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Tibetan Boy Ding is really popular: my family is really in Sichuan, and I'm trying to learn Chinese characters

Who is Ding Zhen? He is a Tibetan Boy, 20 years old. On November 25, a tourism propaganda film "Ding Zhen's world" made him popular all over the country. Netizens once thought that his hometown was in Tibet, and the photographer could not help but clarify that Ding Zhen was from Litang County, Ganzi, Sichuan Province.

After that, the Internet topic exploded again, and many government media across the country also invited Ding Zhen to travel. Sichuan media also responded: "go home when you have enough."

Late in the night of November 27, Ding Zhen's official microblog sent out a photo. Ding Zhen was holding a panda doll and holding a picture in red paper and brush: "my home is really in Sichuan. You don't want to have p again. Thank you, Ding Zhen." Ding Zhen said that we should not be p any more, once again on the hot search list. Picture of this article @ Ding Zhen, Litang

Ding Zhen said that we should not be p any more, once again on the hot search list. Picture of this article @ Ding Zhen, Litang

Accidental popularity: the photographer photographed his younger brother and sent it to the Internet to quickly become popular

On November 25, in the tourism video of "Ding Zhen in Sichuan", a Kangba teenager, Ding Zhen, rode on the grassland or under the snow mountain with white teeth. He was free, innocent and handsome, and captured the favor of a large number of netizens.

In fact, before this, Ding Zhen has been popular on the video social platform. Ding Zhen's current company leader introduced that a photographer was going to take pictures of Ding Zhen's younger brother. Ding Zhen accidentally entered the camera. He walked to the camera freely, and his innocent smile was caught. After being sent to the video social platform, he became popular overnight, with a broadcast volume of 2 million.

Reporters search found that this video was sent out around November 11. On November 12, his micro blog quickly became a hot topic, "how handsome the Tibetan Kangba man is" also quickly became a hot topic. A 7-second small video quickly exceeded 12 million.

Find a job: enter the state-owned enterprise a month salary 3500 yuan, the company rated him honest and willing to do

On November 21, the micro blog "Litang Dingzhen" certified as "Ding Zhen" sent a micro blog: "I am Ding Zhen, the first micro blog of Ding Zhen." This comment of 56000 and praise of 1.55 million microblog indicates that Ding Zhen has found a job. Ding Zhen's entry license.

Ding Zhen's entry license.

On November 28, the reporter learned from Litang County Culture, tourism and sports investment and Development Co., Ltd. of Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan province that they did sign a contract with Ding Zhen on the same day. "Like ordinary employees, he also has five insurances and one fund." Du Dong, the manager of the company, introduces that Ding Zhen's business income is not shared by them. After the cost is removed, it belongs to Ding Zhen.

"After Ding Zhen became popular, we wanted to protect him." Du Dong said that after reporting to the relevant departments, Ding Zhen was born in Litang. When he became popular, he should take some social responsibility and help promote Litang. "He received him from the countryside to the county, and then signed a contract with the company. It took about a week to shoot the propaganda film."

In Du Dong's impression, Ding Zhen is an honest and willing to work employee. His position in the company is the image spokesman of Litang. He usually works as a commentator in the cangyang Gyatso hall and is engaged in some management work. "I've been busy before. I'll give him a day off today. I hope the media won't disturb him."

Plan for the future: we are working hard to learn Chinese characters, and we will announce the progress in the future

On November 25, after the launch of the promotional film "Ding Zhen in Sichuan", online topics became hot. The official microblogs of Tibet Daily and Sichuan Daily started the online interaction between you and me. Tibet Daily printed "welcome to Tibet", Sichuan Daily responded "go home when you're done", and Tibet daily immediately replied "come back when you're tired".

Ding Zhen's fire, also really shouldered the "tourism image ambassador". On November 26, the promotion meeting of Litang reasons was held in Chengdu. Ding Zhen came to the scene. Although he only appeared for 27 seconds and said "welcome to Litang", it still became the focus of media attention.

Du Dong revealed that after the release of Litang tourism promotional film on November 25, Ding Zhen went on hot search again. On November 26, the tourism promotion meeting was about to be held. The organizing committee made a decision to replace the cover of the travel brochure and use the half length photo of Ding Zhen as the new cover.

On the Internet, Ding Zhen was misunderstood that his hometown was in Tibet. Du dong thought that it was very funny. "We immediately posted a post to clarify it. Now we all know that he is from Sichuan and Litang." "Home in Sichuan" written by Ding Zhen.

"Home in Sichuan" written by Ding Zhen.

Du Dong said that at about 12:00 p.m. on November 27, they posted Ding Zhen's "home in Sichuan" with a brush on their microblog, which aroused attention. At 11:13 pm on the 27th, they released a group photo of Ding Zhen holding a panda doll and holding a red paper brush. "It's ready in the afternoon. It's only in the evening that I can release it."

Du Dong said that Ding Zhen wrote all the brush characters on Weibo, and he is also practicing writing Chinese characters. "He has read books before, some pinyin can, but now Chinese is not very good."

Du Dong said that the company has also arranged some learning plans for Ding Zhen, and the progress of his study will be announced later.