The longji yao and zhuang ethnic terrace

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The longji yao and zhuang ethnic terrace refers to the terrace developed on Longji Mountain, which is called Longsheng terrace in a broad sense and Longji terrace in a narrow sense. Longji mountain, Ping'an Village, Longji Town, Longsheng Autonomous County, Guangxi, is 22 kilometers away from the county seat. It is 80 km away from Guilin and lies between 109 degrees 32'to 100 degrees 14' and 25 degrees 35'to 26 degrees 17'.

Longji terraced fields are divided into Jin Keng (Dazhai) Yao terraced field view area and Ping Zhuang terraced field view area. Generally speaking, Longji terrace refers to the Longji terrace of Ping'an Zhuang, which is also an earlier terraced field. Terraces range from 300 meters to 1100 meters above sea level, with a maximum gradient of 50 degrees. Almost all terraces go to Panshan Highway, rising to about 600 meters above sea level and reaching 880 meters above sea level when terraced.

On April 19, 2018, rice terraces in southern China (including Longsheng Longji terrace in Guangxi, Youxi terrace in Fujian, Hakka terrace in Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province, and Ziquejie terrace in Xinhua County, Hunan Province) were officially awarded the Global Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage at the Fifth International Forum on Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage.

Longsheng is located in the Nanling Mountains 6,000 to 12,000 years ago, the original cultivation of Japonica rice, is one of the birthplaces of artificial rice in the world. In the Qin and Han Dynasties, terraced fields had been formed in Longsheng. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, Longsheng terraced fields were developed in large scale, and basically reached the existing scale in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Longsheng terraced fields are at least 2300 years old. In the long years, people's strong will to survive in nature, the wisdom and strength in understanding nature and building a home are fully reflected here.

Unimagined, more than 2,300 years ago, the first batch of Zhuang and Yao people to reach the Longji face the mountains in front of them, how to clench their teeth, rely on the most primitive knife tillage and fire cultivation, reclaimed the first terrace.

The temptation of rice was so great that, perhaps without considering it, their descendants took the hoe from their father and brother, day after day, year after year. Are they most satisfied with the good news that their grandchildren have reclaimed a new field while they are playing with their grandchildren in their early years?

The terraces, like chains, surround the peaks into giant snails, some half-folded and half-opened like giant fans, and some folded into narrow fans; others, like a mirror, were divided and then layered into fragments of many shapes. Within this vast square, the paths zigzagged leisurely through the twists and turns. In the terraced fields, they fluttered into a string, and the dragon-ridge Zhuang folk song that lingered over it became a wisp of smoke, while the Zhuang "numb rot" which was illuminated by water and touched by clouds and shadows was turned into a fairy Palace by the ghosts.

Terraced fields are everywhere, but large-scale concentration like Dragon Ridge terraces is rare. Terraces were opened up in all the muddy places, from flowing valleys to cloudy hilltops, from lush woodlands to stone cliffs. Up to five or six miles vertically and horizontally, the rolling and towering mountains meander like a staircase ascending the blue sky, like a huge abstract picture between the sky and the earth.

(1) the natural landscape and natural environment are well protected. Terraces are situated in the mountains of Yuechengling. They are separated by high mountains on all sides. Up to now, no highway has been opened. The economic nature is still self-sufficiency. Fupingbao, the highest peak of Longsheng (1916 meters above sea level), is situated behind a cottage and remains a dense virgin forest above 1500 meters above sea level in Fupingbao. The streams are numerous, and the water is abundant. The evergreen vegetation on the mountain is evergreen. The houses in the stockade are all hanging corner towers. The orderly stockades merge with the mountains. They are simple, elegant and full of pictures. When they come to Jinkeng, they have a feeling of returning to nature.

(2) the scenery is beautiful and picturesque. Dragon ridge terraces are orderly, colorful, and curved. Curves give people a dynamic beauty, especially those long curves and wave lines, reminding people that these terraces seem to be colorful ribbons falling from the sky. Golden pit terraced fields also have pictographic beauty, some hills along the shape of the mountains covered with a circle of terraced fields, like pagodas, enhanced pastoral beauty; some terraced fields look like eagles spread wings; some terraced fields such as seven stars accompanying the moon, some terraced fields are typical trapezoidal patterns, and lace fields. Jinkeng terrace has a sense of hierarchy. Because of its steep terrace, Jinkeng terrace has more ribbon-shaped terraces. It has more high and low levels, and is rich in near and far levels. Then the golden pits terraced fields have a musical sense of beauty, which is reflected in the rhythm and rhythm of terraced fields.

(3) simple folk customs and ethnic harmony. Now entering the Yao village, you can often see some farmers take the initiative to build roads and bridges, regardless of remuneration. People all love the old people. If there is a red and white Festival on the stockade, all the widows and widows in the same stockade, regardless of their relatives or strangers, invite them to dinner without receiving gifts. The elderly are the first to visit the elderly. In daily production activities, there are still back-to-back and help-to-work methods, that is, changing jobs, such as: which house does not have enough labor, the people on the stockade will take the initiative to help, when you are in need of other people to help, we will also take the initiative, this way of changing jobs, without pay, just responsible for eating. There are also good customs of mutual lending and mutual assistance, and things that are kept intact.

Longji terraces have two scenic spots 1 and 2, and 1 scenic spots are far away from the east side of the village. The number 2 is relatively near. The first and second scenic spots are connected by a flat road. The "seven stars accompany the moon" in the most famous Dragon Ridge terrace, the essence of the Dragon Ridge terrace, the seven hilltop terraces and a large hilltop terrace can be seen in both places. The whole mountain is a narrow terraced field, and the ridge is like a contour line. There are four Yao villages, and it takes three to four hours to walk up from the No. 1 scenic spot of Ping'an. There is a large terraced field in Longji Town, Southeast of Longsheng county.

The Longji Terrace Scenic Spot is inhabited by Zhuang and Yao nationalities, mainly Zhuang nationality. The Zhuang nationality in Longji is the representative of Beizhuang with unique costumes and unique customs. Here you can see the simple folk dance of Zhuang nationality and protect the perfect costumes of Zhuang nationality. You can hear the beautiful folk songs of Zhuang nationality and enjoy the original style of Zhuang nationality. In addition to the traditional Zhuang folk houses, such as Longji copper drum, Shigong dance and pole-beating are refreshing. In addition, there are ancient Zhuang folk houses, pure and delicious Longji tea and chili pepper, and the refreshing "Oriental Magic Water" - Longji Water Wine. Longji terrace is only a general name for a scenic spot, including Longji (Zhuang), Ping'an (Zhuang), Zhongliuzhai (Yao), Dazhai (Yao), Tiantouzhai (Yao), Xiaozhai (Yao) and other villages. As far as terraced fields themselves are concerned, the most spectacular ones are Dajin's gold pit terrace and nearby small village terraced fields. Most of CCTV's 12 TV headlines and the promotional pictures and movies about the Dragon Ridge Terrace that we often see are from the golden pit terrace. The Seven Star companion of Ping'an Village is also very good, which is usually the Dragon Ridge Terrace that we used to talk about. Dragon ridge terraces usually have three entrances, one is Ping'an Village, one is Dazhai Village, and one is Longji Village (Longji Ancient Zhuang Village).

Longji terrace includes two scenic spots: Ping An Bei Zhuang terraced fields and gold pool red Yao terraced fields. The two terraced fields were both cut with great force and delicate carvings, which were full of both momentum and elegant artistic appeal. Because of the different mountains, there are two different poetic scenes. The two, one south and one north, are like twin walls, forming two cultural spaces of the northern Zhuang Dynasty and the red Yao Dynasty, which can be said to be ingenious in combination and reflect each other.

Peace terrace across the two administrative villages of Ping'an and Longji, like a giant dragon in progress, soaring over a 45-mile long slope, soaring more and more of a kind of wild force. There are two unique landscapes in the safe terraced fields: "Nine Dragon five tiger" and "Seven Star companion moon". "Kowloon" refers to the nine small hills separated from the main vein of the Dragon Ridge here, and "Five Tigers" refers to the five slightly raised hills here. "Kowloon" and "five tigers" are all coiled up by terraced fields. "Seven Stars" refers to the seven hills left behind when the sky was opened. The seven hills were separately overlapped in the center of the seven fields, looking like seven twinkling stars from afar, guarding the curved moon field of the Dragon ridge. Because of the existence of "Kowloon Five Tigers" and "Seven Stars with the Moon", Ping'an Terrace is like a broom garden with scenery and lots of interest and interest.

Gold pit red Yao terraced fields

From the two Dragon Bridge parking lot to the left, leading to the terrace of the peace Zhuang, to the right, leading to the golden pit. Dazhai red Yao terraced fields. Its highest altitude is 1180 meters, and its lowest altitude is 880 meters.

Golden pit. Dazhai red Yao terraced fields surrounded by mountains, resembling a natural sinkhole. The ancestors of Hongyao in Jinkeng migrated from Dongting and Wuxi areas in Hunan Province, bringing about advanced techniques for planting rice. Now the field in front of the school in Dazhai Village is the earliest harvested area reclaimed by the ancestors of Hongyao. It is the ancestral field of Jinkeng. Life and art are so interlinked. The ancestors of the Dragon's Ridge Mountains didn't realize that the terraced fields they opened with sweat and blood were a great masterpiece of art. The terraced fields became a charming and natural world of curves.

Jinkeng Dazhai Hongyao Terrace has three scenic spots, namely, Shao Le in Xishan, 1000-storey staircase in Dajie and Jinfoding. The three landscape points constitute a distant paradise. A thousand tiers of terraces can be seen as terraced fields like stairs. Xishan Mountain scenic spots can be seen in Xingan's cat hill and Longsheng County Longji scenic area, the highest peak of 1918 meters in the sea, Fuping packs, the 40~50 square kilometers of terraced fields, the morning view of the sun, the terraced fields twisting and flowing, like the beating of notes in cock *, insects, birds, pigs, cattle, sheep, and human noises. The sound of the stream plays the music of the earth, guarding the vicissitudes of life. Golden Buddha top spots can see "Eagle's wings" and "golden line hoisting gourd" and sunset scenery.

From the distance of the terraced fields, the terraced fields, like scales, decorate a continuous and steep Longji Mountain into a vivid and sparkling dragon. The life color of the Dragon Ridge Terrace is as distinct as the terrace itself, and it has different charm all year round, which makes people intoxicated.

Standing at the top of the terrace, looking at the terrace, I can only feel that the terraces under my feet are rising like a tidal wave, pouring mountains and seas into it, forming a group of terraced fields which are open and close in length and fluent, forming a world of terraced fields with great efforts and beauty, showing a rough and shocking beauty. A poet once described the Hongyao terrace in Jinkeng as "the Dragon Ridge Terrace is magnificent, with thousands of layers winding from the peak, curves turning green belt, and paths crossing the mirage rainbow. It is suspected that the snails come out of the sea, fall into the sky, and look back to the road of return, facing the sky ladder nine heavy".

Golden pit terrace

The gold pit terrace is located in Dazhai village, which is named for its gold production. The topography of the golden pit is a huge "sky hole", and it is like a small circular land covered by a circular cottage. Standing at the bottom of the pit and looking around, the 1000-meter-high "pit edge" uphill is connected with a slope, slope runs are overlapping terraces straight to the clouds. The ring-shaped mountain, which stretches four or five miles, is like a huge dragon that is bent. Unlike peaceful terraced fields, it presents a kind of rough enlargement of the United States and shocking others. In addition to the legendary "double dragon robbing treasure" and "double lion jumping bars" two scenes in the Terrace Scenic Spot of Jinkeng, there are also three newly named "thousand-storey ladder", "golden Buddha top" and "Xishan Shao Le" scenery, which constitute another Dongtian Fortune Land far away from the secular world on the Dream Dragon Ridge.