The position of Panzhihua

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The position of Panzhihua

Panzhihua City is located at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan in Southwest China, 26 ° 05 ′ - 27 ° 21 ′ N and 101 ° 08 ′ - 102 ° 15 ′ E. Jinsha River and Yalong River meet here. It borders Huili, Dechang and Yanyuan counties of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province in the East and North, Ninglang, Huaping and Yongren counties in Yunnan Province in the West and south, with a total area of 7440.398 square kilometers. It is 749 kilometers away from Chengdu in the north and 351 kilometers away from Kunming in the south, which is the closest point of Sichuan Province to the border and coastal ports of South China and Southeast Asia.

topographic features

Panzhihua City is located in the middle and south section of Panzhihua rift valley. It belongs to the landform of eroded and eroded hills and original valleys. It has the characteristics of high mountains and deep valleys and staggered distribution of basins. The terrain inclines from northwest to Southeast, and the trend of mountains is close to North and South. It is the South extension of Daxue mountain. The highest altitude point is located in chuandongzi (4195.5m) of Bailin mountain in Yanbian County, and the lowest point is Shizhuang (937m) in Pingdi Town, Renhe District, with a relative height difference of 3258.5m and a general relative height difference of 1500m-2000m.


Panzhihua City belongs to a variety of climate types of south subtropical North Temperate Zone, known as "three-dimensional climate with subtropical zone as the base". It has the characteristics of long summer, unclear four seasons, distinct drought and rainy season, large temperature difference between day and night, dry climate, concentrated rainfall, long sunshine, strong solar radiation, large evaporation and complex microclimate. The annual average temperature is the highest in Sichuan Province, and the frost free period is more than 300 days.


Panzhihua City is subordinate to the Yangtze River system with many rivers. There are 95 large and small rivers in Panzhihua City, which belong to Jinsha River system and Yalong river system respectively. The two water systems converge at Yajiang bridge. There are three tributaries of Anning River, Sanyuan River and Dahe river. Among them, 6 rivers with a drainage area of more than 500 square kilometers, 26 rivers with a drainage area of 100 square kilometers to 500 square kilometers, 18 rivers with 50 square kilometers to 100 square kilometers, and only 45 small rivers of 5 square kilometers to 50 square kilometers directly flow into the Jinsha River and Yalong River.