Water Curtain Gorge Scenic Area

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Water Curtain Gorge Scenic Area

Shuixian Gorge Scenic Area is located in the southern mountain area of Jinan, Liubu, the first town of ecotourism in Shandong Province. Covering an area of more than 6000 mu, Jinan's No. 1 Peak Ladder Hill and No. 99 Gorge are located here.

Alpine and deep gorges have created the first waterfall group in Quancheng, and Tiancheng Stone Painting has created the only Taishan Stone Painting Garden in Jinan. The holy spring water casts the reputation of "the top of the spring city, the source of the sudden outburst". The first peach jellyfish discovery site in Shandong Province is a cluster of waterfalls and lush trees. It is known as the best preserved original ecological scenic spot of the original vegetation in Quancheng.

brief introduction

Beautiful mountain springs, rocky rocks, peach jellyfish swimming pools, water curtain waterfalls in the forest; visitor waterfalls into one, the original vegetation is well preserved, creating a pure natural ecological tourism environment. Here mountains surround, waterfalls cluster, the ancient Qi Great Wall winding past, historical celebrities left footprints here, there are many beautiful myths and legends spread to this day. This is a place of Yuxiu Zhongling. The name of Shuixian Gorge is given by Li Shimin, Taizong of Tang Dynasty. Wang Xinjian, a famous poet, wrote in his poem Liubu Water Curtain Gorge: "Seek the secluded water curtain Gorge and enter the Peach Blossom Source." Fangzhi Manxian area, clean flow and dust-proof. Flower fragrance tea, bird talk to help wine. Where do you sleep at night? Then the beautiful scenery of Shuixian Gorge was written.

Since 2001, the scenic spot has invested more than 20 million yuan in the development and construction of a first-stage project. After the opening of the park to welcome visitors, it is loved by the vast number of tourists. In 2006, it spent a lot of money to expand the scenic area in the second phase in strict accordance with the national AAAA standard. Skillfully combine the original ecological characteristics of the scenic area with the humanistic flavor, and further improve the function of the scenic area. New recreational projects, such as dynamic water-playing and Jiuqu rafting, have been set up. Five parks have been divided into five zones, i.e. water charm, ecological health preservation, recreation and leisure, religious culture and outdoor exploration, forming a new concept scenic spot integrating sightseeing, catering, accommodation and conference reception.

Characteristics of Shuixian Gorge Scenic Area

The Source of Outburst on the Peak of Quancheng

Shuixian Gorge Scenic Area has:

The First Falls Group in Jinan

The First Peak of Jinan City--Ladder Mountain

The Largest Treasury of Wild Chinese Herbal Medicine in Jinan

The Ninety-Ninth Gorge, the First Grand Canyon in Jinan

The earliest discovery of "peach blossom jellyfish" in the same latitude area

Jinan is the only scenic spot with natural Taishan stone paintings

Five functional areas of scenic spot:

Recreational and leisure areas:

There are beautiful waterscape sculptures such as Kowloon Drama Pearl. Children's Paradise is a small world for children to play in water. It has a unique stage in water. It is divided into children's playground, swimming area, and unique Nine-tune rafting in southern mountain area. It allows you to enjoy the joy of hydrophilicity.

Eco-health zones:

It can enjoy jellyfish in Ningbi Jellyfish Tianchi. In addition, there are hotels and tea houses. It can rest in bamboo buildings, overlook the beautiful scenery of Tianchi and mountains. It has modern facilities for catering and accommodation. It integrates ecological sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, catering accommodation and conference reception functions.

Shuiyun Qishi District:

Shuixian Gorge is located at the northern foot of Mount Taishan, which is the remnants of Mount Taishan. It is the only scenic spot in Jinan that has the unique stone of Mount Taishan. Its blue and white pictographic stone paintings are like ink-splashing mountains and waters between green mountains and green waters, bringing people infinite reverie.

Religious and Cultural Areas:

Water curtain gorge is a treasure land of geomantic omen, and the immortals are especially attached to it. In the green mountains and waters, the golden image of Guan Gong is magnificent and the largest God of wealth to the north of the Yangtze River. Guanyin Bodhisattva of Shuixian Cave and Erxian of Yaowang Temple still attract people from all over the world to pray for their children.

Outdoor Exploration Area

The Ninety-Ninth Gorge cliffs stand in a forest. The 100-foot cliffs on the Yunti Mountains are steep and steep with strange rocks protruding. The mountains are dense with dangerous forests and rugged roads. What's more, there are intact primitive vegetation and a variety of precious medicinal materials in the mountains. It is a good place for exploring and exploring ancient times.

Tourism information

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m.

Recommended routes:

Small circulation:

The main scenic spots of the route include waterfall, jellyfish pond, Yao Wang Temple, natural stone painting garden, Taishan Stone Museum, and other entertainment projects such as Jiuqu rafting and water-playing areas.

Medium cycle:

The Valley has a deep and secluded path and a peculiar landform. The main scenic spots along the way are Tang Wang Pavilion, Jianshi, Longhuquan, Yingjiashi, Xianrenqiao, Raptor Turnover Stone, Jiudingsong, Yundong, etc.

Great circulation:

For the old road of the ancient Qi State, King Li Shimin of the Qin Dynasty led the army in the battle against rivers and lakes. The main attractions are tigers climbing rocks, drinking horse springs, Princess springs, robe circles, Wanzhangya, Guanlanting and so on.

Traffic information:

Distance from the airport: 60 km from the airport: 80 minutes by car;

The distance from the railway station is about 40 kilometers, and the distance from the railway station is about 60 minutes.

The distance from the bus station is about 40 kilometers and the distance from the bus station is about 60 minutes.

Self-driving guide:

Jinan city, along Heroic Hill Road out of the South Outer Ring and through 103 National Highway Zhonggong Bridge from 103 National Highway into Liupu to Lijiatang 5 km south.

Take Bus No. 67 in the city to the terminal, Li Jiatang, get off and go south for 7 kilometers (about 15 yuan by taxi);

The Shuijianxia special line of Jinan Tourism Distribution Center of Yanshan overpass can reach the scenic spot directly.

Jinan 67 Road Bus City Line: November-February 6:00-18:00, March-October 5:30-19:00, coin 3 yuan, credit card 2.7 yuan, invalid monthly ticket

Ticket price information:

Tickets are 90 yuan (ticket free for elderly people over 75 years old and children under 1.2 meters); 60 yuan for elderly people between 60 and 75 years old (vouchers); 70 yuan for active servicemen, college, middle school and primary school students).