Tianma Island Tourist Area

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Tianma Island Tourist Area

Shandong Tianma Island Tourist Area is composed of Ma Qi Mountain and Tianhu Lake. It is located 16 kilometers northeast of Junnan County Town, Linyi City. The Tourist Area covers 46 square kilometers, of which Tianma Lake covers an area of 20 square kilometers. The main peak is 662.2 meters above sea level. It is the crown of the mountains in southeastern Shandong. The natural lakes formed by nature are closely encircled from three sides. The lake water is clear and pure. It highlights the poetry rhyme of the south of the Yangtze River which is "seen in the suspicious paintings and listened to in the piano with water and mountains, and the climate is pleasant."


The tourist area consists of Jinding Tourist Area, Lion Peak Tourist Area, Hot Spring Tourist Area, Health Club, High-grade Hotel Area, Villa Resort Area on the North Bank, Tianma Island Holiday Hotel on the West Bank, Sacred Water Wharf, and Tianhu Upstream Paradise, Water Paradise and Survival Challenge Area on the South Bank. It is a tourist resort that integrates natural ecology, humanistic landscape, vacation and leisure, recreation and sports, conference and discussion, and expanding the limit.

Under the sculpture of natural ghosts and axes, Tianma Island resembles numerous odd stones in various forms, such as picturesque poems and turtle hill with "the first tortoise in China". It is 2999.9 meters long and 599.9 meters tall. It is the landmark landscape of Tianma Island. The soul of Yunshan Mountain, the glory of moistening sun and moon, the beauty of nature in the primitive simplicity, strange in both form and spirit, rough and exquisite, masculine and feminine, simple and exquisite, is the so-called "100,000 mega-stones from heaven and outer space", a peak is sitting on the ground and wandering, a stone is fantastic! There is harmony between heaven and earth.

There are hundreds of natural waterfalls on the island. Especially in summer, there is plenty of water. The magnificent scenery of "flying down 3,000 feet, suspected to be the nine days of the Milky Way" makes tourists and friends all sigh with emotion.

The Manlu Temple, a thousand-year-old Temple rebuilt on the island, was a great temple established in the Han Dynasty. It was once as famous as the Manlu Temple in Zhenjiang, known as the South-North Manlu Temple. Several times they were destroyed by the war, and today they are shown to the world again. Six meters tall, sitting in the lotus seat, the serene "Holy Water Avalokitesvara" rises from the water with quiet and peaceful Buddhist music, and tourists vie for worship.

There are also traces of heroes left on the island. Yang Miaozhen, the anti-Jin hero of the Southern Song Dynasty, took 100,000 elite soldiers to perform an anti-Jin movement of "Never let your brows be shamed". Up to now, Yang Miaozhen still has his own cliff stone carvings on the mountain: "Four Ladies of the Ninth Year of Jiading, this mountain village" with 11 characters, which have gone through more than a thousand years of vicissitudes, is clearly listed in the history of national protection cultural relics.

There are all kinds of transportation and recreational facilities in the tourist area. Now there are 350 passenger steel boats, 10 70 passenger yachts, 1 20 passenger houseboat, 10 12 passenger yachts and 10 leisure motorboats, which make it the largest inland river recreational and recreational tourist area in Jiangbei. There are more than 800 meters of round-trip ropeway and 198 meters of crane running between the valleys and deep valleys in the tourist area, which can not only save the fatigue of climbing, but also enjoy the magnificent scenery of Tianma Island. In addition, the tourist area is equipped with sightseeing cars to travel around the lake, enabling tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the whole lake.

Tianma Island, with its grand momentum, magnificent Mount Tai, precipitous and beautiful mountains, has always been a scenic spot for sightseeing. There are four strange and four strange theories.

Four wonders: reeds grow on horseshoe stones, silver fish swim in Tianchi, Golden Toad green back, red belly, black soil at the top of the mountain.

Four strange things: Tianma square like Tiantai, the top of the mountain is lower than Shanbang, 100,000 mega-stones from outside the sky, Shandandan in northern Shaanxi is everywhere.

New open entertainment projects in the tourist area in 2009 include 1000 meters of "open-air rafting", "rock climbing limit", "three-star flying spin", "gliding wing", "elf kingdom", "children's paradise", "water paradise" and so on. They are thrilling and exciting with endless aftertaste.

Based on the historical story of Yang Miaozhen, the heroine of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Tianma Zhongsoul, a large-scale horse battle project, was launched in the Tianma Island Tourist Area in Shandong Province. The performance of the project is divided into three parts: Yang Miaozhen's resistance to gold, the invitation of relatives by military competition and the invitation of officials. The actors through Weiya stunt performances, trapping horse pits and so on, truly deduced the heroine in the atmosphere of long trumpet, drums and other sound effects. The story of Yang Miaozhen and his husband, Jun Li Quan, jointly resisting the Jin Dynasty, vividly reproduces the patriotic feelings of Yang Miaozhen, the heroine of resisting the Jin Dynasty in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the affection of her children.

Based on the beautiful natural environment and its own advantages, Shandong Tianma Island Tourist Area has established an international development base of Tianma Island, which integrates entertainment, fitness, education, vacation and leisure. Base project is complete, with high-altitude broken bridge, high-altitude grab bar, giant ladder, angel's hand, rock climbing, high-altitude dependence, resultant bridge, aerial sliding rope, balanced crossing, cliff drop, Myanmar bridge, single-wooden bridge, brave climbing peak, soft ladder climbing, cliff cliff cliff cliff cliff cliff cliff cliff, climbing rope net, Tiannu Sanhua, column climbing, direct hitting target, crossing, rope net transition, fall platform, survival wall and so on. More than 10 comprehensive training facilities and hundreds of training projects.

Mountains are beautiful because of water, and water is charming because of mountains. A handsome and wonderful mountain and magnificent blue water of a lake endow Tianma Island with unique charm and attract guests from all over the world.


On July 30, 2010, at a press conference on the naming right of China's first Red Games held in Linyi City, Shandong Province, the Organizing Committee announced that the first Red Games will be held in Tianma Island tourist area of Junan County, an old revolutionary area, and will be a permanent venue for the Red Games.

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