The announcer Ding Zhen will not be on duty until half a year later

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On December 6, just after yesterday's live media broadcast, Ding Zhen met with more than 20 fans from all over the country to take photos at noon. Ding Zhen is no longer as shy and helpless as he was when he first met a stranger. After half a month's popularity, Ding Zhen is now able to move, gesture and smile freely in front of fans and cameras. In addition to Ding Zhen's busy schedule, the reporter interviewed Du Dong, general manager of Litang County cultural, tourism and sports investment and Development Co., Ltd., where Ding Zhen is based, on some issues recently concerned about Ding Zhen by netizens in cangyang study of Litang County.

(1) What is Ding Zhen's work arrangement plan next?

Du Dong: Ding Zhen will work in Litang recently. Where to work and whether to go to Chengdu depends on Ding Zhen's personal will.

At present, it is planned to set up a team in Chengdu around the Spring Festival this year to engage in the external publicity, market development and resource docking of Dingzhen and Litang culture and tourism.

(2) What are the contents of Ding Zhen's daily study?

Du Dong: as the environmental protection supervisor of Qianhu Tibetan village in Litang County, Ding Zhen will visit nine Mini museums in the morning, including health inspection, fire safety, etc.; at noon, he will have a working meal in the work unit; in the afternoon, he will start to study Chinese, practice Chinese characters, and take cultural lessons. There will also be filming missions. A small team has been invited to shoot Ding Zhen. Ding Zhen's various media platforms will gradually update some videos.

(3) How is Ding Zhen's learning progress?

Du Dong: simple Chinese communication is no problem, others need to be further improved.

(4) What mobile phone skills did Ding Zhen learn?

Du Dong: the company bought Ding Zhen the most expensive working mobile phone in the whole company, which is mainly convenient for shooting. Ding Zhen used to surf the Internet, but now his media platform is managed by the company. He will discuss with Ding Zhen about publishing content. Ding Zhen now has a lot of network popular stem, such as "small black hand", "hey hey". But the interaction with netizens is not good, he may not grasp.

(5) Will Ding Zhen be a commentator?

Du Dong: Ding Zhen's work as a racer and commentator will not change. After going to Litang Qianhu Tibetan village, Ding Zhen will explain it to you here.

Generally speaking, commentators can take up their posts after 15 days of training. However, Ding Zhen has a weak foundation in Chinese and has other work at present. It will take at least half a year before we can engage in the work of explanation.

(6) Do you worry that Ding Zhen will not be popular in the future?

Du Dong: hope to realize the soft landing of "net red". Ding Zhen's current trend will not suddenly become red, the heat will slowly fall. Later, after abandoning the novelty, a number of permanent fans were precipitated. Tiktok is the most popular fan fan at present, with 4 million 580 thousand fans and 1 million 290 thousand fans of micro-blog.

(7) Ding Zhen frequently went to search, including some of his relatives. Some netizens comment on Ding Zhen's relatives rubbing Ding's true heat. How do you see it?

Du Dong: Ding Zhen's family and relatives are in the village. Ding Zhen doesn't want to overuse public resources. We have made contingency plans for emergencies. As for the interview expression of the people around him, as long as it is not malicious to discredit Ding Ding Zhen, follow his development.

(8) What are the work plans after Ding Zhen?

Du Dong: he will be arranged to engage in some more meaningful things, including environmental protection, animal protection, intangible cultural heritage display and other public welfare matters in combination with the actual situation in Ganzi.

(9) Did Ding Zhen get his first salary?

Du Dong: Ding Zhen's entry time is less than a month, and there is no time to pay wages to the company. In terms of salary, Ding Zhen is the same as ordinary employees, 3500 yuan / month (before tax).

(10) Network rumors, there will be 20 follow-up "Ding Zhen" plan?

Du Dong: no! Ding Zhen can't be copied on the scene. There won't be another Ding Zhen. The next plan will be to cultivate net red, but not Ding Zhen.