the lead of dinosaur footprints into the marshes and experience a thrilling journey in the homes of dinosaur relatives, crocodiles and giant turtles. Tourists who choose to ride rafts will follow the river and float in a rainforest, passing friendly "Lufeng Dragon Tribe" along the way, avoiding fierce Tyrannosaurus Dragons chasing each other in the jungle, but it may be difficult to escape the sudden crocodile swarm in the river and the huge plesiosaur. Along the way, the dense forests covered with vines, the riverbanks overturned by dead trees, the steep canyons on both sides, the swamps overgrown with water and grass, the falling water of boulders and the open sparse forests and grasslands are all permeated with the atmosphere of the Jurassic era in ancient times, which makes people feel more vivid. Spacecraft: There is a crashed spacecraft on the cliff of an obscure cave. Entering the cave is a mysterious launch base for spacecraft, from which tourists will fly over the Jurassic by "spacecraft". Spacecraft will enter the mysterious tunnel of time. Tourists will experience the evolution and evolution of life on Earth. In just 10 minutes, they will complete the evolution of life on Earth for billions of years, and finally enter the Jurassic world. But there will be unpredictable adventures and thrills on this journey. Lufeng Dinosaur Valley Preface Hall Jurassic Carnival: This is a carnival plaza, where there are many thrilling and exciting modern high-tech amusement projects, such as "Fish Dragon Stroke Water", "Flying Dragon Swing", "Tyrannosaurus Hunter", "Tornado Storm", "Dinosaur Knight", and so on. You can try your hand here and enjoy your passion and vitality! There are also many fun game gambling projects, in this "lucky corridor" hidden innumerable opportunities and luck, you might as well try your hand, take chances and win a beautiful gift in happy play. There are also fantastic scenarios of "Return of the King - Gathering Lufeng" regularly performed for tourists. Performing in real scenes with high-tech means to create fantastic special effects, combined with the actor's excellent performance on the stage, with the audience to deduce a visual feast and interactive carnival. Audiences can not only feel the shock of disaster recurrence from zero distance, but also interact with actors and enjoy sensory stimulation and spiritual pleasure in relaxation and happiness. Construction started in September 2006 and completed in April 2008.

Related information

Lufeng, a top-quality popular science education base in Yunnan Province, ranks on the World Dinosaur Valley list.

In order to better implement the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Popularization of Science and Technology and the Regulations on the Popularization of Science and Technology in Yunnan Province, we should mobilize a wider force to invest in the cause of science popularization and constantly promote the socialization, regularization and standardization of science popularization in Yunnan Province. Recently, the Provincial Science and Technology Department announced the 9th batch of 17 popular science education bases in Yunnan Province. So far, there are 112 provincial popular science education bases in Yunnan Province. At the same time, 10 provincial high-quality popular science education bases have been identified. Lufeng is listed on the World Dinosaur Valley list.

Natural Valley landforms, together with artificially constructed waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and a large number of Jurassic plant landscapes, create verdant valleys, dense jungles, cliffs, falls from the cliffs, dinosaurs foraging for water in pools and jungles, dinosaurs chasing battles in dune marshes, and huge forests. Liang long. Nine landscapes, namely "Jurassic Falls", "Dragon Confrontation", "Brachiosaurus Couple", "Qilong Chasing", "Shuanglong Drinking Falls", "Tyrannosaurus Rex Snooping", "Jurassic Jungle", "King of Date" and "Forest of Desert", truly reproduce the life scene of the Jurassic Dinosaur kingdom and construct a Jurassic world that was vigorous and prosperous 100 million years ago. Let visitors enjoy a visual feast.