Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort

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Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort

Tianmu Hot Spring Resort Project invested 600 million yuan by Zhuhai Tianmu Group. A total of 35,000 square meters were opened in September 2008. The resort is built in accordance with Yishan Mountain and Yishan Lake, forming a magical landscape of "the turtle exploring the sea". The overall layout of the building is just like "Dragon soaring", which coincides with the meaning of "Dragon soaring in Wendeng's hometown of Li Long". Mountains are green, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant; lakes are rippling, waterbirds are flying, ducks are playing; lakeside trestles, flowers and plants, and famous trees compete for glory. There are 56 open-air hot spring pools with different features and functions in the core project of the resort. Pebble paving, wood house, bridge running water, bathing in the meantime, enjoy the essence of natural oxygen bar and natural hot spring. Outdoor boundless hot spring swimming pool, indoor hot spring swimming pool and indoor hot spring characteristic SPA pool can be used for tourists to swim and play, to fully appreciate the poetic and picturesque "bright moon between pines, clear spring stone upstream".

Introduction to Holiday Village

Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort is located in the eastern end of Jiaodong Peninsula, south of the Yellow Sea, across the sea from Korea and Japan, 6 kilometers from the center of Wendeng City, 10 kilometers from Wendeng Railway Station, 15 kilometers from Weihai International Airport and 48 kilometers from Weihai Port. The transportation is very convenient and the location advantage is obvious.

Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort is a five-star hot spring resort invested by Zhuhai Tianmu Group in Zhangjiachan Town, Wendeng City, Weihai. Mainly for Weiwei, tobacco, Qinghe, Korea, Japan and Russia at home and abroad. Therefore, "bathing forest hot springs, living in hydrophilic rooms, eating green food, breathing fresh air" as the main features, Jiaodong area is the most competitive and potential hot spring health recreation resort.

The hot spring area of Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring Resort in Weihai, Shandong Province includes outdoor forest health spa and indoor hot spring SPA Hall. It can accommodate 1500 people to bathe in hot springs at the same time. The maximum daily reception can reach tens of thousands of people. Outdoor hot spring areas include "Wufuquan in Yushan", "Liude Tang in Yushui", "Mei Aloe Hot Spring Area", "Forest Quiet Bubble Area", "Herbal Health Valley", "SPA Dynamic Hot Spring Area", "Outdoor Boundary-Free Swimming Pool", "Stone Hot Spring" and "Parent Hot Spring Fish Therapy". There are 66 outdoor characteristic hot spring baths for tourists to enjoy.

Hot spring treatment

Weihai Tianmu Hot Spring springs are springing out day and night, continuously at four o'clock. The thermal storage temperature is 65 C, and the daily production can reach 2,000 cubic meters. Hot spring belongs to sodium chloride hot mineral water. It is rich in metasilicic acid, iodine, strontium and other mineral elements which are beneficial to human health. It has the functions of regulating vegetative nerve, promoting metabolism, improving cardiovascular function, regulating endocrine and improving immunity.

Weihai Hot Spring Traffic in Shandong Province 1. Weihai: Qingwei Expressway - Wendengbei Toll Station - Chuzhanglu - Tianmu Hot Spring

2. Yantai: Yanwei Expressway - Beihai Toll Station - Chuzhanglu - Tianmu Hot Spring

3. Qingdao: Qingwei Expressway - Zetou Toll Station - 305 Provincial Highway - Chuzhanglu - Tianmu Hot Spring

4. Weihai Airport: 309 National Highway - Chuzhanglu - Tianmu Hot Spring

Reference price

Fare price: 158 yuan

Notes for Reservation of Weihai Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Shandong Province: (1) Opening Time of Scenic Spot: 9:00-23:30; (2) Children's Ticket: Height 1.0-1.4 meters, half-ticket, 68 yuan, No Ticket for Less than 1.0 meters