Water surface

Home Food 2018-11-02

The water surface is a traditional snack in Shaanxi and Gansu Province. Legend has it that Liu Bang, the ancestor of the Han Dynasty, and Xiao He, the prime minister, started in Hanzhong. They are sour, spicy and fragrant, and have a unique style. Mustard (cauliflower) is the best dish for watercress.

Guanzhong's pulp water surface is similar to that of sour soup noodles, which is a common snack in summer. The pulp surface in Dingxi of Gansu Province is lighter, calorific and heat-relieving. The color is transparent and the taste is sour. It is especially famous in Dunhuang and Liping Village, Lixin Town, Gangu County, Tianshui City. The water surface of Yicheng Pulp in Shanxi is similar to that of Shaanxi and Gansu, but the method of Yongji Pulp in Shanxi is quite different. The pulp is made from the pulp left over from tofu by fermentation. It has a special sour and fragrant taste, which is obviously different from that of acetic acid (whether old vinegar or rice vinegar), but somewhat similar to that of Beijing's soybean juice. When eating noodles, add slurry, oil, coriander, scallions, etc., to eat a particularly sour and refreshing, also counted as Yongji snack.

Summer water is often used as a refreshing drink to prevent heatstroke. Longshang climate is dry, the land contains too much saline and alkali, so often eat acidic and cool slurry, not only can neutralize alkaline, but also can fight fire, relieve heat, reduce inflammation and reduce blood pressure. Summer is often good for health. It contains many kinds of beneficial enzymes, which can clear away heat and relieve heat, and increase appetite. It not only relieves fatigue and restores physical strength, but also has a certain effect on hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases and urinary diseases.

According to legend, the name was raised by Han Gao Zu Liu Bang and Xiao He when he was eating noodles. Its flavor is sour, spicy, fragrant and unique, and the water dish is good for mustard (hot pepper). The spicy hot scent of the water inlet is delicious and has an appetizing effect. It is a famous snack in Hanzhoung.

Slurry surface, "Chinese famous snack dictionary" said: "Shaanxi Guanzhong area famous snacks, is suitable for summer sour soup noodles. "Shaanxi Traditional Flavor Snacks" says: "Not only in Guanzhong area, but also in the mountainous areas of southern Shaanxi, people like to eat slurry water surface. The book "Chinese Snacks and Shaanxi Flavor" defines it as "food industry and popular summer food in Shaanxi area".

Wang Xuan, a scholar of Lanzhou in the late Qing Dynasty, wrote about the beauty of slurry surface: "Heat dissipation depends on slurry, and the stomach is at ease." Face length chew and endure. Splashing red acid is permeable, and the heart is not frozen. What's more delicious than a scholar?