Wawushan National Forest Park

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Wawushan National Forest Park, Sichuan

Wawushan National Forest Park is located in Hongya County, Meishan City, west of Sichuan Basin. It is 180 kilometers away from Chengdu and 100 kilometers away from Leshan. As of 1993, the park covers an area of 65869.80 hectares, rich in vegetation resources, mainly deciduous trees and so on. Wawu Mountain National Forest Park in Sichuan Province is composed of a series of scenic spots, such as Wawu mountain primeval forest adventure scenic spot, Yuping artificial forest Sea resort, Bamianshan ancient hunting area, etc.

Wawushan National Forest Park in Sichuan Province is also a national key ecological scenic spot, one of the top ten model units of National Forest Park, national civilized Forest Park, the first batch of AAA scenic spots and provincial geological park.

Location context

Sichuan Wawushan National Forest Park is located in the northwest of Emei Mountain, the branch of Qionglai mountain, and the southeast foot of Daxiangling mountain in the west of Sichuan Basin. Its geographical coordinates are 102 ° 49 '- 103 ° 00 ′ E and 29 ° 25' - 29 ° 34 ′ n. it connects Yingjing County and Ya'an City in the west, Hanyuan County and Jinkouhe District in the south, and Changheba village, yanziyan village, Leiping village and Shixi village in Wawushan town of Hongya County in the East and North The village, Kongque village, Fuxing village, Guanping village and Heishan village of Gaomiao town are connected by the collective forest boundary. They are administratively subordinate to Hongya County of Meishan City, with a total area of 65869.80 hectares, including 36490.1 hectares of Wawushan Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province. The green area is more than 95%, and the original ecological rate is 93%.

geographical environment

topographic features

The soil distribution of Wawushan National Forest Park in Sichuan Province is as follows: restoration soil at an altitude of 3000-3260m, dark brown soil at 2800-3000m, brown soil at 2200-2800m, yellow brown soil at 1400-2200m and yellow soil at 1138-1400 M. The geological structure is mainly Mesozoic sandstone, purple sandstone, limestone, forming a variety of metal deposits. The highest altitude is 3269 meters (Mt. 629), the lowest altitude is 1138 meters (jinhuaqiao), and the average altitude is 2830 meters.

Climatic characteristics

Wawushan National Forest Park in Sichuan is located in the humid climate zone of the middle subtropical zone, which belongs to the mountainous climate type. In addition, affected by the Pacific monsoon, plateau monsoon, northern cold air mass and altitude, the climate is humid and mild, and the rainfall is abundant. The annual sunshine hours of the park are 690 hours, the daily average is 42.38 hours, the annual average temperature is 11.9 ℃, the highest is 27.1 ℃, the lowest is - 7.6 ℃, the annual temperature is the lowest in January and the highest in July, the average annual relative humidity is 85-93%, the highest in February and September is 97%, the lowest in May and June is 70%, and the average annual precipitation is 2397.4 mm-2500 mm.

natural resources

plant resources

The plant resources of Wawushan National Forest Park in Sichuan Province are rich. As of 2011, 3500 species of plants, more than 200 trees, 213 families, 952 genera and 2200 species of medicinal plants are recorded in the park, and 44 species of national rare and endangered seed plants. There are 7 national first-class protected plants (such as Taxus, Davidia involucrata, ginkgo, etc.), and 30 secondary protection plants (such as Aqua sapiensis, Magnolia, Acer catalpa, etc.). Angiosperms account for 60% of the total family in the world. The park is rich in azalea, with more than 40 azalea flowers in the park, covering an area of 600000 mu. Among them, 17 azalea species are listed in the dictionary of plants by the Royal Society of England and named after mount Wawu; at the same time, there are more than 300000 mu of natural Davidia involucrata forest in the park.

Animal resources

By 2011, there are more than 425 species of amphibians and reptiles in Sichuan National Park. There are more than 425 species of amphibians and reptiles in Sichuan National Park. There are 7 species of national first-class protected animals (such as giant panda, takin, forest musk deer, etc.), and 36 species of second-class protected animals (such as little panda, black bear, macaque, etc.).

Waterscape resources

The water system of Wawushan National Forest Park is mainly Zhougong River (Bingling River). The average annual discharge is 35.3 m3 / s, the highest flow is 2130 m3 / s, and the average runoff is 1.105 billion m3. Water from more than 30 tributaries, including shuangdongxi, daiguocao, liangfenggang and yanziyan, flows into Qingyi River. There are a large number of waterfalls in the park. There are more than 70 large and small waterfalls. Among them, Lanxi waterfall, Yuanxi waterfall and Yangxi waterfall are all over 500 meters in height.

Main attractions

Wawu mountain

Wawu mountain is a famous historical and cultural mountain in China and the birthplace of Taoism. The highest elevation of the mountain is 3522 meters. Due to geological process, the mountain forms a ridge like terrain slightly inclined to the East and the West. From any angle, the mountain looks like a Wawu house, so it is named "Wawu mountain". Wawu mountain is the largest Table Mountain in Asia. The top platform of Wawu mountain is 3375 meters long and 3475 meters wide, covering an area of 11 square kilometers. When the sun is directly on the wall of Wawu mountain, Wawu mountain appears golden. This is Rizhao Jinshan.

Lanxi waterfall

Lanxi is named after being covered by Magnolia Rhododendron. It is the largest stream at the top of Wawu mountain. Lanxi waterfall is also the largest waterfall in Wawu Mountain National Forest Park in Sichuan Province, with a total height of 1055 meters. In winter, Lanxi waterfall condenses into a huge ice waterfall, blue and transparent, which is a great spectacle.

Wawu mountain

Located in the southeast of Yuanyang pool in Wawu mountain, the enchantment Hall of Wawu mountain has complex terrain and abnormal geological structure. Even compass, compass, clock and watch will fail here. At the same latitude as Bermuda Triangle, it is called "Bermuda Triangle" on land by geologists and explorers in China.

Wawushan reservoir

Wawushan reservoir is located on the hillside of Wawu mountain, with an area of 15 square kilometers and a storage capacity of 600 million cubic meters. The dam is 143 meters high, with 12 wharves and more than 100 cruise ships.

Tile house VAT

Wawuguan is located in the southeast of Wawu mountain, chegang River and Changhe river. It is said that this is the drinking water tank on the top of Wawu mountain, which can lead to the East China Sea. On March 3 and June 19, mountain people hold Guanyin temple fair here.

Swallow Cave

Yanzi cave is located in the east side of Wawu cliff deep hole, more than 20 meters high, the right side of the "Giant Buddha" gatekeeper, left with the support of Optimus Prime. The hole is several miles deep and can hold thousands of people. There are Lanxi, Yangxi and Yuanxi waterfalls nearby.

Mandarin duck pond

Yuanyang pool is a swamp of over 100 mu in the middle of Wawu mountain. The pond is covered with peat moss and surrounded by fir forest. The May azalea are in full swing and the fragrance is pleasant. It's cool in June. It's cool in the shade. When it freezes in winter, the pool becomes an ideal place for skating and skiing. There are remains of ancient ancestral temple beside the pool, only wood carvings are left. There are hundreds of visitors to the temple every day.

Development and construction

It was approved as a national forest park by the Ministry of forestry in March 1993.

In 1997, Wawushan National Forest Park was named "ten National Forest Park units".

In 1999, it was listed as "national key ecotourism scenic spot".

In 2001, it became the first batch of national AAA tourist areas in China.

On December 1, 2006, it was rated as a provincial Geopark by the Provincial Department of land and resources.

In August 2011, it was rated as "China's top ten most potential forest parks" by the Organizing Committee of China's tourism general rating list

transport line


Chengdu to Wawushan bus station: Xinnanmen bus station (departs at am7:40 every day, every hour, ticket price: 38 yuan / person, pm5:40) The bus station in Hongya County (departs at am7:00 every day, every 30 minutes, fare: 20 yuan / person (to Wuzhuang) and Hongya jinhuaqiao, 28 yuan / person, pm4:30 → Wawu Mountain Forest Park

Self driving tour from Chengdu to Wawu mountain: Chengdu → Beijing Kunming Expressway → Chengdu Chongqing Ring Expressway → Dongyue / Zhige exit → Meishan City → Hongwa road → Kangzhuang road


One day tour: start from Jinhua bridge at Shanmen and drive 3.8km to LVYE lake, xiaolvtan, Shuanglong waterfall, Moon Lake and shuangdongxi scenic spots, and then waterfall Pavilion, qianwozi, xiangeryan, Lanxi waterfall and Wawu mountain.

Two day tour: add Yuanyang pool, Guangxiang temple, Rhododendron forest, Davidia involucrate forest, baixionggou waterfall, wawuguan, Datianba and yeniu street.

Free information

In February 21, 2020, to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the 32 A-level tourist attractions in Meishan were open to the national medical workers for free for one year since the resumption of operation.

1、 Free object

All medical workers in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

2、 Free time

Within one year after the restoration of the scenic spot.

3、 Free scenic spots

Sichuan Wawu Mountain National Forest Park, etc.

History and humanity


Cancong, the founding king of Shu, was buried in Wawu mountain. At the end of Han Dynasty, Zhang Daoling went to the foot of Wawu mountain to preach and create religion, leaving the tablet of Zhang Daoling. At the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, Zhang Sanfeng practiced in Wawu mountain and created "Wushan school". There are many ancient and modern celebrity relics on the mountain, such as Zhang Daoling, Su Dongpo, Yang Sheng'an, he Shaoji and others, who were once associated with Wawu mountain, leaving many well-known works and beautiful legends. Su Dongpo visited here, leaving a famous poem "tile house cold pile snow after spring, Emei green sweep rain remaining days.".

Ancient Architectural Buildings

The ancient buildings and relics of the Taoist elegant light phase temple, cliff stone carving and er Mountain Villa are reserved in the Wawu Mountain National Forest Park.