White vinegar egg

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White vinegar egg

Cuisine and efficacy: Heart-regulating diet, insomnia diet, palpitation diet, brain-tonifying diet

Process: steaming

The material for making white vinegar eggs:

Ingredients: 70 grams of eggs

Accessories: 2G white vinegar

White vinegar eggs:

1. Put the eggs into the bowl.

2. Put white vinegar in it. Place the bowl with white vinegar eggs on the drawer and steamed.

Usage: Take it while it's hot, season it with a little honey, get up 1 bowl of steamed eggs every morning, take it for more than half a month.

Health tips

Effectiveness: nourishing the mind and calming the mind. It is suitable for heart-qi deficiency, heart-blood deficiency, palpitation, insomnia and other diseases.

Heart-regulating medicinal diet

Grams of food relative to

Eggs: Eat with goose to damage the spleen and stomach; eat with rabbit meat and persimmon to cause diarrhea; and not with turtle, carp, soymilk, tea.