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Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area, located in the southeast of Xingyi City, Guizhou Province, is the largest and most typical karst peak forest in China, with its magnificent momentum, peculiar shape and beautiful overall shape.

Development history

Xu Xiake, a great traveler in the Ming Dynasty, praised it as "How many peaks are there in the world, only here are the peaks forming forests." Here are outstanding people, Wanfenglin is known as Fengshui Treasure Land, with the reputation of "an inch of land, an inch of gold, a dam out of the three generals" (Liu Xianshi, Liu Xianqian, Wang Wenhua).

On February 8, 2005, Comrade Hu Jintao, then General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, gave important instructions during his New Year's celebration at Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area in Xingyi City. The General Secretary said, "Wanfeng Forest is a money-spinning tree. We must protect, develop and green it well and manage the Nahui River well." The general secretary's cordial conversation, with a long focus and high expectations, has always inspired policy makers in Xingyi and the people of Wanfenglin scenic spot.

Main attractions

Wanfenglin can't help but look at the heavenly pit, just like a big flying saucer landing on the earth and smashing a pit. There are no precise data on the number of pits in the peak forest, of which Yuguru, Yangping, hanging dam, Xia Fair and other pits are the most typical. Yuguru Tiankeng, 40 kilometers northeast of Xingyi City, is known by geologists as the first Tiankeng discovered in China. Flat bottom, trumpet shape, height difference 600 meters, surrounded by odd peaks. The houses of 126 families living around the bottom of the pit and some tools of production and living are made of stone, such as stone foundation, stone wall, stone bench, stone road and stone tools. There is a spring in the east of Tiankeng, which not only satisfies the drinking of people and livestock, but also irrigates nearly 20 hectares of paddy fields. There is a falling hole in the west, which excludes domestic water.

There are two very peculiar springs in the peak forest of the hillside area. In the dense ancient trees and red beans (Acacia beans) forest between Jinxiu Peak and Samurai Peak, the locals call them "Shenshui", "Weishui", "Duodushui". Others call them "Men's Spring" and "Women's Spring". The two springs flow out from the natural stone crevices, and a "couple tape" communicates the two waters. The female spring gushes water every 4-6 minutes. The water surface rises by 3-5 centimeters, and then flows forward for several minutes at the confluence of the female spring and the male spring. When the female spring descended, the male spring flowed backwards to the female spring for a few minutes. Two springs are like husband and wife, natural tacit understanding, interdependence, intimacy, very interesting. The spring water is as clear as a mirror and has little change in the four seasons.

There is a "sun spring" beside the village of Wueryan, which is separated from the "geyser" mountain. Springs flow from the level rocks on the hillside to the East and west. They are sweet and delicious. Every spring and autumn, especially in dry spring, when the sun rises and shines near the wells, larger springs flow out, which can be used for drinking by more than 20 households. In the evening, when the sunset could not get to the west of the well, the spring stopped flowing. By dawn the next day, the silt in the outlet had dried up cracks. After the sun rises eastward, it begins its second cycle. According to the local people, using "Sun Spring" water to make tofu and boil wine is more productive than ordinary well water, and the secrets need to be studied and explained by experts.

The plants growing in Wanfeng Forest are also very special. The lush Xingyi cycads can be seen in the areas of Pudong, Yangping, Qingkou, Xiuli, Canggeng, Wushe and Weidi along Nanpan River and Maling River at an altitude of about 800-1200 meters. It is a new cycad species discovered in 1981. The pinnate compound leaf is the legendary "phoenix tail". The female flowers on the top of the stem are folded into a flat round lotus shape. It looks like a peony flower from a distance. It is first known as "pineapple", "sage" or "Guanyin lotus" by the local people. Cycad is one of the oldest seed plants on the earth. It is of great significance to study the origin and evolution of seed plants, the genera and species of seed tallows, and the evolution of paleoclimate.

Tourism information


There are 19, 105, LY1 and LY2 bus routes in Xingyi City, which are between the urban area, Maling River Valley and Wanfo Temple scenic spots.

19 way

Bus No. 19 (North Gate Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area) is 13.6 kilometers long. The departure time of the first and last bus is 6:30-22:00.

Where to go: Victory intersection Beime Vegetable Court March Bridge Dongfeng Road Dongfeng Road Chuyuntong Park Post and Telecommunications Building State Hospital Chusan Fumin Road Dongzhengmen 85858585858585858585858585858585858585afternoon TunTuntun 8585858585858585858585afternoon Tuntuntuntuntuntuntuntun 8585858585858585858585858585858585858585hot workshop 85858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585Naliu Sujialin Cold Air Pass Huanshan Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area

Backturn: Wanfeng Linlin Scenic Spot Ring Mountain Cold Air outlet Sujialin Sujialin Na6 Huangnibabao Huangnibababao Fishpond Potswell Kozotuntun Kotstuntun 8585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585858585Jingzhou Stomatological Hospital March Bridge Beimen Vegetable Farm Shengli Crossing

105 way

Bus No. 105 (Wanfenglin Square Wanfo Temple) runs 13.8 kilometers. The first and last bus departure time is from 7:00 to 19:00.

Whereabouts: Wanfenglin Square National Street Upper Ash Middle Ash Lower Ash Green Yintang Zhanhongqiao Tiankeng Wanfo Temple (Grand Slab) (9 stations)

Back: Wanfo Temple (Grand Slab) Tiankeng Zhanhongqiao Green Yintang Xia Na Ash Zhong Na Ash Shang Na Ash National Street Wanfenglin Square (9 stations)

LY1 Special Tourist Line

Bus Tourist Line 1 (Wanfenglin Scenic Area Wanfenglin Airport) is 13 km long. The first and last departure time is 6:30-19:00.

Where to go: Wanfenglin Scenic Area International Conference Center Kowloon Hotel Phoenix City Xingyi Third Middle School State Vocational College Wanfenglin Airport (7 stations)

Back: Wanfenglin Airport State Vocational College Xingyi No. 3 Middle School Phoenix City Kowloon Hotel International Conference Center Wanfenglin Scenic Area (7 stops)

LY2 Special Tourist Line

Bus Tourist Line 2 (Wanfenglin Scenic Area Maling Canyon Scenic Area) is 18 km long. The first and last departure time is 6:30-19:00.

Where to go: Wanfenglin Scenic Area International Conference Center Wanfenglin Airport Zhaozhuang Days Hotel Maling Canyon Scenic Area (5 stops)

Back: Maling Canyon Scenic Area Zhaozhuang Days Hotel Wanfenglin Airport International Conference Center Wanfenglin Scenic Area (5 stops)

Admission ticket

A List of Tickets and Tickets for Wanfeng Forest Scenic Spot

Standard fare 120 yuan per person

Standard fare for sightseeing tickets is 40 yuan per person

The standard price for the performance is 80 yuan per person.

(excluding $1 insurance)

Eight-tone sitting and singing, Buyi ethnic dance, etc.

1. Individual passengers aged 60-70, tickets reduced by half, 18.5 yuan per person (including 1 yuan insurance); 70-year-old door tickets are free.

2. Halve the admission tickets for student certificates, 18.5 yuan per person (including 1 yuan insurance)

3. Veterans are exempted from vouchers and disabled from vouchers.

4. All admission tickets for young children are free

5. All admission tickets for journalist's vouchers and tour guide's vouchers are exempted.


In the first village of Buyi, where Wanfeng first view is held, you can eat "Buyi eight bowls" (stewed golden bean**rice with pork feet, stewed bean curd with red roast meat, stewed pork skin, crisp meat noodles, stewed radish with ribs, vegetable pumpkin, vegetable tofu, five-color glutinous rice), listen to Buyigu music-eight-tone sitting and drink "Bento-do" wine (Buyimi wine).

More than 360 years ago, Xu Xiake, a well-known traveler in the Ming Dynasty, visited Wanfeng Forest and said, "How many peaks in the world are there, only here are the peaks in the forest." According to the form of peak forest, it can be divided into five types: array peak forest, Baojianfeng peak forest, Qunlong peak forest, Luohan peak forest and Duimaofeng peak forest. Each type has its own characteristics. It not only becomes interesting independently, but also complements other types of peak forests to form a magnificent and vast landscape. Wanfenglin Tourism Scenic Spot has been awarded the title of "National Key Scenic Spot" and "China's Five Most Beautiful Peak Forest".

geographical environment

Wanfenglin, magnificent, unique landscape. Peaks, dragons, pits, seams, forests, lakes, springs and caves are widely distributed, among which natural open river undercurrents, natural lakes, natural caves, natural forests, exotic flowers and plants, birds and animals complement each other, making the peak forest magnificent like thousands of horses, ocean waves, beautiful like ink painting scrolls. According to the morphology of the peak forest, it can be divided into five types: array peak forest, Baojianfeng forest, Qunlong peak forest, Luohan peak forest and Duimaofeng peak forest. It is the most mature conical peak forest typical representative in the karst geology and geomorphology of China. It is like the Wanfeng forest spectacle like ocean waves. The southern end of the forest is at the junction of Guangxi, the three estuaries at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guizhou provinces (regions) in the west, and the main peak of Wumeng Mountain in the north. The total area is 2000 square kilometers. Such a vast, magnificent, spectacular and peculiar view of karst topography, like a beautiful jade belt, decorates the plateau's rivers and mountains with enchantment and loveliness.

From a geological point of view, the northern part is the Fenglin Basin, the central and southern part is the Fenglin depression and the Fenglin mountains. Most of the peak forests and peaks are conical, some are bell-shaped, flat-topped and saddle-shaped, which can be called a "Chinese Conical Karst Museum". Peak forests in the north and South also have their own characteristics. Peak forests in the north are like a screen, protecting villages and pastures in Erzhai, Yulong, Shuangsheng and Leli areas. Here Qifeng is like forest, Tianba is like brocade, river is like belt, village is like cloud, full of poetic and picturesque, just like a simple and beautiful brocade of Buyi nationality.

In the area of Na Hui Village in the south-central part of China, we can only see a number of strange peaks rising from the beautiful countryside. They are magnificent and elegant, with thousands of gestures. If the peaks and peaks are connected and broken, the scattered peaks have a strong sense of air permeability. Wanfenglin has a good ecological environment and rich national customs. Beautiful mountains, with green fields, winding rivers, primitive villages, lush forests into one, constitute the best ecological environment in nature, forming a rare peak forest pastoral scenery. People say: to see the world's most beautiful scenery, to Wanfenglin; to see the world's most beautiful pastoral, to Wanfenglin.

Lin Junshu, an expert of China National Geographic magazine, commented: "The Wanfeng forest in Xingyi is clearly differentiated from the plateau to the slope and developed perfectly. It has long been paid attention to by Xu Xiake in the Ming Dynasty, and the customs of Buyi and Miao ethnic groups add to its interest." Mr. Desmond, a world-renowned tourism expert, praised him as "a beautiful picture of a high degree of harmony between human beings and nature."

Scenic spot honor

In 2004, Wanfenglin was named "National Geological Park". In the same year, Wanfenglin was awarded the first batch of "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Sites".

In 2005, China National Geographic "Beautiful China" rated Wanfenglin as "the five most beautiful peak forests in China".

The characteristic Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area is an important part of the Maling River Canyon, a national scenic spot. It consists of tens of millions of strange peaks in the southeastern part of Xingyi City. It is magnificent and magnificent, with dense and peculiar peaks and perfect overall shape. It has been praised as "the wonder of the world" by many experts and tourists.

Xingyi is located in the junction of Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces. The typical karst topography and landform form form a unique conical karst geological landscape. More than 360 years ago, Xu Xiake, a geographer and traveler of the Ming Dynasty, visited Wanfenglin, praising the mountain forest connecting Guangxi and Yunnan: "It is thousands of miles vast, and it is the southwest that wins." Legend has it that there are so many mountains in the world, but only here are the peaks in the forest.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Wanfenglin, from the edge of Qipeng Plateau in Xingyi and the Bank of Wanfeng Lake at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, is fan-shaped along the East Bank of Huangni River, stretching continuously to Anlong, Zhenfeng and other places. It is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, tilting toward Wanfeng Lake and Huangnihe River. The upper line is bounded by the alpine soil mountains about 1600 meters above sea level, and the lower line is the subtropical red soil mountains about 800 meters above sea level, forming a ring-shaped mountain belt. It is more than 200 kilometers long and 30-50 kilometers wide. There are more than 2,000 square kilometers in Xingyi City alone, accounting for more than two-thirds of the territory of Xingyi City. According to the form of peak forest, it can be divided into five types: array peak forest, Baojianfeng peak forest, Qunlong peak forest, Luohan peak forest and Duimaofeng peak forest. Each type has its own characteristics. It not only becomes interesting independently, but also complements other types of peak forests, forming a magnificent and vast karst landscape.

Wanfeng forest consists of Dongfeng forest and Xifeng forest. Xifenglin is the main area open to the outside world. Xifeng Forest is a beautiful mountain, which is integrated with green fields, winding rivers, primitive villages and lush forests, constituting the best ecological environment in nature, forming a rare peak forest pastoral scenery in the world.

Wanfeng Forest Scenic Spot is composed of thousands of exotic peaks and beautiful stones, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. It is magnificent and magnificent, with perfect overall shape, and its peaks are dense and peculiar, so it is popular with tourists both at home and abroad. It is divided into two major scenic spots, East and West Fenglin. The scenery is different and interesting. They are called nature's water painting and natural bonsai respectively. The former residence of Ho Yingqin, former Minister of Military Affairs of the National Government, and the former residence of General Wang Dianlian, commander-in-chief of the Northern Expedition Army and the French Army, are all located in the peak forest.

Xu Xiake, a famous geographer and tourist in the Ming Dynasty, once made a survey of Wanfenglin in Xingyi and gave a high appraisal. He wrote poems: "How many famous mountains in the world are there, only here are the peak forests; the steep peaks stand apart from each other and stand in a broad range, with uneven rows of bamboo shoots and headlands." Mountains, pastures, rivers, villages and caves in the scenic area interweave into a beautiful brocade of Buyi nationality, which is a rare pure land on earth. It is a good place for you to travel in the countryside, horseback riding, tent camping and leisure vacation.

Sun Xiaoxiang, an international landscape scientist, commented on his visit to Xingyi: "The most perfect and perfect peak forest and stone forest are Wanfeng forest in Xingyi, mud stone forest in Xingyi and Lunan Stone Forest in Yunnan. "It's not easy to get such an appraisal. Wan Fenglin suffered grievances when he was not known to outsiders. When Maling River Gorge was declared as the first national scenic spot in 1991, the leaders and experts of the relevant departments of the central government all agreed to say "like Guilin landscape" when watching pictures and videos. Unexpectedly, shortly after the meeting, someone wrote to the relevant departments of the State Council to reflect: "Xingyi's video tape is a picture of Guilin's landscape, pay attention to anti-counterfeiting. "The administrative department of the State Council attached great importance to the videotapes and sent people to Xingyi for field visits. It was only after that that that it was recognized that there were no unique peaks in Guilin, such as the Fairy Peak and the General Peak. "Two peaks" became an important symbol of Wanfeng Forest.


Because of the humid climate in Xingyi City, the four seasons are like spring. Along the way, you will see many orchids. Of the 31 species of Orchid in China, there are 20 species in Guizhou, and 19 species in Xingyi, which is the most abundant area of Orchid. Because of the great variation of nature, there are many unique horticultural varieties, such as Xingyisu, Wu Shisu, Qiu Zhisu and so on.

In addition, Huangcao is also abundant in Xingyi. The original name of Xingyi is Huangcaoba. Dendrobium of Orchidaceae belongs to the genus Huangcao. There are more than 1400 species of Dendrobium in the world, mainly distributed in tropical regions of Asia and Oceania. There are about 20 species of Dendrobium in Guizhou, and 14 species in Xingyi, including Dendrobium beautifully, Dendrobium purple, Dendrobium bundles, Nostoc nigra and Dendrobium fringens. Because of excessive harvesting and processing, wild yellow grass resources have declined sharply, and have been listed on the international list of endangered plants.

Those who like to read martial arts novels know that Dali's camellia is very famous from Tianlong Babu. In Xingyi, you will enjoy a very special tea flower - Sanjiang Ruguo Tea. It was discovered only in 1987 in Sanjiangkou, Xingyi, and is considered to be the most primitive species of Tumor Fruit Tea. The rainy season was flooded, and in the dry season, when the water volume was small, the surface of the Huangni River flowered and fruited. The Corolla was large and white. It bloomed in October, and the fruits had tumors.

In the peak forest near Zhengtun, there are also ancient temples and ancient Yingpan. There are also rare "Guizhou Dragon Fossil" and "Xingyi Man" cultural sites around Dingxiao. Among the peak forests are the national scenic spots Maling River Gorge, the provincial scenic spots mud-pyroclastic forest and Wanfeng Lake scenic spots. The mudstone forest is like a pot basket in Wanfeng Forest. Wanfeng Lake is open and beautiful, with deep harbour. Peak forests, stone forests, karst caves, Tiankeng and forests are densely distributed along the coast, forming a large number of scenic spots. Especially unique is the water in three provinces, strong national customs.