Tianhetan Scenic Area

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Tianhetan Scenic Area

Tianhetan is located in Shibanzhen, Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It is a scenic spot with typical karst natural scenery as the main part and historical celebrities and hermits culture as the supplement. It is 24 kilometers away from the center of Guiyang City and 13 kilometers away from Huaxi City, with a total area of 15 square kilometers.


The scenic spot has the features of meandering valleys and steep gullies. It integrates mountains, rivers, caves, pools, waterfalls, natural bridges, canyons and hermits. There are caves in the mountains, water in the caves, holes in the air, empty mountains hear the sound of water, Bitan Yanfei Waterfall, vertically and horizontally dense, different shapes. It has the laudatory name of Guizhou landscape concentration bonsai, and is praised as "unique in central Guizhou" by Gumu.

After upgrading and renovation, Tianhetan now has tourist service center, Sun Square, Guiyang Story Street, waterfront leisure area, colorful flowers, outdoor wedding lawn and other areas, and supporting cultural entertainment, catering shopping, leisure vacation, business meetings, folk experience, outdoor wedding and other diversified services. The newly created Shuixiu Landscape combines modern scientific and technological elements with water culture to present the beautiful scenery of "one scene in the daytime and one show in the evening".

Historical evolution

The scenic spot, formerly known as Tianshengqiao, is named after Ludi River flowing through an underground lake to form a deep pool of shafts and through the Tianshengshiqiao outflow. In early 1990, Huaxi District Committee and District People's Government decided to develop Tianhetan as a scenic tourist area. After more than two years of development and construction, it was officially opened to the outside world on March 8, 1992. The scenic area covers an area of 15 square kilometers. It is a typical thin-bedded carbonate exposed block with frequent crepe, staggered faults, obvious joint development and karstification. Therefore, the river valley turns and gullies are vertical and horizontal. The whole scenic area is divided into four major tourist systems: waterfall viewing of calcified beach, water culture of Xiangdigou, water tunnel cruise boat and dry cave tour.

Since the opening of Tianhetan Scenic Area, more than 1.7 million Chinese and foreign tourists have been received in the past ten years. Central leaders Tian Jiyun, Zou Jiahua, Gumu, Jiang Chunyun, Wanguquan, Qin Jiwei, etc. have visited Tianhetan for sightseeing, as well as Zhang Ting, Xie Xiaosi and other well-known personages who have visited Tianhetan and left behind many ink treasures. Wu Zhongbo, a famous poet, was the first to discover and praise Tianhetan. He left behind eight scenery poems of Tianhetan. Now he has compiled and printed books such as "Celebrities Praise Tianhetan", "Dongqiao Tiansheng - Tianhetan" and "Wu Zhongbo's Poems Extract and Detailed Explanation". In particular, Gumu inscribed "Qianzhong unique" highly praised the beautiful scenery of Tianhetan.

Tianhetan Scenic Spot, with its beautiful mountains and rivers and pleasant climate since ancient times, was once a hermit of Wuzhong Tuo in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, and left many poems of praise. However, due to the flood problem, it has not been well developed and utilized. "Most afraid of Oolong blowing conch, floods filled with wooden fish shells; cattle and horses rush into the Yintan River, dogs cry and wolves howl ghosts on the slope." The ballad seems to be fading away, but as a villager near Tianhetan, it still has lingering fear. It is a true portrayal of Tianhetan before the water conservancy reform in 1990.

Since 1990, the Huaxi People's Government has established a headquarters of Tianhetan Development Project, vigorously planting trees and afforestation, opening underground river channels, and solving flood problems.

After more than two years of development and construction, it was officially opened to the outside world on March 8, 1992. Tianhetan has become a good place for everyone to travel since then.

On November 28, 2008, Tianhetan Scenic Spot passed the AAAAAA level assessment and formally entered the ranks of national AAAA level tourist areas.

Scenic spot information

Ticket information

Pass for scenic spots: 80 yuan per person per time (including scenic spots: landscape waterfalls, pastoral scenery, water-soluble caves, drought caves)

Tickets for scenic spots: 10 yuan per person per time (including scenic spots: scenic landscapes, waterfalls, idyllic scenery)

Tickets for scenic spots: 43 yuan per person per time (including scenic spots: water caves, drought caves)

Other travel service charges:

Price of Battery Cars in Scenic Spots: 30 yuan per person per round trip

High-altitude gliding rope: 80 yuan per person per time

Price Supervision and Inspection Telephone: 12358

Preferential and Exemptive Targets and Standards of Ticket Prices in Scenic Spots

1. Students can enjoy 6% discount on scenic spot pass with their student ID card, that is 30 yuan per person per time. No matter what season it is. Postgraduates and above do not enjoy this offer.

2. Children less than 1.2 metres in height will enjoy free pass in scenic spots.

3. Minors under 14 years of age (including) will enjoy free admission to scenic spots with valid certificates.

4. Minors with a height of 1.2 m (including) - 1.4 m (including) enjoy a 6% discount on scenic spot tickets, i.e. 30 yuan per person per time, regardless of the peak season.

5. Minors over 1.4 meters in height need to buy scenic spot pass and carry out the low-peak season fare.

6. Older people aged 60 and above enjoy free admission tickets to scenic spots with their valid certificates.

7. Holding military disability certificates, press cards (issued by the State Administration of Press and Publication or the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television), qualifications of managers in the tourism industry (issued by the State Tourism Administration), tour guides'cards and tour guides' cards (with travel agencies'itineraries) enjoy the full discount of scenic spot passes.

8. Disability certificate, officer certificate and soldier certificate are all exempted from discount.

9. All coupon ticket formalities are handled at the No. 3 coupon window of the scenic spot, but not at the No. 1 or No. 2 ticket window.

Tourism Transportation

Traffic Information Public Transportation

1. Guiyang Huaguo Garden Wetland Park No. 211 bus, fare: 2 yuan per person. The departure time is from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., every 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

2. The minibus of Huaxi Special Line: The gate of Huaxi Park Court starts at the gate of the scenic spot. The fare is 6 yuan per person, every 20 minutes, 40 minutes.

Self-driving parade route

1. Guiyang City Tianhetan: Jiaxiu South Road - Guian Avenue - Tianhetan, driving time is about 20 minutes, the distance is about 20 kilometers;

2. Guanshan Lake Area Tianhetan: Guanshan Lake Area Shangmai Toll Station Shiban Sentry Station Tianhetan, driving time is about 35 minutes, the distance is about 30 kilometers;

3. Huaxi self-driving Tianhetan: Jiaxiu South Road - University City - Dangwu Toll Station - Tianhetan Toll Station - Tianhetan, driving time is about 30 minutes, 25 kilometers;

4. Huaxi Tianhetan: Jiaxiu South Road - University City - Qianzhong Avenue - Gaiyun Village - Tianhetan, driving time is about 25 minutes, the distance is 20 kilometers.


In order to protect the personal and property safety of tourists and friends and the degree of tour experience, tourists are invited to read the following clauses carefully before the tour:

1. Before entering the park, please pay attention to the travel tips of scenic spots.

2. After entering the park, please follow the designated tour route.

3. After entering the park, please keep your belongings by yourself.

4. After entering the park, please take good care of the elderly and children accompanying you.

5. After entering the park, please read the safety tips carefully and pay attention to the relevant matters.

6. After entering the park, please obey the command and dispatch of the managers of the scenic spots.

7. The scenic spot will not be liable for any disputes and consequences arising from the violation of the above-mentioned clauses and its own reasons.

Please give us your support and understanding.

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