Wenchang chicken

Home Food 2018-11-05

Hainan Wenchang chicken, special product of Wenchang City, Hainan, China national geographical indication product. 

Wenchang was built in Zibei County in the Western Han Dynasty, and changed to Wenchang County in the first year of Tang Zhenguan (627). After more than 2000 years, it was withdrawn to build a city in 1995. Hainan Province and even the country's famous cultural home, the home of overseas Chinese and General County, is known as the world's Oriental miracle - the home of the three sisters of the Song family. Wenchang chicken is a local chicken breed in Hainan Province. It has been raised for more than 400 years. It has the characteristics of thin skin, smooth skin and fragrant meat. 

On September 29, 2004, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection approved the implementation of product protection of origin for Wenchang chicken in Hainan.

Wenchang chicken is a local fine broiler breed produced in Wenchang, Hainan Province. It has more than 500 years of traditional famous brand products. With its round body, short tibia, thin skin and bone, sweet and smooth meat, rich nutrition, it has the characteristics of color, fragrance, taste, type and nutrition, and can not be tired of eating, it is honored to live in Hainan. The top four famous dishes.

Wenchang city belongs to the coastal zone of the northern margin of the tropics. It has the characteristics of tropical and subtropical climate and belongs to the tropical monsoon island climate. Light, water, wet and heat conditions are superior, with no frost throughout the year and distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 23.9 degrees, and the lowest temperature is 0.3 - 6.6 degrees. It appeared in January. The average annual sunshine is 1953.8 hours. The longest sunshine in summer is 13.19 hours, and the sunshine in winter is only 10.57 hours. The annual total solar radiation is 108.8 - 115 thousand cal / cm2.

Wenchang has abundant rainfall, but its spatial and temporal distribution is uneven. The dry and wet seasons are obvious. The spring drought is prominent. The annual rainfall is 1721.6 mm, with an average of 1529.8-1948.6 mm. The rainy season mainly concentrates on the rainy season between May and October, and the rainfall accounts for 80% of the whole year, which is very beneficial to the development of tropical agricultural production conditions.

Wenchang is located in the northeast of Hainan Island. It faces the sea in the east, South and north. Its land area is 2488 square kilometers, and its sea area is 4600 square kilometers. The sea is blue, the trees are shady and the seasons are like spring. Wenchang chicken was born in such a natural ecology and abundant human history, creating the unique meat flavor of Wenchang chicken.