Traditional skills

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Traditional skills

Chinese traditional folk art is a craft inherited from Chinese folk, such as paper-cut is one of the most popular traditional folk decorative arts in China, with a long history. Because of its easy availability of materials, low cost, effectiveness, wide adaptability, various styles, vivid image and popular; more because it is most suitable for rural women leisure production, can be used as a practical object, but also beautify life. Paper-cut can be seen all over the country, even forming different local styles and schools. Paper-cut not only reflects the aesthetic preferences of the masses, but also contains the deep social psychology of the nation. It is also one of the most distinctive folk arts in China. Its shape characteristics are especially worth studying. As the embodiment of Chinese original philosophy, folk paper-cut has comprehensive, beautifying and auspicious characteristics in its form of expression. At the same time, folk paper-cut conveys the connotation and essence of traditional culture with its own specific expression language.

Traditional skill refers to a technology and skill with a long cultural and historical background, which can only be mastered through a certain in-depth study. Every skill bears the mark of the nation.

Chinese traditional skills include: Chinese Kungfu, acupuncture, massage, traditional Chinese medicine, tea ceremony, embroidery, paper-cut and so on.

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