Wanpingkou Scenic Area

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Wanpingkou scenic spot is located in Rizhao, a beautiful coastal city in Shandong Province. "Tourist sunshine is bound to Wanpingkou" has become the consensus of tourists around the world. Wanpingkou Scenic Spot is a new tourist attraction on the golden coastline of Rizhao City. It has the meaning of "safe entrance of ten thousand ships". It is located in the new urban area, the easternmost end of Haiqu East Road. The coastline of the scenic spot is 5,000 meters long and covers an area of 7.6 million square meters. The annual average temperature is 12.6 degrees Celsius. There is no severe cold in winter and no severe heat in summer.

Wanpingkou Scenic Area has superior geographical position and convenient transportation. It is based on Rizhao Seashore National Forest Park in the north, Shanhaitian Tourist Resort in the west, Rizhao New Urban Botanical Garden and Cherry Garden in the west, and Rizhao Port and Lighthouse Scenic Area in the south. There are a variety of recreational facilities for tourists to play along the coast, as well as a number of unique seafood restaurants and souvenir stalls.

Name origin

The lagoon in Wanpingkou Scenic Area is a natural haven. All the past dynasties are places where merchant ships berth. It means "ten thousand ships arrive at the port safely", so it is named Wanpingkou, which also means that everything is safe and life is safe.

Main attractions

Wanpingkou scenic area has seawater bath, beach bath, sea surfing, sea parachute, beach bicycle and other tourism and entertainment projects. Garden lagoon is the largest natural lagoon in Jiangbei. The lake is wide and the wind is gentle and steady. It is an ideal place for entertainment and competitions at sea. He has hosted sailing competitions and other activities, and held the European World Sailing Championship in 2005. There are thousands of acres of green pine forest, covering more than 300 acres of botanical garden. Wanpingkou Park highlights the theme of ecology and ocean, insists on the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and meets the requirements of tourists'recreation and leisure at the seaside. There are ecological square and Sun Square in the park. There are ecological pools and flower paths in the ecological square. The Sun Square has theme sculptures interspersed with functional flower pools and ocean patterns. And arranged a series of functions and landscape in line with the building, such as: stretching film, wooden passage, flower Gallery frame, etc., built an ecological tea house, fast food restaurant.


Eco-park is the central area of the scenic spot. It highlights the theme of ecology and ocean, integrates the concept of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, integrates square, green space, catering, shopping, parking, entertainment and bathing as a whole. It is an important symbol of Rizhao's "Seaside Eco-city, Oriental Sun City", an important window for Rizhao's opening to the outside world, and a city living room for citizens'leisure and entertainment.


The second largest lagoon in Asia, with its beautiful lagoon bridge, was held here in 2005, 2006 European Class, 470 Class World Sailing Championships and the first National Water Games in 2007.


Lighthouse scenic area is divided into four parts: square, seaside leisure area, apartment area and residential area, with a total area of 464,800 square meters. With the lighthouse as the core, the whole lighthouse square takes the lighthouse as the core, and beside it is the green grass slopes facing the sea. The lighthouse is like a "pin for fixing the sea" broken out from the natural environment, with the mutual contrast of ocean, reef, beach and sculpture.

Entertainment facilities

Rizhao Zhanqiao

It is the channel connecting the sailing base and the competition venue. Ships compete from the sailing base to the sea, which is also a good place to watch the competition.

Tomorrow's sculpture consists of anchor, rudder and base. The rudder is surrounded by neon lights. When the light is on at night, it is a clock showing the time. There is a tide timetable on the base.

Wedding Park

Located in the middle part of the scenic spot, it is divided into seven functional sections: fairy tale forest, wedding lawn, wedding service building, star ocean, love flower beds, romantic beach and Aegean Sea.

Pontoon pier

There are three buildings, the longest is located in the north of Taigong Island Square, the middle is located in the south of Yangfan Square, and the shortest is located in Wedding Park. It is mainly used for yacht berthing and passenger boarding.


Rainbow Bridge is a perfect combination of steel structure and Finnish wood (growing in Finland, cold-resistant and corrosion-resistant). It is called Rainbow Bridge. Its overall shape is like a rainbow.

Rainbow Plaza

It is named for the Rainbow Bridge on the west side of the square. In the square, there is a new shower toilet and four unique water droplet buildings (also providing shower and toilet services).

Children's Water Playground

The children's water park project has introduced the design concept of SPLASH PARK, which is popular all over the world. At present, there are more than 4000 places in the world, mainly concentrated in the United States, Canada and China. At present, there are only two places in Beijing Zhongshan Park and Shandong Dongying. Rizhao Wanpingkou design two places in Yangfan Square and Rainbow Square, respectively.

Sailing square

It is named for the sailing bridge on the west side of the square. On the east side of the square, there is a children's water amusement park. A variety of water entertainment facilities are available for children to play with water.

Small train way

The railway track is 2850 meters long and 3 meters wide. It has two colors of red and grey. It is made of color permeable concrete. It is permeable and breathable.

Wooden Trestle Road lays 1800 meters of wooden trestle road in "Dream Beach". There is also a wooden trestle road in the black pine forest in the scenic area.