Vegetable party

Home Food 2018-11-05

Vegetable party (alias Su Chunjuan)  is one of the common local traditional snacks in Guiyang. It can be seen almost everywhere in the streets of Guiyang. This dish is crisp, sour, spicy and refreshing, appetizing and invigorating the spleen. Suddenly, it looks like the newborn baby in the delivery room is wrapped in "baby clothes". "Baby" is a pancake made from rice flour, but it is as thin as a sheet of paper. And then get involved in radish silk, folding the ear root (fish cilantro), kelp silk, fried soybean, crisp whistle, paprika and so on. Also known as spring rolls. When local people eat, of course, they must be injected with sour and spicy juice. This dipping water is the essence of Vegetable partys. In Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province, many Vegetable party snack stalls are set up along the street, which are quite distinctive, with 120 varieties. The dishes are very thin, and red, white, yellow, black and so on are very beautiful. Vegetarian crisp, sour and spicy refreshing, appetizing spleen. Guiyang specialties are popular snacks in Guizhou.

Correctly, everything should be put in place, as many kinds as possible, but not full, and then wrap them carefully like a baby in a bundle. Yes, the specific wrapping method is just like wrapping a baby. The quilt below should be overlapped, and there should be a corner on it, so that you can finish it. The fact that you can put a little vegetable without collapsing is the same as the fact that you go to Pizza Hut to get a fruit tray - your technology determines that what you eat is not cost-effective. In fact, the wrapped Vegetable party is very much like a baby in a swaddle, which is the source of its name - the silky Dongdong wrapped like a doll. After wrapping, you gracefully pick up a spoon and scoop up some of the secret recipes from the top of the doll. In this way, the secret recipe will run through the whole body of the doll and chew it crisp, delicious, complex and spicy. The best way to eat is to swallow one mouthful and chew slowly after entering the mouth. Eating like dumplings is a mess. Half of the doll is in the mouth and half is outside. It's really embarrassing that the leftovers left in the hands are in a mess. So there is no lack of fun. The old saying goes: Vegetable partys are good for leather and hard to eat.

Guiyang cuisine is famous, mainly because Guiyang people pay special attention to taste and taste in "eating". Guizhou cuisine is a unique system, mainly reflected in hot and sour, sour and sour prominent, hot and spicy exquisite, in addition to hot and sour, there is also a unique place is the "dipping water" used in Guiyang cuisine. When it comes to "dipping in water" in Guiyang, no one knows that "dipping in water" is also the "dipping dish" used in various delicacies. There are soups and dried materials. Many delicacies can not be separated from "dipping in water". In Guiyang people's eyes, all kinds of delicacies used in the "dipping water" pattern is various, and pay attention to many, not simply chili and soy sauce can become its "dipping water". All kinds of food with all kinds of "dipping water" must not be praised. Because in Guiyang, tasting delicious food is actually tasting "dip in water", so we can not use "dip in water" casually, otherwise, no good food can become delicious.