Tips for Chengdu Tourism

Home Travel Guide 2020-11-28

About climate

The climate of Chengdu belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate. Due to the surrounding mountains, it also presents a typical basin climate. It is early in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn and warm in winter. The annual average temperature is 16 ℃.

The climate in Chengdu has two obvious characteristics: cloudy consciousness and sunshine time; and humid air. Therefore, although the temperature is not high in summer, it appears sultry. In winter, the average temperature is above 5 ℃, but there are many cloudy days and the air is humid, which makes it cold. The rain water is concentrated in July and August. The two seasons of winter and spring are dry, with little rain and little ice and snow.

The best travel time is from March to June and from September to November every year.

About pre trip

It is necessary to keep optimistic mood in high altitude area of Chengdu, otherwise it will aggravate mountain reaction. It's not easy to do strenuous exercise. Slow down the pace of the form.

Chengdu has strong sunshine and large temperature difference between morning and evening. It is recommended that passengers take sun protection products, long sleeve trousers, sweater, jacket, etc. Due to the high altitude, you should take rain gear and commonly used medicine. When you drive here in winter, you should remember to take anti-skid chain, slow down the speed and put safety first.

About transportation

Chengdu airport bus is next to Minshan hotel. There are not many local taxis, so it is difficult to take a taxi. This should be noted. There should be plenty of time to go to the airport. Don't miss the plane.

Chengdu Nanmen bus station has long-distance buses to all scenic spots in the surrounding areas, including Jiuzhaigou, Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain, Leshan, Emei Mountain, etc.

About accommodation

It is recommended to stay in Wuhou District when you go to Chengdu. It is the center of Chengdu and the traffic is very convenient to many places.

About food

If you are not good at spicy food, remember to bring along Motilium and berberine. Berberine is used to curb the restlessness caused by eating too much spicy food, and domperidone is used to prevent gastric irritation caused by too much spicy food.

Many of Chengdu's good snacks are concentrated in the "fly restaurant". If you have time, you can search which one is more famous. If you just want to have a try, follow the crowd and the place with the most people is absolutely delicious.

When eating hot pot in Chengdu, the choice of ingredients is very particular. For meat dishes, duck blood, goose intestines, yellow throat and tripe are recommended, while mutton and beef are less recommended.

About folk custom

Chengdu is the gathering place of many ethnic minorities. Tourists should respect the customs of local ethnic minorities to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Travel about

Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan should not be arranged on the same day as far as possible. If it is necessary to do so, we must get up early and have enough mental disorder. Although July and August are the hottest, Qingcheng Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain, jiulonggou, Jiufeng Mountain, Tiantai Mountain and Longchi forest park near Chengdu are the most ideal summer resorts.