Time and reason of Ding Zhen popularity

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Ding zhenhuo, a 20-year-old Tibetan Boy from Ganzi, Sichuan Province, was caught up in a short video of less than 10 seconds. The uploader of the video and the photographer "BOGO" who shot Ding Zhen also attracted netizens' attention. Talking about his first impression of Ding Zhen, "BOGO" told Nandu reporter that Ding Zhen was a shy child, not a typical Kangba man's appearance. On the rumor that "Ding Zhen was pulled to take photos on the way to buy instant noodles" which was hotly discussed on the Internet, "BOGO" said that Ding Zhen was not the main shooting object. On that day, he happened to meet Ding Zhen, who came to eat at his uncle Ding Zhen's house. "I see and feel After the popular he did not expect, "he is also a shot and red."

On the first impression: "Ding Zhen is a shy child"

In the video that initially attracted the attention of netizens, Ding Zhen, dressed in Tibetan clothes, with a handsome face and unique skin color of Gao Yuanhong, came to the camera in the sun, and finally showed a shy smile. It was "BOGO" for the third time in more than three months to go to Litang County where Ding Zhen is, and the first time to see Ding Zhen. "The first impression of him is that Ding Zhen is a shy child." BOGO told Nandu.

Ding Zhen's popular short video was made by "BOGO" with 4 seconds of original material editing music, which is one of three pieces of material. On November 11, "BOGO" uploaded the finished video to the short video platform, with the text "many young women fans asked me to take more pictures of NIMA (Ding Zhen's younger brother). NIMA didn't meet him and met his brother Ding Zhen" overnight Tibetan guys from Ganzi, Sichuan Province are "popular" on the Internet. As of November 30, the short video has received 2.753 million likes and 136000 forwards.

Ding Zhen's "popularity" also let "BOGO" never thought of it. Some people also said that he was Ding Zhen's bole. In this regard, "BOGO" told Nandu reporter, "Bole doesn't dare to be called bole, but it's just an attempt." "when the audience finds out the content of the work, the photographer may not find it." "the first time he shot, he was a hit."

In the local micro blog interview, the topic of "local employees who want to sign a contract for more than 3500 yuan" has become the most popular topic in the local microblog. On November 25, the promotional film "Ding Zhen's world" shot by Ding Zhen for his hometown was launched, and the screen effect was obtained. A series of experiences made Ding Zhen emerge from the short video platform and become a "phenomenal" figure.

"He has a good smile presented to the world, which is his value, should be a coincidence." "BOGO" said that Ding Zhen's popularity surprised him. Later, he wanted to understand a truth. Ding Zhen's characteristics are the type of people like, "he is in line with the aesthetic of this era.".

To clarify the rumor that Ding Zhen was arrested to take photos when he went to buy instant noodles

With Ding Zhen's popularity, his wonderful encounter with the photographer has also been added a trace of mystery. Some netizens said that "Ding Zhen was pulled to take photos on the way to buy instant noodles". In this regard, "BOGO" told reporters in Nandu that the story of buying instant noodles was made up. On that day, he happened to meet Ding Zhen, who came to eat at Uncle Ding Zhen's house.

"It happened that I didn't have a film that day. I said wash my face. Let's go and take one. After dinner, I went out to take pictures, and took three pictures in the sun." "BOGO" told reporters in Nandu that he was not a professional photographer, and the equipment for taking pictures was a mobile phone, "I would take a picture if I saw anything that felt like it."

"BOGO" has uploaded many photo works of characters on the video platform. Besides Ding Zhen, there are also Ding Zhen's uncle and Ding Zhen's younger brother. Many of them are smiling scenes. "BOGO" said that smile is a high-level expression, and plans to hold a smile themed exhibition in the future.

After Ding Zhen was paid attention to, "BOGO" was attacked by netizens for pulling Ding Zhen into the live broadcasting room and making some improper expressions. On the evening of November 30, "BOGO" responded to the incident in the live broadcast, "to tell the truth, I feel very miserable when I am attacked, there are hundreds of private letters cursing every day", "hundreds of millions of people watch, millions of people like it, hundreds of thousands of people like it, and one or two thousand people like it Scold me once, also quite normal, very good, explained the network is normal. ". "BOGO" said.