Tiantai Hot Spring Resort

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Tiantai Hot Spring Resort

Tiantai Hot Spring Resort is located in Jimo Hot Spring Town. It has 27 holes of international championship grade Mountain Golf course. It is a large high-end rural resort centre integrating food, business activities, golf training, hot spring bathing, sea bathing, skiing (winter), astronomical observation and other leisure and entertainment. Coastal Avenue is directly accessible, only 30 minutes'drive from Qingdao downtown area.

variety of dishes

Tiantai Hot Spring Resort is located near the mountains and the sea, with beautiful environment and perfect facilities. It combines Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean cuisine, crabs, clams, Laoshan fairy peaches, farm local dishes, mountain delicacies and seafood, and can undertake large, medium and small banquets; Western-style dinner hosted by the famous master of the island city, accompanied by red wine and cigars treasured by the Spanish Royal Collection. After the big meal, you can go to the hot spring bathing center in the clubhouse to experience pure sea water hot spring physiotherapy.

Entertainment facilities

Tiantai Hot Spring Golf Course invites senior golf course designers to take the lead in the design and construction. It has typical mountain course characteristics and is a 27-hole 108-bar international standard golf course. Through the full integration of natural obstacles such as natural hills, ravines, mountains and lakes and modern golf course design concept, the whole course is built on mountains, natural and magnificent.

According to the international five-star standard design and construction of the Resort Hotel - LOHAS (Le Huo) hotel, with standard rooms and luxury suites, each room also has a special and style Tatami tea. The Tiantai Observatory, a landmark of the resort, is a branch station of the Zijin Mountain Observatory. It has a professional MEADE astronomical telescope.

Site Address

Address: Jimo Hot Spring Town

Ticket description: free tickets, Golf free hot springs, single hot springs 108 yuan / person. Skiing costs 120 yuan per hour (including snowwear and school uniforms) and coaches charge 100 yuan per hour.

Mongolian yurts can be accommodated in the ski resort, but the conditions are poor. You can choose hotel accommodation near the ski resort. The fee is generally around 200 yuan, which can provide hot spring bathing with local characteristics.

bus line

Traffic: Take the bus from Qingdao to Jimo City Bus Station to Toyota City or Tianheng and get off through Hot Spring Town.

Self-driving tourists can go straight along Binhai Avenue, only 30 minutes'drive from downtown Qingdao.