Tianjin Italian Style Area

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Tianjin Italian Style Area

Tianjin Italian Style Area is located in Hebei District of Tianjin City. It is a quadrangular area surrounded by Wujing Road, Boai Road, Shengli Road and Jianguo Road in Hebei District. There are nearly 200 European buildings preserved in the area.

The Italian Style Area includes the Progressive Road in Hebei, the National Road in Hebei, the Democratic Road in Hebei, the Minsheng Road in Hebei, the Freedom Road in Hebei, the Guangfu Road in Hebei and the Guangming Road in Hebei. It is the largest Italian Style Architecture Group outside Italy. It includes Liang Qichao, Cao Yu, Zhang Tingjiao, Cao Rong, Yuan Shikai, Qi Yaoshan, Zhang Xueming, Zeng Guofan Family and Feng Guofang. Zhangzhang, Li Shutong, Tang Yulin, Lu Heyi, Tang Yulin, Lu Heyi, Wang Zhuran, Liu Jiegong, Check, Baoguiqing, Huashikui, Yi Zhaoyun, Li Tingyu, Li Tingyu, Zhang Mingqi, Li Wentian, Li Wentian, Zhang Zongxiang, Sun Liangcheng, Ni Chong, Duan Zhigui, Wang Yimin, Wang Zhilong, Wang Yolong, Huangpi, Cao, Cao, Lu Muzhai, Zheng chanting Xian, Zheng chanting, Zheng Chan Chan Xian, Li Yuanhong, Li Yuanhong, Li Yuanhong, Wenzhong, Wenzhong, Wenzhong, Yang Wenzhong, Yang Wenzhong, Yang WenLv Tiaoyuan, Jin Yunpeng, Gong Xinzhan, etc. Located in the former residence of Chinese celebrities.

Tianjin Italian Style Area, formerly the only Italian concession outside the country, is a tourist attraction with Italian Style in Hebei District of Tianjin, and the only large-scale building complex with Italian Style in Asia. During its promotion as a commercial real estate project, it is called New Italian Street, Italian Style Area or Haihe Style Style Area. In 2011, according to the announcement of "Tianjin Yigong Garden Historic and Cultural Block Conservation Plan" compiled by Tianjin Planning Bureau, it was officially named Yigong Garden Historic and Cultural Block.

Historical origin

On June 7, 1902, Tang Shaoyi of Tianjin Customs Road signed the Tianjin Italian Concession Charter Contract with New Italian Ambassador to China Zarina, delimiting the scope of Tianjin Italian Concession. Located between the Tianjin Olympic Concession and the Tianjin Russian Concession, it faces the Haihe River in the South and the Jinshan Railway in the north. It is across the river from the Tianjin French Concession and the Tianjin Japanese Concession with an area of 771 mu.

In 1902, after careful investigation and planning, Captain Fellowtier, Italy's first consul in Tianjin, used the waste from the Haihe River to pad the marshlands, build drainage systems, build Italian-style garden houses and improve relevant service facilities, including clubs, Italian gardens, vegetable markets and police stations.

In 1946, the Tianjin Concession was reclaimed by the Government of the Republic of China.

In 1949, after liberation, the former residence of celebrities was taken as government office or distributed to state-owned enterprises and ordinary residents.

Environmental layout

Tianjin Italian Style Area is located in Hebei District of Tianjin City. It was originally an Italian Concession. It started from the Five-Way East, Shengli Road West, Boai Road South and Jianguo Road North. Close to Tianjin Station and Haihe River, and across the river from Ancient Culture Street, Heping Road Commercial Street, Tianjin Global Financial Center and Tianjin Financial City. In addition, there are many high-end residential buildings and hotels around Tianjin Italian Style Area, such as: Jinmen, Junlin World, Henglong Square, Jinta Apartment, Ren Henghai River Square, Haihe Avenue, Hilton Hotel, St. Regis Hotel, etc.

Tianjin Italian Style Area is currently planned to be divided into 14 districts: 3, 4, 11 and 13 districts for catering and entertainment, 1, 2 and 12 districts for exhibition and supporting services, 5 and 6 districts for boutique hotels and tourism supporting services, and 14 districts for boutique department stores and brand flagship stores. Seven districts, eight districts, nine districts and ten districts are still under planning.

Climatic characteristics

Tianjin is located on the east coast of the Eurasian continent in the middle latitude. It is dominated by the monsoon circulation. It is the area where the East Asian monsoon prevails and has a continental climate. The main climatic characteristics are: distinct seasons, windy spring, drought and little rain; hot summer, concentrated rainwater; cool autumn, moderate cold and warm; cold winter, dry and little snow. The average annual temperature in Tianjin is 11.4~12.9 degree C, and the highest is 12.9 degree C in the urban area.

January is the coldest, the average temperature is - 3 - 5 degree C; July is the hottest, the average temperature is 26 - 27 degree C. Tianjin monsoon is prevalent. Winter and spring are the fastest, while summer and autumn are the smallest.

The average annual wind speed is 2-4 m/s, mostly southwest wind. The average frost-free period in Tianjin is 196-246 days, the longest frost-free period is 267 days, and the shortest frost-free period is 171 days.

Among the four seasons, winter is the longest, 156-167 days; summer is the second, 87-103 days; spring is 56-61 days; autumn is the shortest, only 50-56 days. The average annual precipitation in Tianjin is 520-660 mm, and the precipitation days are 63-70 days.

In regional distribution, mountainous areas are more than plains, and coastal areas are more than inland areas. In terms of seasonal distribution, the precipitation in June, July and August accounted for about 75% of the whole year. Tianjin has a long sunshine time, with annual sunshine hours ranging from 2500 to 2900 hours.

Main attractions

Marco Polo Square

Marco Polo Square is located in the Italian Style Street in Tianjin. In the name of Marco Polo, which is closely related to the history of China and Italy, the concession center square is named "Marco Polo" Square. This name has been retained until now, while the names of other streets with foreign flavor have been changed to their own names. The owner of this land is Chinese. The roofs of villas around the square are mostly Italian corner pavilions, which are different from garden pavilions and square pavilions. They are divided into cylinders and square columns. They are decorated with circular arch, flat arch, pointed arch, multi-arch and vertical column respectively. These corner pavilions are scattered high and low, forming a beautiful architectural space, which is the only authentic Mediterranean architectural complex in Asia.

Ball Club

The Return Ball Club is located not far from Marco Polo Square, where there is a very magnificent tower building, which is the largest casino in Tianjin, in the name of sport and competition. The foreigners call it "Return Ball Club" and the Chinese call it "destroy the stove", because millions of people here lose their money because of gambling.

Italian Barracks

There were nine countries in Tianjin with concessions and garrisons. The heart of the Qing Empire was under the surveillance of others. There was no reason for its subjugation. Italian barracks are the best preserved foreign barracks in Tianjin. The first floor of the building is a public facility with dormitories for soldiers. At that time, there were 999 officers and soldiers in Italy. Later, they were regarded as barracks by Japanese, American and Kuomintang troops

Special snacks

Ear-eye Fried Cake

Ear and Eye Fried Cake is one of the three best in Tianjin. It is a Muslim food and a famous snack in China. The skin made of glutinous rice is stuffed with red beans and sugar, rolled into a flat ball, fried into golden yellow, yellow, soft, tendon, fragrant, suitable for friends who like sweet food.


Laobao 3 is a very popular dish in Tianjin. It is also known as the four most popular dishes together with fish-flavored pork shreds, Gongbao chicken and Mushu meat. The three main ingredients of authentic old explosion include liver, kidney and meat slices. The main ingredients are sizing with wet starch, slipping into the oil pan and fishing out, and then drying with onion and garlic powder.

Scenic Spot Characteristics

Architectural features

In the middle of the intersection of democracy Road and freedom road in Italian style area, a statue of Dante Arichili, a pioneer figure in memory of Italian poet, founder of modern Italian language and representative figure of European Renaissance era, was officially completed in Dante Square in Italian style area. The typical European Renaissance-style Chinese and white jade statues add a strong cultural atmosphere to the Italian style area.

Venue features

Tianjin Museum of Antique Bicycles was built in Italian Style Area. Bicycles in the museum are bicycle collectors from Tianjin, including more than 30 antique bicycles made in England, Fengtou brand, Hamburg brand, Antelope brand made in Netherlands and Bianchi brand made in Italy. Antique bicycles from all over the world have been well preserved after a long baptism. Although they are only exhibited in museums for tourists, almost every bicycle can ride on the road.

According to reports, a 1953 26 women's bicycle is particularly attractive in the bicycle museum. The Hamburg brand bicycle was crowned by the Queen when she came to the throne. It is of great historical significance.

The museum is regularly open to the public to let more people know about the history and culture of bicycles.


Award presentation time, honorary title, awarding unit

2011 Working Committee of Commercial Street with Chinese Characteristics

Traffic Information


1. Take 8, 634, 635, 638, 639, 645, 663, 672 and wait for the Italian Style Station.

2. Take No. 901 and No. 5 until Bei'anqiao Station.

3. Take No. 17 to Central Plaza Station.