Three Water Lotus World

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Foshan Sanshui lotus world is the largest lotus scenic spot in the world with the richest variety resources. It integrates architecture, sculpture, Dutch, mobile games, hotels and catering. Lotus World was founded by the Southwest Street Office of Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and was constructed under the guidance of Professors Wang Qichao and Zhang Xingyan of the Lotus Research Center of China. The Park covers an area of 1000 mu, with a water area of 600 mu. It is located in the southwest Street of Sanshui District, Foshan City, the "land of fish and rice". Lotus World has convenient transportation, near the supporting highway, and can reach the surrounding cities and airports directly.

There are 480 rare lotus cultivars in the lotus garden. Among them, there are space nurtured "space lotus" and "ancient lotus" unearthed from Liaoning Province. There are dozens of water lily cultivars, including the four-season lotus cultivars introduced from Taiwan, which are both ornamental and edible, and have high medicinal value, as well as various rare aquatic plants. There are also a diameter of 1.98 meters, can bear 40 kilograms of Wang Lian, as well as thousands of forms of aquatic flower varieties. Nearly 100 kinds of kiwifruit have been planted. There are giant pumpkins with a diameter of 60 centimeters and weighing 85 kilograms. Their flowering probability is only one in 100,000. Every year, they compete for the glorious world of lotus blossoms on an average number of occasions. According to the same function, it is divided into eight areas: cultural square, central area, variety ornamental area, Wanglian and water lily area, catering and entertainment area, production, scientific research and breeding area, Seed Lotus area and so on. You can visit scenic spots by car or on foot. You can also go boating in lotus bushes, picking lotus root and lotus root. It has a special interest.

In the world of lotus in Sanshui, you can not only see the "little lotus shows its sharp horn" in spring, but also enjoy the "wind lifts the lotus barrier thousands of weights" in summer and the "lotus old autumn frost" in autumn; you can also see the fairies in Lingbo in the morning, such as the noble princess taking a bath, the jade lotus Tingting in the morning, like a girl growing up, and evening explore the "girl with hairpin" to feel the dark fragrance floating; you can sleep with the flowers, hold the fragrance alone, fishing with a quiet mind, and cultivate your temperament. Not only can we enjoy fairy tale singing and dancing, feel artistic edification, but also enjoy "lotus feast", taste special delicacies, and even boat picking lotus, enjoy nature.

Lotus World offers you a wonderful large-scale song and dance "Lotus Fairy" every day. The play tells the love story of an old and beautiful lotus fairy and Lotus

In order to create a rich flavor and delicious food and create a new world of delicious food in Lotus World, lotus flower restaurant, the lotus flower village, introduced the elaborate lotus flower banquet, which made use of lotus lotus as a treasure. It has the characteristics of extremely high plasticity. To the wide acclaim from all walks of life by many gourmet programs of the catch-up report, Hong Kong's famous gourmet, lotus banquet is also praised. In addition, our company has also launched a variety of exquisite souvenirs and lotus series with "lotus" characteristics: lotus cake, lotus root powder, lotus heart tea and other characteristics, so that the vast number of visitors can personally taste and give gifts to relatives and friends. There are also well-equipped leisure villas, staying in the bamboo villas that follow the sky, you can enjoy the lotus dew dawn, moonlight at night, but also enjoy the balcony fishing lotus picking melting feelings. The multi-functional conference hall has unique building, complete equipment, advanced audio equipment, central air conditioning and so on. It can accommodate 400 people in large, medium and small conference halls. Indoor and outdoor decoration, elegant and quiet decoration.

The Lotus World of Sanshui not only offers a pleasure of color, shape, fragrance, taste and meaning, eyes, ears, mouth, nose and heart, but also keeps away from the noise of the city and gives people the ease and elegance of returning to nature and self. It reflects the rational pursuit and thinking of the realm of harmony between man and nature.

Main attractions

Wondilian Sculpture Square

The wide entrance square on the left is a large parking lot with 400 cars and 300 motorcycles. Gate building with grid structure

With a width of 60 meters and a height of 20 meters, there are three huge pink hemispheric buildings above the gate. Supported by green pillars and curved beams, they are like a blooming lotus flower. The golden "flower stamen" part above them is written by Ye Xuanping, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National People's Political Consultative Conference. It is like a fairy scene carved by human beings and gods.

In the center of the square, a lotus-shaped fountain about 24 meters in diameter became the main building, with abstract lotus leaves as the base, and a 7-meter-high, lifelike stainless steel sculpture of Bindilian was propped up in the fountain. Deduce the scenic spot of "red make-up band, concentric knot, blue swamp blossom and Tilian" heartily. The shining water column glitters in the sunshine and dances lightly under the gentle wind, just like Tianshan manna moistening the dependent and Tichiba. Whenever the lantern is on, the eight-storey square lamp reflects the beautiful brilliance and adds splendor to the square.

The main entrance of Lotus World

From the front of the gate, it looks like a huge and incomparably blooming lotus. It is 20 meters high and 60 meters wide. The whole lotus is an abstract shape evolved gradually. Each has three pink semi-circular petals, symbolizing the lotus petals, each of which is supported by a green body, combined with the green curve arc beam, symbolizing the white and flawless lotus flowers blooming on the green lotus leaves, demonstrating the noble quality of "lotus blossoms out of silt without dyeing"; and the Yellow grid in the middle is a metaphor of the core of the lotus is extremely bright, and the lotus flower matures day by day: the three-dimensional tensioning steel below. The rope is a metaphor of "lotus root broken silk lotus". This unique shape, with profound implication, gives people a new, strange and unique feeling.

Ornamental Pool of Chinese Sturgeon Koi

On both sides of the main entrance, there are two distinctive viewing pools. It has become the first viewing spot for tourists, with thousands of colorful brocade carp bustling and swimming in the water on one side, and the world's largest fish, longevity, the oldest national second-class protected animal known as "living fossil in water" - Acipenser sinensis, a self-entertaining and leisurely landscape. Make fun in the water and give you a cool summer wind.

Exhibition Centre

In the scenic area, there are various performance venues with distinctive features, among which the exhibition center (main venue) is the largest and unique. Unlike other venues, where the sky is the curtain and the ground is the seat, grass is planted everywhere, and the green is refreshing; there are large-scale collision car, taxiing dragon playground around, everywhere laughter is flying, which adds infinite joy atmosphere to the venue.

Ornamental table

Standing on the viewing platform made of bluestone and standing on the fence, it seems like a boat in the ripple of green waves. In this rolling lotus sea, it drifts lightly with the waves and dots with pink clouds, just like a natural beauty. There are those who are in full bloom, those who are in bud, those who stand proudly, those who are shy and concealed, with different shapes and all kinds of styles.

Baptist Pavilion

On the green wave of the lotus pond there is a pavilion, impartial, just in the best corner of the lotus. Sitting in the pavilion, looking out from the railings, is a pleasant lotus landscape, in the blue waves, the microwave ripples; the moon is in the sky, the shadow drifts with the waves, deeply breathing the fragrance of the day-load, savoring the realm of "the earth and I live side by side, all things are in one with me".

Cui dike

Cuidi, a lover's whispering and strolling scenic spot, two rows of straight wet metasequoias built a strong "protective wall" for the path. Green and green all-embracing, as if to imply to you "do not disturb" language, leaving the most beautiful artistic conception to the lover's dike.

Seed Lotus area

Covering an area of 110 mu, the lotus picking area is a long pond type, creating a "green lotus (river)" which combines the beauty of artificial and natural sculpture. The wind lifts the lotus barrier and weighs thousands. According to statistics, during the period of July, August and September when the lotus harvesting area grows vigorously every year, about 3000-5000 high-quality lotus canopy can be harvested every day. The fruit of lotus canopy is full, and the largest diameter of lotus canopy can reach 18 cm. At this point, visitors can experience the boating lotus pond, singing and browsing the grand momentum of lotus leaves in the sky, but also enjoy the pastoral fun of picking lotus and tasting lotus.

Fun Playground

A special area for children. The amusement zone provides a happy paradise for children. A variety of slides, chic-looking huts, ladders, nets, climbing bars, high and low. Rolling on the meadow, playing a game of cat and mouse, or a countdown game of wolf coming, will bring endless fun to children, and will become the children's favorite. Sitting in the green trees and safflower, listening to the children's naive and cheerful laughter, watching the children's brilliant smiling faces, you will be unable to resist the impulse to rush out to play.

Dutch Culture Pavilion

On the golden surface of the water on the right side of the Lotus Theatre, three buildings of different shapes come into view. This is the splendid lotus culture exhibition area in the Lotus World - "the lotus culture exhibition hall". It consists of three hemispheric exhibition halls of different sizes. The main exhibition hall is 20 meters in diameter. Its shape is shaped into three different forms of lotus charm: budding, half-blooming and blooming. The exhibition halls are connected by zigzag bridges and distributed on the lake surface. The calm water vividly reflects the clear figure of the exhibition hall. From a distance, it is as elegant as lotus.

The Dutch culture exhibition hall has a wide collection of materials of Dutch culture to show the connotation of Dutch culture. Each exhibition hall has its own cave sky, the main exhibition hall of blooming type, displaying the splendid lotus culture. It not only collects all kinds of lotus monographs at home and abroad, but also collects all kinds of famous calligraphers and painters'admiration and praise, the emotional overflowing Danqing ink and jewelry chanting lotus and eulogizing lotus; the flower bud type exhibition hall, which contains the proud works of photographers, lotus flowers in the hands of these art players, change into thousands of forms and blossom their lives. The first blooming exhibition hall, the exquisite crafts shine in front of us, and the ceramic crafts with unique lotus theme are unique in shape. There are exquisite small ashtrays with a diameter of only 5 centimeters, ceramic children as big as thumbs, large lotus relief vases with a height of more than 1 metre, more sparkling crystal lotus, yellow, white and Amethyst shine brilliantly. Lotus specialty is popular here. First-class Baixianglian, Lotus Heart Tea and Lotus World specialty - Lotus Seed Cake are also hot and moxibustion products.

Lotus Theatre

The Lotus Theatre is a unique landmark building in the Lotus World. It is located in front of the main entrance of the Lotus World and on the lake. It is a huge circular building, which is connected with three stone arch bridges with different characteristics, namely, Chunhui, Chunxiao and Chunming. The theatre can accommodate more than 1300 people in a semicircular seating area surrounded by a large stage. The stage design of the second floor creates an extended three-dimensional space. In the architectural style, the columns and corridors of the ancient Western architecture are used, which are lined with stacked springs, static and dynamic, music fountains are protruding, and numerous water springs seem to be dancing like spirits. All kinds of simulation plants, real or false, are scattered in height, and the stage is full of flowers, so as to create a harmonious and free from vulgarity green stage.

Every day, there is a large-scale poetic opera "Lotus Fairy", telling an ancient and beautiful legend about lotus fairy. The plot is rich and exciting. On the stage where the lights shine, the singing and dancing are elevated. The actors'passionate deduction, the gentle and resolute dancing, jumped out of the water-like tenderness, shocking soul, and interposed with wonderful and difficult acrobatic performances, which made the plot reverberate, and composed the eternal singing of the world, and deduced a fascinating and emotional lotus world.

Lotus World Art Troupe has a strong cast of actors. It is a professional art performance group composed of more than 90 people with high quality and high level. The members of the Art Troupe are excellent actors selected strictly from the art colleges of Inner Mongolia and Dalian. The Lotus World Art Troupe has received unanimous praise from all walks of life since the large-scale poetic opera "Lotus Fairy" was launched at the beginning of the Lotus World garden.

Lovers Island

Through the water lily area, an island stands in the water, accompanied by shadows, in pairs, here is Valentine's Island. Lovers often come from the island to sing melodiously. In the autumn wave, lovers support each other. In the ripple of the water, the beautiful shadows are interdependent. This is the lover's land, the lobby of love. Except for the beautiful scenery, which is the gathering place for lovers, there are wonderful performances on the island every day. A brother and a sister's affectionate love songs, lively "Lingnan Waterborne Marriage" performance, loud gongs and drums, funny matchmaker, beautiful flower boat, beautiful bride, maybe you will be lucky to be a "bridegroom" on the water for a while.


Sanshui Lotus World won the commemorative prize in the 13th Lotus Exhibition of China in 1999 and the honorary certificate issued by the Organizing Committee of the 13th Lotus Exhibition of China in 1999.

Sanshui Lotus World Co., Ltd. won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Sanshui City in 2000 for its achievement of "regulation and control technology of off-season flowering of lotus".

In October 2000, Sanshui Lotus World was awarded "Foshan Science Popular Education Base" by Foshan Science and Technology Association.

In August 2001, Sanshui Lotus World was awarded "Guangdong Science Popular Education Base" by Guangdong Science and Technology Association.

On June 11, 2001, Sanshui Lotus World won the second prize of "Evaluation and Comparison of Bowl Lotus Cultivation Techniques in the 15th National Lotus Exhibition".

On June 11, 2001, Sanshui Lotus World won the first prize of "Evaluation and Comparison of Bowl Lotus Cultivation Techniques in the 15th National Lotus Exhibition".

In June 2002, Sanshui Lotus World Co., Ltd. won the Glorious Book of Foshan Science and Technology Progress Award in 2001 with the technology of controlling lotus off-season flowering.

In March 2002, the Lotus World Committee of Women Workers was awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Women's Work in Southwest Town".

In 2003, Sanshui lotus world was named "New Eight Sceneries of Foshan" by the name of "Yunshui lotus fragrance" in the "Charming Eight Sceneries of Foshan". It also obtained the certificate issued by the Foshan People's Government.

In December 2003, Sanshui Lotus World won the Gold Prize at the First Foshan Invention and Innovation Exhibition and Technology Fair with the Winter Lotus Project, and obtained the award certificate issued by Foshan Science and Technology Association.

In May 2003, the League Committee of Sanshui Lotus World Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "May 4th Red Banner League Committee and League (General) Branch of Southwest Street".

In June 2003, the Landscape Department of Sanshui Lotus World Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Foshan City".

On July 8, 2004, Sanshui Lotus World was awarded the first prize for "Evaluation of New Varieties of Medium and Medium Types" at the 18th National Lotus Exhibition and "Winter Red".

In March 2004, Sanshui Lotus World won the title of "Southwest Street Towel Civilization Demonstration Gang".

Sanshui lotus world won the third prize of Foshan Science and Technology Progress Award and the Foshan Science and Technology Progress Award Certificate issued by Foshan Municipal People's Government under the name of "Research on the Breeding and Cultivation Techniques and Applications of Sanshui Winter Lotus Varieties".

Sanshui lotus world won the second prize of Sanshui Science and Technology Progress Award in Foshan City under the project name of "Selection and Cultivation Techniques and Application Research of Sanshui Winter Lotus Varieties" and the certificate issued by the people's government of Sanshui District in Foshan City.

Guangdong Sanshui lotus world won the first prize in the nineteenth national lotus exhibition bowl lotus cultivation technology evaluation, and won the honorary certificate issued by the nineteenth national lotus exhibition organizing committee.

In 2005, it was awarded the title of "AAAA National Tourist Scenic Spot" by the National Tourist Scenic Spot Quality Grade Assessment Committee.

Special products in scenic spots

Embroidery in the South China Sea

(The most important part of Guangdong embroidery) There are records of Guangdong embroidery in the Tang Dynasty. According to Su'e's Du Yang Miscellaneous Edition, in the first year of Yongzhen (805), Lumei Niang, a Gongqi woman from South China Sea, was able to embroider seven volumes of the Fahua Jing on a silk only one foot long. The size of the characters was no more than millet, and the dots were clearly divided into smaller parts than hairs. Tang Shunzhong sighed at her work. It is reported that the old Nanhai people married their daughters with embroidery to determine the amount of gifts. It is believed that few of them can embroider 10 million gifts with good embroidery.

Horseshoe powder

It is said that one year Pantang horseshoe in Guangzhou lost its harvest and could not fulfill the orders of the merchants. It was helpless to buy Shaxi instead. How could the merchants react curiously? But after all, Guangzhou's fame is great. Shaxi horseshoe powder is still pressed below. Shaxi horseshoe powder OEM Guangzhou Pantang horseshoe powder props up 90% of the Jiangshan.

Scenic food

You can "top prize" and "porridge"

The "Da Can" sign has a history of 69 years. The restaurant's signature snack Zhuangyuan porridge is based on the well-known county records before the founding of the People's Republic of China and the production method of the porridge to improve, creating a unique flavor of the big can Zhuangyuan and the porridge. It is delicious and smooth porridge, porridge base is fragrant and loved by diners. It is the best condiment for porridge eaters because of its golden color, crisp and delicious taste and unique flavor. Fried dough sticks are the main ingredients.

"Hakka Village" Baked Soup

"Hakka Village" has its own farm. The hotel takes green as its purpose. The dishes all originate from the farm. Therefore, the dishes are fresh, delicious and inexpensive. We are committed to innovating and introducing baked soup. In a 2-metre high baking oven, all the special soups are baked slowly for 5 hours with charcoal. The soup tastes very delicious. Address: Fenjiangnan Comprehensive Market, Foshan City. Fobin Fengxiang Chicken was founded in 1990. It has been leading the fashion for more than 10 years. It is still the signature dish of Foshan Hotel. Fobin Fengxiang Chicken has a fine selection of ingredients and a complicated production process. The best quality chicken in Qingyuan Chicken, which is famous in Guangdong Province, is used as raw material. With a special formula, it has to go through a unique production process of "three in, three out, three cold and three hot".

Traffic information

External traffic

Self-driving route:

1. Driving plan in Foshan and Zhaoqing: along National Highway 321 to the southwestern city of Sanshui, turn to Qingyuan on Jianlibao Road (Sanshui Garden Hotel) in the southwest, and turn left about 3 kilometers to the end of Lotus Avenue.

2. Driving plan in Guangdong Province: Guangzhou direction along Guangzhou-Sanshui Expressway is lower than Sanshui-1 Exit. Turn left about two kilometers to Qingyuan direction and go straight to the end of Lotus Avenue.

Internal traffic

1. Take route 3 of Foshan Blue Whale Bus to reach the scenic spot.

2. Take Bus No. 631 at Lotus World Terminal in Sanshui City.

Practical information

Opening hours of scenic spots: 8:00-17:30

Tickets: $90

Children 1.1 m to 1.4 m, old people 65 to 69 years old and half votes

Children less than 1.1 meters old people over 70 years old are free of tickets

Active servicemen are exempted from votes on soldier's or officer's certificates, disabled persons are exempted from votes at grades 1 to 6, and persons with disabilities are exempted from votes at levels 7 to 8 and a half.

Other preferential policies are based on scenic spots, and all preferential policies must be validated.

Local residents are allowed to enter the park free of charge with their ID cards and charged for mobile games.