White cut chicken

Home Food 2018-11-02

White cut chicken, also known as white cut chicken, is the most common dish in Guangdong cuisine. It is a kind of chicken dipping. Its characteristics are simple and easy to prepare, without batching and keeping the original flavor.

White chicken skin is smooth and delicious. It is famous for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Qingping chicken is also a kind of white chicken.

White-cut chicken began in the folk hotels of the Qing Dynasty. It was cooked without seasoning and chopped when it was eaten, so it was also called "white-cut chicken". Because of its ingredients, Sanhuang chicken (foot yellow, skin yellow, mouth yellow) produced in Yangshan County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, is also called Sanhuang chicken. Later, all restaurants and delicatessens in Guangdong managed "white chopped chicken", not only with fine materials, but also with cooked "shrimp caviar soy sauce" and chicken table dipping. This dish is golden yellow, crispy and tender, and tastes delicious.

The color is clean and white with butter yellow. It has the aroma of onion oil. The scallion section is laced with flowers. It can be eaten with mustard sauce and soy sauce. It is a Guangdong native dish. It has a different flavor.

Once upon a time, there was a scholar who worked hard in his early years to find an official and a half post, but eventually abandoned farming because he could not bear the darkness of officialdom. He is good at charity, bold in character and culture, so he is very popular with villagers. The farmer lived in poverty, over 50 years old, and had no children under his knees. This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival came again, he and his wife discussed, decided to kill a hen, to pray for God to bless the early birth of your son, and to fight tooth sacrifice. The wife had just stripped the hen and cleaned it into the kitchen, and suddenly someone was crying outside the window. It was a child playing with lanterns and making a fire. When the time is high, some villagers' wealth will turn to ashes. Without saying a word, the farmer rushed out with a bucket and his wife followed the fire.

With the joint efforts of the villagers, the fire was quickly controlled and finally put out. When the farmer came home, the stove was extinguished and the water in the pot was warm. The wife hurried, only to add wood to the stove, forget to put seasoning and cover the pot. And the chicken in the pot was heated by the hot water. So, cut to eat. The practice of white chicken is that when the water is opened, the chicken body should be covered and cooked to the top, without seasoning. Over the past few hundred years, the white chicken has continued to grow and grow. Guangdong called "no chicken without banquet ", mainly referring to white chicken.