Tie Muer Buhua

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Tie Muer Buhua

Tie Muer Buhua (1286 - 1368). Yuan will be the first to stay. Rate troops to go Xiangyang He won the battle with song, fan and Wen Hu in the Shigi shoal beach. Later from Bo Yan Song, in Yang Luo Bao defeated the Song Xia GUI. Along the river east and below, take Jian Kang, Pingjiang, Ling'an and other places, and then enter Fujian and Guangdong. After song, Zhang Shijie won thousands of people on Xiangshan island. Due to his merits, he is a middle school official. In the two years of the Yuan Dynasty (1334), the king of Huai was appointed.

Paul Mauriat's History

In the seven year (1236) of Taizong, the father of TAM wood did not spend his life in Mongolia. He was also led by the Chief Marshal tahai Hai Po into Sichuan. He was also able to take part in Mongolia, Ming, and Xiao Ma Lai and the Gunners' army, and captured all the Xing yuan, Li Zhou, Jian Zhou and Chengdu counties. In the two years (1261), he gave him the tiger Fu, and gave the commander of the Xichuan cheap. Soon he was promoted to the Privy Council, and the troops were sent to settle the Xichuan County, but did not capture the county. In six yuan (1264), he was transferred to the army such as Yi Du and so on, and died in the army. It was not in the early years of the middle unification that he went to the lodge. He gave the tiger Fu to Yuan seven years (1270), and took the Ma Ge as the WAN Shui family of the Zilai water army. He went to Xiangyang in the same place, and defeated Fan Wenhu in the shigatai Beach, killing more than 40 people, and seized his battleship and pursued it to Yun Sheng Zhou. The province has reported its merits, giving platinum fifty-two, clothes and a saddle. In the nine year, all the new troops of Yi Du were granted. In the eleven year, he changed to the new army of Yi Du and Zi Lai. With the prime minister, Yan Yan Song, he defeated Xia Guijun in Yangluo fort. When the great army crossed the river, he did not spend most of his work and gave him five hundred and twenty platinum. Continue to conquer Ezhou, Huangzhou, Qi Zhou, Jiang Zhou, Jian Kang, Changzhou, Xiu Zhou and Hangzhou with the army. Later, he settled down the counties of Shaoxing, Wenzhou, Taizhou and Fujian with the knowledge of politics and arrahan, and gave the Taizhou road to the Governor General's office, to be transferred to Guangdong. Until sixteen yuan, marshal Canada. Zhang Shijie will be pursued in Xiangshan island. Shijie died in the country and thousands of people descended to Yuan Dynasty. The remnants of the Song Dynasty in Guangdong and other counties were all settled down. He was named Zhong Shu Zuo Cheng, responsible for Jiangxi administration. In the twenty-five year, he took office in Sichuan and took part in the political affairs and Premier's military affairs.

Historical records

"Yuan history" said: "don't spend flowers, the grandson of the sun, the town of South King Huan Huan fourth sons. In the early days, the ninth sons of the world lost their joy in order to make Annan unsuccessful. He was never allowed to see him for life. He then sealed the town of Nan Wang and went out of town Yangzhou. Huan Huan, the son of Lao Zhang. Old Zhang and his brother did not take the South King. If he does not spend his life, he will not spend his life. In the early days of Wen Zong's calendar, he gave him fifty-two gold, fifty-two platinum and thirty coins. In the two year, Polo did not last long. Polo does not flower The imperial court did not live with its permission, but also changed the Xuan Wang Wang, bestowed the gold seal and moved it to Luzhou. In the first year of Shun emperor to yuan, one hundred Luzhou and Rao pastures were granted. In the two year, four thousand yuan of money was given to the city house.

In the five year, Boyan was good at power. Wide penetration to Liberation In fact, the two kings were innocent, and the decree was restored to the town. In the first twelve years, the thief in Luzhou, and Huai Xi Lian's visit, made Chen Siqian speak in Tam Mu's flower, saying, "if the king wears the imperial household's arms, the town will help the Huai Dian, how should we sit and watch?" And the government officials and the cowardly Xue Dan people are quite numerous. There must be those who can destroy the enemy, but Wang Tuzhi. Don't spend all his words, saying, "this is my responsibility." With the help of the troops and kings and other towers, they beat the thieves and captured the canals. Emperor Wen, giving gold belt, silver coin, in order to appreciate its merit. In the sixteen year, the life of Mu Mu did not spend much money with the broad masses to suppress Huai Qing Road, giving gold and silver each ingot, coins, silk and nine coins and twenty notes. When the Ru and Yingkou Kou Nan Huai and Tun Mu did not pay the price again, they were turned down by the Shutu Tun army. And Luzhou do not observe, but to return to the north and stay in Beijing. In the twenty-seven year, the king of Huai was given the gold seal, and Wang Fu and other officials were given. In the twenty-eight year, Daming soldiers forced the capital to run north. Qing boy Chung Shu left the prime minister. The city of Russia is broken, and the death of Tyme is eighty-three.

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