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West Anhui University

West Anhui University (West Anhui University) was the 3 menstrual period of 2000. Ministry of Education Approved provincial comprehensive Undergraduate Colleges From the original West Anhui United University , Lu'an Teachers College Merged with three schools of Lu'an normal school. The history of running schools can be traced back to the original. National People's Congress Vice Chairman Zhu Yunshan Mr. Anhui founded third agricultural schools in 1918. 。 In 2009, he was selected as a provincial master's institution.

The school is located in Anhui province. Lu'an City 。 As of March 2015, the campus covers an area of 1581 mu, with a total construction area of more than 460 thousand square meters. The total volume of the library is nearly 1 million 600 thousand, and the total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 138 million yuan. There are 13. Two level college 54 undergraduate majors, human geography is the provincial key discipline, 20262 full-time students, and 1046 faculty members. 。 by Anhui higher education revitalization program "Local application type" High level University Construction project construction unit. July 2015 became " University Alliance of the old revolutionary base areas in Dabie Mountains The main member school.

Historical development

School predecessor

· Lu'an normal school

In 1918, Shen Zixiu, GUI Yue Feng and Zhu Yunshan set up a third agricultural school in Anhui, Lu'an. It was called "Lu'an agriculture, rural areas and farmers" for short. The site was originally in the original Gung Fu college, and then moved to the north of the county town, which was later Lu'an normal school.

In 1935, because of the big sword coming to the city, Lu'an's three rural classes were closed, and the next year it was restored. It was renamed the third vocational school in Hunan Province and was closed until 1940.

In early 1949, in order to cultivate reserve forces for primary school teachers, teachers' classes were set up in Lu'an secondary schools. In 1951, Lu'an normal school was set up in Lu'an normal school. Lu'an normal school was originally a provincial key teacher's training area. The "Cultural Revolution" was delegated to Lu'an county. In 1974, Lu'an normal school was changed to normal school and merged into fourth middle school, and recovered in 1975. In 1983, it was restored to the provincial key school, and still managed by region. 。

· Lu'an Teachers College

In August 1958, the Lu'an normal college was founded on the basis of the former Lu'an normal school. The site is located in Taohuawu, the West Bank of Pi River in Lu'an. It is divided into two sections, Chinese and mathematics, with two years of schooling and 200 enrolment. It was chaired by Mr. Wei Shang Yi, a famous educationist in West Anhui Province. She chaired a group of outstanding teachers such as Li Jia Hsien, he Rong Ting, Jiang long, Hu Tianren and Fang Jia Fang.

In 1961, it was developed into four branches of Chinese, mathematics, physics and biochemistry, and 144 students were enrolled.

One hundred and ninety-six

In the 2 year, 112 students of Chinese and mathematics science were enrolled in two divisions of Anqing and Huainan, and 419 college students and advanced students were enrolled.

In 1963, 260 college students graduated. In September of this year, the school was converted into a secondary school teacher training school in Lu'an.

From 1970 to 1975, it was changed to Lu'an teachers training class and Wanxi normal school.

In 1977, the unified enrollment system of colleges and universities was restored. The school was renamed the Lu'an teaching point of Anhwei Normal University, and recruited 214 undergraduate students of four years.

In January of 1979, with the approval of the State Council, the system of Lu'an normal college was restored. There were five departments in Chinese, mathematics and physics, and five subjects in Chinese, mathematics, physics, chemistry and art. There were 623 students in the school and 92 teachers. 。

· West Anhui United University

West Anhui United University Founded in the autumn of 1985, it is located at seven Li East Station in Lu'an. It sets up three specialties, accounting statistics, industrial and civil buildings, freshwater aquaculture and so on. 。

Merging schools

In March 21, 2000, the Ministry of Education issued a document to establish West Anhui University on the basis of the merger of Lu'an normal college, Wanxi United University and Lu'an normal school. 。

In 2004, he was granted the right to grant bachelor's degree.

In December 2006, we passed the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of education.

In 2009, it was designated as a provincial master's degree authorized planning and construction unit and a demonstration and application oriented undergraduate institution in Anhui Province, and entered the first batch of key universities in Anhui.

In April 2013, the first batch was approved by the Ministry of education for undergraduate teaching assessment (pilot). 。

Schools were successfully approved in 2014. Anhui higher education revitalization program The construction project of "Local Application-oriented high level university" should be set up to build universities.

School running conditions

Department specialty

As of March 2015,

School establishment School of materials and chemical engineering, West Anhui University , School of mechanical and electronic engineering, West Anhui University School of architecture and civil engineering, West Anhui University, School of economics and management, West Anhui University. School of biology and pharmaceutical engineering, West Anhui University , College of physical education, West Anhui University , School of foreign languages, West Anhui University School of culture and communication, West Anhui University, School of information engineering, West Anhui University , School of Arts, West Anhui University West Anhui University, School of Finance and mathematics, West Anhui University School of politics and law, School of resources, environment and tourism management, West Anhui University Ideological and political theory teaching unit and other teaching units. 。

School of materials and chemical engineering: Materials science and engineering, polymer materials and engineering, light and lighting, photoelectric information science and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry, chemistry, physics

School of mechanical and electronic engineering: Electronic information science and technology, machinery design and manufacture and automation, electrical engineering and automation, material forming and control engineering, automobile service engineering.

School of architecture and civil engineering: Architecture, civil engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, building electricity and intellectualization

School of economics and management: Marketing, financial management, international economy and trade, logistics management, asset valuation

School of biology and pharmaceutical engineering: Animal science, food quality and safety, pharmaceutical engineering and bioengineering.

College of foreign languages: English (normal), English (translation direction)

Institute of Physical Education: physical education

School of culture and media: Chinese language and Literature (normal direction), journalism and advertising

Internet and new media

Institute of Information Engineering: Computer science and technology, communication engineering, electronic information engineering, network engineering (Internet of things)

College of Arts: Visual communication design, environmental design, clothing and costume design, Fine Arts (Shi Fanlei), Musicology (normal school), broadcasting and hosting.

School of Finance and Mathematics: Economics and finance, financial engineering, mathematics and Applied Mathematics (normal)

School of politics and Law: Law, ideological and political education, public utilities management

School of resources, environment and Tourism Management: Geographical science, tourism management, environmental science, human geography and urban and rural planning

Faculty strength

As of September 2018, there were 1065 in-service teaching staff, 691 full-time teachers, 276 senior high school titles and 276 senior high school students, including 649 high school and 649 PhD teachers and 27 high-level provincial talents.

Provincial Teaching Team: Comprehensive experimental teaching team of Bioengineering Specialty

Teaching construction

National comprehensive professional reform pilot: Bioengineering

Provincial comprehensive professional reform pilot: Electrical engineering and automation, civil engineering, communications engineers

Cheng, chemical engineering and technology, journalism, financial management, pharmaceutical engineering

National Characteristic Specialty: Mathematics and applied mathematics, electronic information science and technology

provincial level Characteristic Specialty: English, mechanical design, manufacturing, automation, bioengineering, and law.

Provincial Quality Courses: Atomic physics, biochemistry, ancient Chinese literary criticism history, abstract algebra, folk literature, economic geography, food nutrition and health care value, ancient Chinese literature, circuit analysis and experiments.

Provincial talents training program: Computer science and technology, civil engineering, Animal Science

Provincial school enterprise cooperation practical education base: Practical training base for plant biotechnology

Anhui's "revitalization plan" - professional transformation and new specialty construction: Polymer materials and engineering, light sources and lighting

Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center: Materials Chemistry Laboratory

academic research

Scientific research platform

As of 2013, the school has 42 Scientific and technological innovation platforms, including plant cell engineering, Anhui provincial engineering and technology center, bionic sensing and testing technology provincial laboratory, which has been awarded the provincial science and technology innovation platform, and the clean government culture research center is the key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences in Provincial Colleges and universities. 。

Provincial Research Center: Plant cell engineering Anhui Engineering Technology Research Center, Anhui Dendrobium Research Institute of Anhui Province, Anhui plant biotechnology training demonstration center, school and enterprise jointly build Anhui agricultural and forestry waste comprehensive utilization engineering technology research center, Anhui Hao Yuan Yuan Heng Biotechnology Research Center, etc.

Non provincial science and technology innovation platform: Fine chemicals Lu'an Engineering Technology Research Center, polymer materials engineering technology research center, solar energy photovoltaic engineering technology research center, electromechanical integration control engineering technology research center, precision molding technology and equipment engineering technology research center, smart grid equipment and system engineering technology research center, Lu'an city research center of Rhus chinensis, Lu'an animal disease monitoring center, Lu'an protein separation and purification research center, Lu'an oil peony research and Development Engineering Center, Chinese medicine and natural medicine engineering technology research center, biomass refining engineering technology research center, health breeding and animal disease monitoring and early warning engineering and technology center, etc.

Institute (Center): Wanxi Culture Research Institute, Shouxian County Chu Culture Research Center, youth ideological and Moral Education Institute, etc.

Achievements in construction

Schools attach importance to scientific research and practical application, adhere to applied research as the direction of scientific research, pay attention to cooperation in production, teaching and research, promote teaching through scientific research, and strengthen teaching by scientific research. Since 2006, more than 5900 academic papers have been published in various academic journals. Among them, 520 were retrieved by SCI, EI, and 92 academic monograph and 92 edited textbooks. There are 741 scientific research projects at the departmental level, including 31 national level projects and 336 provincial and ministerial level projects. Academic achievements were awarded two national prize for scientific and technological progress 1, provincial and ministerial level 13. Through the provincial achievement appraisal 31 items. 668 patents were obtained, of which 46 were national invention patents. The existing 38 platforms for scientific and technological innovation, including the Provincial Key Laboratory of biomimetic sensing and detection technology, the Anhui provincial engineering and technology research center of plant cell engineering, the engineering and Technology Research Center for comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes in Anhui Province, the research center of the industrial and forestry waste comprehensive utilization technology in Anhui Province, and the technical system of the national and Chinese herbal medicine industry in the engineering research of the feather and its products, are the provincial west science and technology innovation platform, the provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for the industrial development of Anhui Dendrobium is the provincial 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, and the honest government culture research center is the key research base of the humanities and Social Sciences in the provincial universities. The Journal of West Anhui University has been selected as an excellent social science journal in China's universities and outstanding scientific journals in Chinese universities.

Academic resources

· Collection resources

As of 2013, West Anhui University Library It has over 153 books and books, of which 1 million 59 thousand are about paper books, and 47.5 are electronic books. There are 22 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals databases, including Chinese academic journals, Wanfang digital journals, Springer, EBSCO and so on. There are 1113 kinds of Chinese and foreign paper periodicals, 104 newspapers. 。

· Academic journals

" Journal of West Anhui University "Is a comprehensive academic journal published by West Anhui University and published at home and abroad. For the outstanding journals of Anhui higher education journals, the "CAJ-CD specification", the implementation of outstanding journals, Chinese academic journals (CD-ROM) included journals, Wanfang Data -- Digital Periodicals group included journals. 。