The evolution of Guangyuan

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The evolution of Guangyuan

Guangyuan was ruled by Yin state in Xia Dynasty and Ju state in Zhou Dynasty. At that time, the state of Ju was in a state of tripartite confrontation with the states of BA (governing Chongqing) and Shu (governing Chengdu).

In the sixth year of King Zhou Shenliang (316 B.C.), the state of Qin destroyed Shu tunju and changed Shu to Shu Prefecture. Jiameng county (now Zhaohua Town, Zhaohua District, Guangyuan City) is subordinate to Shu County of Qin state.

In the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC), the name of the county remained unchanged.

During the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC), the county name remained unchanged.

In the Shuhan period (221-263), Liu Bei was changed to Hanshou County.

In the Western Jin Dynasty (266-316), it was changed to Jinshou county.

In the 15th year of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (390 A.D.), Xing'an County was set in the north of the county (governing the present Lizhou District), and Shoujun County of Jin was established. The county was changed to Yichang County, and the county and county governed Zhaohua town at the same time.

In the southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589), Shoujun of the Eastern Jin Dynasty was established in Xing'an County in 498, the first year of Yongtai, Ming emperor of the Southern Qi Dynasty. The Northern Wei Dynasty was changed to Xiyi Prefecture. Liang was changed to Lizhou. The Western Wei Dynasty was changed to Lizhou and set up the prefectural Office of Lizhou. The Northern Zhou Dynasty remained unchanged.

In the Sui Dynasty (581-618), Xing'an County was changed to miangu county. Li state was changed to Yicheng County, and the general office was still set up.

In Tang Dynasty (618-907), Yicheng County was changed to Lizhou. It has jurisdiction over Li, long, Shi, Peng, Jing and Sha; it has been upgraded to the governor's office, and has jurisdiction over Li, long, Shi, Jing, Xi and long.

The Five Dynasties (907-960) basically followed the Tang system. Today, the old city of Guangyuan is a county, a prefecture and a military area.

In the Song Dynasty (960-1279), miangu county was governed by Yichuan County of Lizhou and Zhaowu military area, followed by Yichuan County, governor of Lizhou, and Ningwu army.

In the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the capital of miangu county was set up at the beginning, and then transferred from Jingzhao (now Xianyang) to Shaanxi and Sichuan Province. In the Yuan Dynasty, it took the meaning of "Daya Qianyuan" in the book of changes and Dewei broadcasting in the Yuan Dynasty. It changed miangu County into Guangyuan County and Lizhou road into Guangyuan Road, governing miangu (Guangyuan) and Zhaohua counties, Baoning one government, Jianlong, Ba and Mianyang. Later, Guangyuan County was upgraded to Guangyuan Prefecture.

In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Guangyuan government was established at the beginning, then it was changed into a state, and then it was reduced to a county.

The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and the Republic of China (1912-1949) followed the Ming system.

On December 14 and 15, 1949, Guangyuan and Zhaohua were liberated.

In March 1950, Jiange Commissioner's office and local committee were established in Guangyuan urban area, governing 10 counties, including Zhaohua, Guangyuan, Jiange, Qingchuan, Pingwu, Beichuan, Jiangyou, Wangcang, Cangxi and Langzhong.

In March 1959, Zhaohua county was incorporated into Guangyuan County.

In February 1985, Guangyuan County was abolished and prefecture level Guangyuan City and Shizhong District were established, and the former Guangyuan County was changed into Shizhong District of Guangyuan City; Qingchuan, Wangcang, and Jiange counties of the former Mianyang special area were under the jurisdiction of Guangyuan City; on June 1 of the same year, the people's Government of Guangyuan City was established; and in September of the same year, Cangxi County of Nanchong special district was put under the jurisdiction of Guangyuan City.

On May 11, 1989, Shizhong District was reduced to two suburbs (county level) of Yuanba and Chaotian.

On March 13, 2007, Shizhong District was renamed Lizhou district.

On April 1, 2013, Yuanba district was renamed Zhaohua district.