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Tongling University

Tongling University is a multi-disciplinary province. Undergraduate Regular institutions of higher learning It is the base for training and training talents of Finance and economics in Anhui province. It has been selected as a model application oriented university in Anhui province and a local high level university in Anhui province.

The school was founded in April 1978. Anhui labour University Tongling normal college class was renamed in May 1983. Tongling Institute of Finance and Economics 。 In August 2000, the Anhui Provincial People's Government approved the integration of Anhui metallurgical industry school and Tongling normal school into Tongling finance and Economics College. In March 2002, approved by the Ministry of education, Tongling Institute of Finance and economics upgraded to Tongling University.

As of November 2018, there were two campuses of Cui Hu and Yuxiu, with an area of 1310 mu (about 873630 square meters) and 420 thousand square meters of school buildings. The school has 14 two level colleges (departments), 62 undergraduate majors (including Sino foreign cooperative education and second bachelor's degree), 826 full-time teachers, 18734 full-time undergraduate students, and 842 adult education students.

Historical evolution

Precursor tracing

· Tongling normal school

In 1958, Tongling No. 1 middle school (Shi Fanban) create.

In 1960, Tongling No. 1 middle school (normal school) was converted to Tongling normal school.

In 1961, Tongling normal school was closed.

In 1970, the 57 cadre school in Tongling was established.

In 1978, the 57 cadre school in Tongling (teachers' class) was converted to Tongling normal school.

In 1979, the tenth Middle School of Tongling merged into the Tongling normal school.

In 1982, Tongling normal school ran independently.

In 1984, Tongling Changjiang Road Primary School and Tongling people's kindergarten were merged into Tongling normal school.

· Anhui Metallurgical Industry School

1958, Anhui Tongguanshan The establishment of non-ferrous metal industry school.

In 1959, it was upgraded to Tongguanshan mining and Metallurgy College in Anhui province.

In 1960, it was renamed Anhui Tongguanshan nonferrous metal school.

In 1962, Anhui Tongguanshan nonferrous metal school revoked its system. The secondary school level has been transformed into a real technical school in Tongling nonferrous metals industry company. College level merged into Anhui Machinery Institute (later renamed Anhui Polytechnic). Hefei Polytechnic University )

In 1963, Tongguanshan nonferrous metal school (secondary vocational school) joined in the formation of Ma'anshan iron and steel industry school. Anhui University of Technology 。

In 1978, the technical school of Tongling nonferrous metals industry was renamed as Tongling nonferrous metal industry school, and later renamed Anhui metallurgical industry school.

· Tongling Institute of Finance and Economics

In 1978, Anhui Labor University (Tongling normal college class) was founded.

In 1979, renamed as Anhwei Normal University (Tongling junior college)

In 1983, it was upgraded to Tongling finance and Economics College.

Merger development

In 2000, Tongling normal school and Anhui metallurgical industry school were merged into Tongling finance and Economics College.

In 2002, Tongling finance and Economics College Upgraded to Tongling University and began to recruit undergraduates.

In December 2008, Tongling University launched the " Alliance of Applied Undergraduate Universities in Anhui And served as the first rotating chairman.

In 2009, Tongling University was awarded the establishment and construction unit of Anhui demonstration application oriented university.

In 2013, the Institute accepted the project through the provincial demonstration application oriented institutions.

In 2015, the college was approved as the "local application high level university" project in Anhui higher education revitalization plan.

Teaching construction

As of May 2019, the Institute has 62 undergraduate specialties (including Sino foreign cooperative education and second bachelor degree), with 2 state-level special specialties (accounting, international economy and trade), 10 provincial-level specialties, 1 national comprehensive reform pilot programs (Financial Management), 13 provincial comprehensive reform pilot programs, etc.

National Characteristic Specialty: Accounting, international economics and trade

National comprehensive reform pilot program: financial management

Provincial Specialty: International Economic and trade, accounting, finance, marketing, automation, financial management, auditing, social security, taxation, and economic statistics.

Provincial Quality Courses: "Management", "tax law", "C language programming", "cost accounting", "accounting basis", "finance", "Introduction to social security", "economic law", "website development and webpage production", "western economics", "finance", "circuit", "human resources management".

Provincial Demonstration Experimental Teaching Center: Automation engineering training (Experiment) center, accounting practice experimental teaching center, law teaching experiment and training center, UFIDA accounting comprehensive training center, economic management practice training application platform.

Provincial Outstanding accountants education and training plan: accounting

Provincial talent innovation experimentation area: The training mode of art and design talents in Applied University Alliance Innovation of talents training mode of experimentation area and automation excellent engineer

School Honors

In January 2009, Tongling University was awarded the Anhui Province ordinary university graduate employment work pacesetter unit.

In 2013, Tongling University was awarded the model school of innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students in Anhui.

In June 2017, Tongling University was awarded the Eleventh Anhui provincial civilization unit.

In 2017, Tongling University was awarded the national university student innovation and entrepreneurship training program.

Cooperation and communication

As of November 2018, the school and the United States, Britain, France, Ireland, South Korea, Argentina

And other countries and Taiwan more than 10 colleges and universities have established exchanges and cooperation relations.

Tongling University and Argentina in 2005 University of Buenos Aires Jointly established the "Spanish training center in Anhui". 2012, Tongling University and Korea You song University Jointly launched the "2+2" cooperation in running schools. 3+1+1, 2+2 and other cooperative education projects in universities such as the United States, Ireland, France and other countries, and visiting scholars with friendly universities. And Wuhan University of Technology , Hefei Polytechnic University , Anhui Finance and Economics University Anhui University of Technology and other schools jointly conduct master degree training.

academic research

Scientific research platform

The Institute will further promote cooperation between schools, schools, enterprises and schools, and strive to build "four centers" with local governments, enterprises and institutions (personnel training and human resource training centers, industry university research cooperation centers, government decision consulting centers, educational and cultural centers), "four bases" (practical training bases, graduate employment bases, teaching bases, research bases). It has 17 key research institutes, namely, the Provincial Key Laboratory of "engineering hydraulic robot", the key research base of Anhui humanities and Social Sciences, the Wanjiang Economic Development Research Center, the Anhui engineering and technology research center of the optoelectronics application center, and the research center of copper culture development, etc., and has established the provincial level university think tank of the Anhui economic and social development research center, and the provincial scientific research team oriented to the new technology of intelligent processing of copper based materials. (data as of May 2019)

As of November 2018, the school has 1 provincial think tanks, 1 provincial research and innovation platform teams and 1 key provinces and humanities research bases.

There are 1 Engineering and technology research centers, 5 collaborative innovation centers and 11 research institutes.

Provincial University think tank: Anhui economic and social development research center

Provincial scientific research innovation platform team: Photoelectric detection and intelligent equipment for copper based new material industry

The key research base of Humanities and social sciences of the provincial education department: Wanjiang Economic Development Research Center, Tongling University

Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center: Optoelectronics application base of Anhui Engineering Technology Research Center (Tongling University)

School Collaborative Innovation Center: Center for optical and electrical technology cooperation and innovation, Center for collaborative innovation of internal control, copper culture synergy innovation center, Wanjiang regional economic research collaborative innovation center, copper processing and Key Technology Collaborative Innovation Center

The research institute affiliated to Tongling University (Department): Institute of corporate law, Institute of employment and social security, Institute of nonferrous metals and processing engineering, Institute of rural economics and culture, Institute of corporate finance, Institute of modern finance and accounting, Institute of information technology and engineering management, Institute of automation design, research and development center of copper crafts, geotechnical research institute, and copper Culture Development Research Center

Achievements in scientific research

In the past 2011-2014 years, Tongling University has received 545 scientific research projects at all levels, and more than 1000 papers have been published by teachers, including 21 national natural science funds, the national social science fund projects and the humanities and social sciences fund projects of the Ministry of education.

In 2013 -2017, Tongling University published 33 monograph, authorized 21 patents, including 6 invention patents, 11 utility model patents, and 4 design patents.

Academic resources

· Collection resources

According to the official website of the school in November 2018, the library of Tongling University is composed of Yuxiu campus and Cui.

There are two libraries in the Lake campus, which contain nearly 1 million 500 thousand books, 1 million 160 thousand electronic books, over 1500 kinds of Chinese and foreign newspapers and magazines, and 47 kinds of Chinese and foreign language databases. The library collection takes the literature of economics and management as the main body, and has the disciplines of engineering, science, literature, law, pedagogy and so on, forming a comprehensive collection system of multiple types and multiple carriers.

· Academic journals

" Journal of Tongling University "Tongling Journal of Finance and economics" was founded in August 30, 2002. It is an academic journal sponsored by Tongling University. It is a source journal of ASPT and China Journal Net. The contents of the Journal of Tongling University are mainly financial and economic, and take into account other disciplines properly. There are columns such as "special edition of this journal", "economic theory", "finance and finance", "enterprise management", "Wanjiang regional economy", "forum on politics and law", "engineering technology", "culture and art", "copper culture research", "education research" and so on.

Cultural tradition

School badge

1. The school badge is composed of two circles. It symbolizes the age and style of the integration of ancient and modern, between heaven and man, and between people and people. It implies that Tongling University is moving in a timely fashion, keeping pace with the times and having a bright future.

2, the school badge is mainly modeled on ancient knife coins, which illustrates the characteristics of Tongling University, which is mainly based on finance and economics, and is diligent in the pursuit of the people. At the top, we use the "key" to express its ideals, beliefs and wisdom to open up the treasure house of knowledge, and also reflect the essence of education "preaching, teaching, and dispelling doubts". Its whole is also a "human" shaped bronze bell, which embodies the aim of Tongling University, which is people-oriented, teaching and educating people. It also conveys the historical and cultural characteristics of Tongling's ancient bronze capital.

3, the main emblem of the school badge is decorated with two traditional Chinese characters, "Tongling", which is connected with the Chinese traditional pattern. The linking pattern runs through "dragon shaped", which symbolizes the position of Tongling University in the region.

4, the school badge uses the ancient bronze color system, has the very strong visual impact, also has the thick, natural, profound, harmonious, the development cultural implication, with the entire logo image connotation harmonious unification.

School motto

Ming De Shang can, erudition.

Ming De

The first chapter of University: "the way of University, in Ming De, is in the best interests of the people." If we want to acquire a high level of knowledge, we must combine the scientific spirit of seeking truth and seeking truth with the humanistic spirit of seeking beauty and seeking beauty.

"Still able", advocating ability, developing skills, and constantly improving students' skills by strengthening the training of students' practical ability and practical ability.

"Learned" is derived from the doctrine of the mean: "erudite, interrogated, deliberate, discernment, and practice." It implies the establishment of a knowledgeable, inclusive and integrated style of learning.

"Japan new" is taken from the book of Rites: "Gou Xin Xin", "every day is new, and there is a new day".