Totem Road

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Totem Road

The ancient totem road is located in Yangshuo's famous "Shili Gallery". Not far from Guilin, the scenic spot exhibits primitive life scenes such as stone tools, pottery, natural totem pillars, ancient bows and crossbows, body language full of wild temptation, etc. It reproduces the historical features of Guilin ancestors'residence, life, religion, hunting and steamer skin culture from 2000 to 7000 years ago, and opens an ancient door for the world!

Historical humanism

In the misty and rainy peaks and mountains, the dark steamers in Pili are accompanied by the Lijiang River, accompanied by the green hills, fishing, hunting or collecting. They still use primitive stoneware, bone vessels, primitive pottery and mussel wares. Under the fast-paced "demon drum", wearing colorful animal skins, hunting in the mountains with sharp spears, roasting snakes and mussels for food, singing Lijiang fishing songs and Guishan hunting ballads which are harmonious between human and nature.

Characteristics of scenic spots

The whole scenic spot has the dynamic nature of story, visual aesthetics, profound cultural content, and unique sacred primitive belief of Zengpi culture. From these beliefs, we can easily catch that from ancient times, the ancestors of Guilin showed their worship of life and philosophy of pursuing the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in their daily life. The whole scenic spot condensed the wisdom of ancestors, and also expressed our passion for ancestors'thought, so that the brand of Zengpi culture for thousands of years could regain its life value.

"There are Xiongnu in the north and Nanman in the south." Zengpiyan culture is the representative of the birth of Nanman culture and one of the origins of Lingnan culture. Step into the ancient totem road , in the interpretation of the mystery of the ages, let us experience the extended life from another angle, expand our mind territory!

Features of scenic spots: To explore the historical features of Zengpiyan culture, and to experience different national customs.

Main attractions

yangshuo west street

When traveling in Yangshuo, we must visit the world-famous West Street, because it is full of exotic atmosphere. The owners of the shops in the street are all honest Yangshuo people. They are very enthusiastic and do not deceive the students. For the convenience of foreigners, their signboards are written in foreign languages. More than one hundred stalls specializing in tourist goods are arranged word by word, selling various commodities such as ethnic costumes, handicrafts, porcelain, antiques and so on. Visitors from home and abroad continue to stream, either shopping or viewing. The recipes of street restaurants are both Chinese and Western. Many foreigners sit around drinking beer, eating delicacies and cooking spoons in person when they are interested. This makes West Street a veritable Westerner Street, which adds a beautiful scenery to Yangshuo Town. Tourists here can enjoy the quiet environment and unique leisure time of the town, experience the romantic atmosphere and foreign customs. It is also very convenient to go shopping in the West Street, because the east end of the street is the cruise ship wharf along the Lijiang River. As soon as the tourists have finished swimming in the Lijiang River, they will enter the West Street directly.

Moon Hill

Moon Mountain is a wonder in Yangshuo. It is near Fenglou Village, Gaotian Township. It is over 380 meters high. Because there is a big hole through the top of the mountain, like a bright moon, high and bright, so people call it Mingyue Peak, commonly known as Moon Mountain. Visitors can follow an 800-level climbing Road to the Moon Cave. This month, the cave is surprisingly large, 50 meters in height and 50 meters in width, while the mountain walls are only a few meters thick. The two walls of the cave are flat like walls, but the top of the cave is covered with stalactites in different shapes. Two of them are very similar to Wu Gang and Jade Rabbit in the Moon Palace. On sunny days, visitors can see blue sky and white clouds through the moon cave, like a round mirror hanging on a hilltop. Because there is a circular hill on the north side of the Moon Cave, visitors can see different scenes of the full moon, the half moon and the eyebrow moon from different angles by taking the "Moon Viewing Road" in the south of the mountain. Xu Tinghao of the Qing Dynasty called this scene "the peak of the moon hanging". He wrote poems: "The top of the peaks is shining in the mirror, but the sky is bright on the eve of the day. Ever since the cliff collapsed in the corner, the soul has remained unchanged. There is no gap between the mountains and the moon, and the moon rises and the moon shines. Never wear the only mirror for ever, and you will travel widely and coldly with your monarch.

Tourism information

Ticket information

Ticket price of totem road: 108 yuan per person

Traffic information

Public transportation:

In Yangshuo West Street, you can take No. 5 bus to the vicinity of Totem Road. After getting off at the gate, you can walk for about 20 minutes or ride a bicycle for about 10 minutes.

Self driving:

Guilin departure: Guihai Expressway/Liangjiang Airport-Shanghai Road-Huancheng West Road-Chao Huancheng South Third Road/Yangshuo Direction-Enter G321-Chao G65/G72/Yangshuo/Guangzhou Direction-Chao Guilin Ring Expressway/Nanning/Wuzhou/Hunan Direction-Guilin Ring Expressway-Chaoyangshuo/Wuzhou Direction-Baomao Expressway-Depart from Yangshuo/Lipu/G321 Exit-Chao Gongcheng/Yangshuo Direction, Turn slightly to the right-Enter G1-Arrive End.

Best travel time

Tour time: about 1-1.5 hours

Totem Road is suitable for sightseeing all the year round. April-October is the best time to travel. It is located in Guilin, Guangxi. It belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is mild, summer is long and winter is short, annual precipitation is plentiful, sunshine is plentiful, annual average temperature is 19 degrees, sunshine is plentiful, four seasons are divided, winter is not cold, summer is not hot. Of course, travel must pay attention to weather changes, so as not to be affected.