Thrush valley ecological tourist area

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 Thrush valley ecological tourist area

Thrushcross Valley is a natural eco-tourism area, located in Yaoshan Town, Lushan County, Henan Province, and at the northern foot of Yaoshan Scenic Area. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction and a key scenic spot in Henan Province. Thrushcross Valley is famous for its numerous thrush birds. In the scenic spot, Qifeng, Weishi, Qingxi, Bitan, Youxia, Xiuwaterfall, stone cave, Lake surface, Yunhai, red leaves, mountain flowers, wild fruits, Chinese medicinal materials, rare birds and animals, and primitive forests constitute a complete tourism landscape system, known as the "pocket Three Gorges".

Thrushcross Valley, a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, has unique geographical advantages, rich agricultural tourism resources and beautiful natural landscape. It is known as "idyllic fairyland" and "landscape gallery".

Thrushcross Valley Ecotourism Area is located in Sidaohe Village, Yaoshan Town, western Lushan County, Henan Province, and at the northern foot of Yaoshan Scenic Area, with a total area of 30 square kilometers. The scenic spot is 60 kilometers away from Lushan County Town, 100 kilometers away from Pingdingshan City, 200 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Luohe and Xuchang, and 311 National Road runs through the scenic spot with superior location and convenient transportation. Construction of scenic spots began in November 2002, and tourists were formally received in April 2004. In December 2004, it was approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national AAA-level scenic spot and a key scenic spot in Henan Province. In 2011, it was promoted to a national AAAAA-level scenic spot.

Main attractions

Thrush Valley

Thrushcross Valley is named for the numerous thrush birds that inhabit and multiply here. In the scenic spot, Qifeng, Weishi, Qingxi, Bitan, Youxia, Xiuwaterfall, stone cave, Lake surface, Yunhai, red leaves, mountain flowers, wild fruits, Chinese herbal medicines, rare birds and animals, and primitive forests constitute a complete landscape system. There are more than 100 scenic spots with 95% vegetation coverage. In the scenic spot, there are the Panlong Valley with a series of bitan, smooth bedrock and singing of falling water; the azalea lake, which is known as the "pocket Three Gorges" because of its rippling green waves and beautiful mountains and rivers; the red stone gorge with a peculiar shape, steep mountains and deep rocks: "flying straight down three thousand feet, suspected to be the Hongshi Waterfall of the Milky Way in nine days", and the Six-fold Waterfall; the thousand mu azalea sea full of fire and fragrance of flowers; the ancient trees are towering in the sky and sheltered. A primeval forest covered with clouds.

There are also camel humps, cactus humps, Erdengya cliffs, Dongguang and Xiguang stone, tiger stone, cockscomb stone, scarab, stone monkey, stone man, patio, Yaowang cave, survival cave, Red Army cave, water curtain cave, silver cave and so on. In Thrushcross Valley, time and space are fresh, birds and flowers are everywhere, the mountains are picturesque, and the four seasons are different. In spring, mountains are green and green, flowers are blooming, azaleas are like fire, forming a sea of flowers; in midsummer, waterfalls hang high, flowing water is rippling, "Lingshan is beautiful, empty water is all wet", and the air is cool and pleasant; in autumn, mountains are full of red leaves, such as flowers, colourful, wild fruits are covered with branches, fragrant and attractive; in winter, silver is wrapped, ice waterfalls, ice rivers, snow. Ice and fog are carved with jade. They are exquisite and exquisite. They are also a beautiful scenery.

Yingbin Lake

Thrushcross Valley Yingbin Lake is the first artificial lake to enter the scenic area.

Thrushcross Valley Eco-Tourist Area is located on the South Bank of Muzaling River. Because of its high forest coverage, good vegetation, small and long mountains and long water flow, waterfalls and pools are connected, artificial lakes and lakes are connected, and blue waves ripple, forming a rare waterscape landscape.

In the season of plentiful water, the water flowed down from the dam and played the welcome song. Welcome all the guests from afar. For this reason, we call it Yingbin Lake.

Yuan Bao Tan

Yuanbaotan Yuanbaotan is the first scenic spot in Thrushcross Valley. Yuanbaotan is named for a stone resembling Yuanbao in its shape. The rock is formed by the erosion of fractured granite body by long-term downward shear of water. There is another moving legend about Yuanbaotan. Legend has it that the treasure robbers fled from the mountains and were designated by the town god to live in the pool. So far, Yuanbao is still in the pool, becoming a beautiful scenery of Thrushcross Valley tourism.

Rhododendron Lake

Rhododendron Lake is the largest lake in Thrushcross Valley. It is named "Rhododendron Lake" because of the numerous rhododendrons growing on both sides of the mountain.

Rhododendron Lake is the largest water storage project in the upper reaches of Shahe River. It has comprehensive functions of flood control, irrigation and water use for human and livestock. The design dam is 40 meters high and has a storage capacity of 10,000 cubic meters. Construction started in August 1973. Because of the long mountain and water route and lack of transportation and construction equipment, the cement used is all shoulder-to-shoulder, and more than 100,000 projects have been put into operation, which took six years to complete.

The Rhododendron Lake is like a sparkling pearl in Thrushcross Valley, which contrasts with the dangerous mountain peaks and the blue sky and water in the valley.

The boat is a recreational project in the Rhododendron Lake. In the boat lake, the charm is leisurely.

The full length of the boat is 1000 metres and the fare is 10 per person.

Six cascades

Liuli Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Thrushcross Valley. It is a multi-stage waterfall formed by the long-term downcutting erosion of rock strata, which falls in six stages, so it is called "Six Permian Waterfall".

Among the six cascades, the lotus waterfall of the third class resembles the lotus cave, the fourth class resembles the flying jade waterfall and the fifth class resembles the bathing fairy waterfall. Under the Six-fold Waterfall, there is the Goddess Turtle Lake. The cliff on the right is Cactus Peak. On Festival days, gongs and drums often jingle.

Scarab bathing

Stones, like giant tortoises and mountains, seem to have just come out of the bath. On the right are Melutan and Dashi Dam. The dark green pool is named for its dark green color. It is said that the Turtle was built for bathing invisibility. In order to make the pool deeper, the turtle used magic and built a big stone dam.

Holy hand water purification

The water purification of the god's hand is a natural wonder in Thrushcross Valley.

In the riverbed, there is a huge hand-shaped stone, five-pointed, legendary for the town god's big hand. If there is a flood on the mountain, it is muddy and unclear. If it overflows from the hands, the water will become clear and transparent. It is said that some treasure robbers fled to the Yuanbaotan in Yindong and Zhenshan God reached out with one finger. The treasure robbers were fixed there, and the Yuanbao will remain in the Yuanbaotan forever.

Mother child love

Across the river bed, two prominent granite walls form the contours of two giant elephants. Look, behind the elephant, clinging to her mother, watching her quietly drinking water, how intimate ah!

Rhododendron Gorge

Because of the flourishing Rhododendron on both sides of one gorge, formerly known as Shixia trench. Here the two sides of the mountain shrink to this point, the narrowest point is a stone crevice that only one person can pass through. One man is at the door, but ten thousand men are at the door. With favourable terrain, the dam of the Rhododendron Lake was built in 1980, forming a magnificent artificial waterfall landscape.

Lower Shimen

The second general of Ha-Ha is located at Xiashimen. The two huge stones are like the second general of Ha-Ha who holds the door. Legend has it that he is a special gate-keeper appointed by the God of Zhenshan to prevent thieves from entering and leaving the upper gate and not leaving the lower gate. Because there are treasure robbers out of this door, the God of town and mountain punished them to become stones, always stationed here.

Qipomiao Yao Wang Dong

There is an ancient flagpole temple at the root of the opposite stone wall. Legend has it that in ancient times, a white-haired old man of a mountain people's Gang gathered many medicinal materials and rested on a nearby stone slab. He dreamed that the old man was carrying medicines to the opposite cliff. Dream awakening fruit can not see the old man and medicinal herbs, leaving only a lot of money around, suspected to be medicinal Wang Xianweng. When the news came out, some people came here to seek medical treatment and medicine. As a matter of fact, they set up a flagpole temple to offer sacrifices. There are holes on the hillside of 200 meters south. Legend has it that Yaowang Cave is the residence of Yaowang.

Sleeping tiger keeper

Stone, like tiger's head, facing south, known as tiger's stone. Legend has it that there are two tigers in Zhenshan Mountain, two male tigers in Zhenshan Mountain, and two male tigers in Zhenshan Mountain drinking water. The River in front of the tiger's head is often waterless. It is said that the tiger dried up for drinking. Half the west side of the mountain, there are female tigers and other impatient, into the upper tiger stone. Therefore, it is located in Shangshi Gate on the ancient road from Lushan to Ruyang, so it is called Crouching Tiger Gate.

Redstone Gorge

The Shixia landform formed by rock fracture and underwater cutting is named because the iron contained in the rock is red by oxidation. Legend has it that red dragons once lived in deep pools under Hongshi Waterfall, and the dragon body dyed the surrounding rocks red. The flow of water in the gorge is so strong that the strings are pleasant to the ear. On both sides of the first gorge, Ziqingqing, Rhododendron red, the scenery is very beautiful.

Red stone waterfall

The cliff formed by the fracture of rock strata. The stream falls from the top of the waterfall with a drop of 32 meters. It is named for its location in the Red Stone Gorge. Legend has it that there were red dragons living in deep pools under waterfalls. Drought lasted for a long time without rain. People stirred the pools. From time to time, clouds rose, rainstorms poured down and rivers rose. Because of the red dragon's fierce personality, people easily do not disturb the pool.

Green promenade

As a result, we move forward with dense forests, old vines climbing, shading the sky, flowers and leaves, paths hidden in the shade of flowers, cool and comfortable. The winding paths lead to seclusion. If you enter a fairyland, there will be another cave sky.

Rhododendron sea

From the bottom of the hill to the top, the red, white, pink and purple rhododendrons are blooming for the first time. They are all over the hills, shining like clouds and clouds. People walk among the flowers. Birds sing in the flowers are beautiful. Every Rhododendron Festival, all kinds of rhododendrons are purple and red, open and fragrant, people walk in the corridor, without bending down, they can kiss flowers and absorb fragrance. This is a big plant landscape of Thrushcross Valley.

Rhododendron, also known as Yingshanhong, is a third-class protected plant in Henan Province. The sunny slopes developed best at about 1000 meters above sea level. Every year from April 10 to May 30, Thrushcross Valley Rhododendron Festival is celebrated. Here, the whole shrub is red, forming a sea of flowers.

Viewing platform

In the north, the eighteen main peaks are expected to be lofty, the peaks are beautiful, the East and West light stone naphtha echoes each other, and the forest is dense and deep; in the northeast, cactus greeters, monkeys play, eagle mouth singing; in the southwest, the Queen Sleeping Mother of Shirenshan can hear her's nose, Muzaling crosses the sky; in the east, the scenery of Thrushcross Valley is beautiful and colorful.

Hongshiling slideway

It is named for the mountains on the west side of Hongshixia Gorge. It is 600 meters long and is made of polished granite slabs. Hidden in the dense woods and flowers. It is time-saving, labor-saving, safe, comfortable and full of children's fun.

Crape myrtle

Bairihong is a kind of vegetation planted in Thrushcross Valley scenic area, also known as Lagerstroemia. Hundred-day red can be seen on both sides of Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area Road.

Why is it called Bairihong? It belongs to the family Pteridaceae, Lagerstroemia, Lagerstroemia species, originated in Asia, all over Henan have cultivated, bright and beautiful flowers, long flowering period, from June to August, flowering period of about 100 days, so it is called Bairihong.

The main varieties are Yinwei, Cuiwei and Lagerstroemia indica. Bark, leaf and flower are strong drainage, root and bark decoction can cure hemoptysis, hemoptysis, etc. It is a garden flower tree species.

Other scenic spots in Thrushcross Valley include Qinglong Lake Falls, Thrushcross Lake Falls, Jingshui Lake Falls, and Plum Blossom Piles in Qinglong Lake.

Drifting scenic spot

Located in Yaoshan Town, Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, the extreme speed cyclotron drifting scenic spot of Manpanshan Mountain in Thrushcross Valley belongs to Thrushcross Valley Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and is Henan Province.

Provincial first cyclotron drifting scenic spot. It is 16 kilometers away from the exit of Zheng-Yao Expressway, with convenient transportation, abundant resources and beautiful scenery. The water source used is the water from the source of Shahe River, which is clear and has good water quality. The drifting reach is 6 kilometers long with a drop of 209 meters. The river is turbulent and thrilling. It has swirling drifting, forest drifting and hiking areas. The drifting time is about 2 hours.

In the long valley, along the S-shaped bends, the torrents advance bravely, turn long, the peaks and loops turn, bends and bends connect, giving people different feelings of "heavy mountains and rivers, dark willows and bright flowers".

There are reception centers, shopping centers, bathing centers, hotels, parking lots and other service facilities at the upper and lower terminals. The lower pier is located in the gathering area of Thrushcross Valley Nongjiale Hotel. At night, it has turned into a bonfire party square with passionate carnival, a revolving and stretching stage, colorful fireworks, a rising bonfire and wonderful professional performances. In addition, there are 1.9 million yuan to create interactive first D bar Diban in the Central Plains, so that visitors can watch singing and dancing, eat barbecue, taste special snacks, completely release their mood, dance their passion, and experience the wonderful dream trip of Thrushcross Valley. Daily visitor reception amounts to 6000 people, forming an integrated service of accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

Tourism information

Farmhouse characteristics

At Thrushcross Valley, there are more than a hundred farmhouses scattered by the mountains and rivers, with ancient gray walls and blue tiles. In the courtyard, red bamboo, clean and tidy, farm meals, pure green food, delicious fragrance. The villagers here are simple, kind and hospitable. Everyone has endless stories. Every night there are endless songs to listen to. The mountain stream in front of the village is hidden in the green willows. It is clear and clear. The yellow sand goose eggs lay on the bottom and the slow water converges into a pool, forming a natural bathing ground. On both sides of the mountain and stream, there are green trees and fields, which are full of pastoral scenery. There are more than 80 farmhouse hotels in the scenic spot, which can receive more than 2000 tourists a day. The "farmhouse fun" enjoys a high reputation in Pingdingshan area.

At this point, tourists visit canyons, watch waterfalls, enjoy cuckoos, taste wild fruits, listen to bird song, live in farmhouses, visit valleys, taste folk customs, explore valleys and seek novelty, return to nature, return to nature, and have a leisurely charm. It is the ideal place for vacation, leisure and sightseeing. The Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai and some other minority nationalities

The Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai and some other minority nationalities

On the opening day, the scenic spot held a grand ceremony of fetching holy water from Buddha, welcoming guests and praying for blessings. 500 sprinklers formed a misty water curtain hollow sky from top to bottom. In the thousands of square meters of water-playing world, passionate single men and women paired games, beautiful national song and dance performances, and Carnival sprang up.

Water moments, passionate water wars, happy beer drinking contests and exquisite gifts dispatch in scenic spots will create an unprecedented water splashing festival, which will bring visitors unprecedented shocking experience! uuuuuuuuu At the same time, under the witness of the Taoist monks, water as a medium, Valley as a sentiment, sprinkle blessings, harvest prayers!

Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area is rich in water resources, lakes and lakes are connected, waterfalls are connected, along the way up the stairs, water scenery is continuous, or streams or pools, or lakes or waterfalls, or dynamic or static, or fast or slow, or soft or vertical, green and transparent, with different postures, forming a unique "water scenery Xiuzhongyuan" landscape. In order to fully demonstrate the advantages of this water resource, the scenic spot has held four consecutive Water-Splashing carnivals, bringing people a cool and happy travel experience in the hot summer. Unlike in the past, Thrushcross Valley will be the tour venue for the meeting of matchmaking congresses. With the help of the Water Sprinkling Festival, it will show a new face and create the brand of "Romantic Valley" and "Happy Valley".

It is reported that the Water-Splashing Festival will last until August 8. In addition to the activities on the opening day, visitors can enjoy the joy of Water-Splashing prayers in the natural pools of Thrushcross Valley with beautiful mountains and rivers in Zhong Ling Yuxiu and spend a passionate and cool summer. At the same time, every Saturday night, you can watch a series of thematic activities such as brilliant fireworks, enthusiastic singing and dancing, passionate bonfire Carnival performances and so on.

Bonfire party

The bonfire party is a traditional form of celebration for grassland people. Legend has it that in ancient times, people learned to drill wood to make fire, and found that fire can not only cook food, but also frighten wild animals and protect their lives, so the fire had the initial reverence. Later, people went out hunting and returned home, celebrating each other's success.

Rich trophies of war, in the evening, in the process of cooked food with fire, they dance around the fire hand in hand to express their joy and happiness. This form of celebration has continued to this day, forming a bonfire party. Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area launches different types of program performances every Saturday. After several years of development, a large-scale bonfire party has been formed. It enjoys a good reputation in the locality. The evening party mainly centers on tourists'self-performance columns and professional performers' programming, especially the final bonfire festival. People dance rabbit dance around the bonfire, which is very popular with tourists.



(1) Lushan Long-distance Bus Station opposite Lushan Railway Station to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot, the whole high-speed (fare 14 yuan);

(2) Lushan Long-distance Bus Station opposite Lushan Railway Station, which is bound for Shibatuo and Luanchuan, has a high speed and gets off at Thrushcross Valley scenic spot (fare 14 yuan);

(3) Pingdingshan Central Bus Station opposite Pingdingshan Railway Station is a high-speed tourist bus to Luanchuan. It gets off at Thrushcross Valley scenic spot (ticket price is 25 yuan).

(4) Longhai Bus Station, Zhengzhou, departs from Longhai Bus Station or Zhengzhou Central Bus Station to Yaoshan Scenic Spot at 14:40 p.m. every day. The whole journey is high-speed (ticket price is 60 yuan). Get off at Yaoshan Town and transfer to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot (ticket price is 2 yuan).

(5) Luoyang Yiyun Bus Station departs from Luoyang Yiyun Bus Station to Yaoshan Scenic Spot at 14:40 p.m. every day. The whole journey is high-speed (ticket price is 58 yuan). Get off at Yaoshan Town and transfer to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot (ticket price is 2 yuan).

(6) Luohe Central Bus Station departs from Luohe Central Bus Station to Yaoshan Scenic Spot at 14:00 p.m. every day. The whole journey is high-speed (ticket price is 45 yuan). Get off at Yaoshan Town and transfer to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot (ticket price is 2 yuan).

(7) Yingcheng Bus Station, Pingdingshan Trade Square, departs at 5:407:30 10:40 a.m. and 13:15:00 16:30 p.m. every day to Yaoshan Scenic Spot. The whole highway (ticket price is 23 yuan). Get off at Yaoshan Town and transfer to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot (ticket price is 2 yuan).

(8) The Lushan Long-distance Bus Station opposite Lushan Railway Station runs to Yaoshan and Longtan Gorge every 10 minutes on average. The whole journey is high-speed (ticket price is 12 yuan). Get off at Yaoshan Town and transfer to Tourist Bus for Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area (ticket price is 2 yuan).

Railways and buses

From Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Yichang, Huaihua, Yinchuan, Guiyang, Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou and other places, there are starting trains passing through Lushan Railway Station, and from Lushan Long-distance Bus Station opposite Lushan Railway Station to Thrushcross Valley, Shibatuo, Luanchuan's tourist buses or taking Yaoshan, Longtan. The tourist bus of the Gorge will get off at Yaoshan Town and transfer to the tourist bus for Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area.

Self-driving travelling

Hebei, Puyang, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang-Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway-Zheng Yao (Shi) Expressway-Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area

Jincheng, Jiaozuo, Jinjiao Expressway, Zheng Yao (Shi) Expressway, Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area

Shangqiu, Kaifeng-Nanlan Expressway-Yongdeng Expressway-Zheng Yao (Shi) Expressway-Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area

Zhoukou, Luohe - Nanluo Expressway - Zheng Yao (Shi) Expressway - Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area

Nanyang-Erguang Expressway-Zheng Yao (Shi) Expressway-Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area

Luoyang-Taiao Expressway-Zheng Yao (Shi) Expressway-Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area

(1) Zhengzhou to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot: at Songshan South Road, Zhengzhou, across the South Fourth Ring Road, on Zhengzhou-Yao Expressway, get off at Yaoshan exit, and drive to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot according to the Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot Sign;

(2) Luoyang, Nanyang, Jiaozuo, Jiyuan, Sanmenxia to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area: Luoyang, Nanyang, Jiaozuo, Jiyuan, Sanmenxia: Shang Er Guang Expressway turns Zheng Yao Expressway along Nanyang and Xiangfan directions (Zhengnan) to Xiatang Station, along Yao Shan direction, to Yao Shan exit, and drives to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area according to the indication sign of Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area;

(3) Anyang, Puyang, Xinxiang, Hebi to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area: Anyang, Puyang, Xinxiang, Hebi: Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway to Luohe, Nanluo Expressway, Pingdingshan to Zheng-Yao Expressway (along Yaoshan direction), get off at Yaoshan exit, and drive to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area according to the Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area Indicator;

(4) Shaanxi Province to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot: Lianhuo Expressway - (Luoyang turn) Erguang Expressway - (Pingdingshan turn) Zheng-Yao Expressway, get off at Yaoshan exit, and drive to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot according to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot Sign;

(5) Shanxi Province to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot: Shanxi Prefecture and City: Shang Er Guang Expressway turns Zheng Yao Expressway along Nanyang and Xiangfan directions (Zhengnan) to Xiatang Station, then along Yaoshan direction, to Yaoshan exit, and drives to Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot according to the scenic area sign;

Admission ticket

(1) Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area Level: National "AAAA" Scenic Area, Key Scenic Spots in Henan Province

Tickets for Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot: 60 yuan for Chivalrous Tourist Network, 50 yuan for discount tickets

(2) Thrushcross Valley Hongshiling Slide: 20 yuan

(3) Thrushcross Valley Scenic Area cruise ship 10 yuan per person (round trip)

Entrance vouchers: Entrance vouchers (e.g. advance booking of chivalrous travelers'online tickets or discounted tickets of the same kind should be entered by SMS)

Scenic Spot Opening Time: 6:00-20:00

(2) Thrushcross Valley Scenic Spot Ticket Preferential Policy

(1) Children under 1.2 meters are free of tickets, and those over 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters are required to buy half tickets.

(2) Revolutionary disabled and active servicemen are exempted from votes by valid certificates such as officer's certificate and sergeant's certificate;

(3) Old people over 60 years old are half-priced by preferential certificates issued by municipal governments; old people over 70 years old are exempted from tickets by preferential certificates and birthday certificates; and primary and secondary school students are half-priced by student certificates (except part-time students).

(4) Labor models at or above the provincial and ministerial levels and outstanding national experts enjoy free tickets on the basis of valid and valid certificates.

(5) Journalists (who should hold the press card issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication or the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who should hold the press card with the administrative seal of the unit) are entitled to ticket exemption.