The Story of the Hundred Birds Clothes of the Zhuang Nationality

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The Story of the Hundred Birds'Clothes of the Zhuang Nationality

At the beginning of liberation, Guangxi was a remote part of China at that time, but the appearance of Hundred Birds'Clothes showed that Guangxi was not a barren place for literature, and the minority nationalities in New China also had many wonderful literary works. His works have been published for a short time, and they have attracted the attention of Chinese literary circles. It has aroused the attention of readers all over the country to Guangxi, the culture of the Zhuang nationality and the literature of the Zhuang nationality.

During this period, there appeared a large number of upsurge in creating and compiling Yong Opera, Cantonese Opera, Zhuang Opera and Opera and Dance Opera with the theme of "Hundred Bird Clothes" in various parts of Guangxi. Guangxi Film Studio also filmed the film "Hundred Birds Clothes" according to the legendary story of "Hundred Birds Clothes". Nowadays, the narrative poem Hundred Birds Clothes is still charming. The book "50 Years of Guangxi Literature" published by Lijiang Publishing House on April 1, 2005, commented on this: "White Bird Clothes, with its distinctive national style and beautiful artistic expression, attracted the attention of literary circles and was warmly welcomed by readers. It not only brings the literature of the Zhuang nationality into the literary arena of China, but also shows the fascinating demeanor of the literature of the minority nationalities in New China to the world. The splendid deduction of "Hundred Bird's Clothes" legends about "Hundred Bird's Clothes" are also spread outside Nanning, but the narrative poem "Hundred Bird's Clothes" is the most wonderful deduction of an ancient proposition in the coordinates of national poetry. Lonely orphans with stunt "green hillside, clear stream next to the water. A big banyan tree is like an umbrella. The hillside is a good place, the woods are dense, parrots live here, turtledoves live here. This is a poem at the beginning of the book "Hundred Birds Clothes".

The folk tale of the Zhuang nationality "Baibi Yi" is one of the most representative legendary stories with Baiyue national characteristics. The story has a long history. From the content of the story to the plot of the story, it shows that the birth of the story should begin in the class society, and it has a history of nearly 3000 years. Because there is no written record, the historical period of its popularity can only be judged by interviewing, investigating the successors, and referring to the word "Tusi" in the literature collection and literature collection after the founding of New China. In 1955, Wei Qilin, a famous writer of the Zhuang Nationality, wrote a long narrative poem "Hundred Birds'Clothes" based on the story of "Hundred Birds' Clothes" circulated around his hometown. The advent of this excellent long narrative poem has aroused great repercussions in the literary circles of the whole country. Many writers and poets have made a decision according to the folk literature of various nationalities. Basic excellent works have great influence on the development of contemporary literature in China, and also indicate that the folk tales of the Zhuang nationality have entered a new era. A few years later, before the Cultural Revolution, there were upsurge of creation and compilation, Yong Opera, Cantonese Opera, Zhuang Opera and Opera and Dance Opera in all parts of the region.

Since the founding of New China, the inheritance of stories has undergone a process of ups and downs. The Zhuangs folk tale "Hundred Bird Clothes" was bred in a long class society. It experienced the period from the end of Song Dynasty to the prosperity of the Republic of China, from the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic to the new and prosperous period of the Cultural Revolution, from the cold period during the Cultural Revolution, and from the rescue and recovery period of the protection project of the traditional national culture. In the excavation and rescue of the Civil Insurance Project, although a lot of work has been done in interviewing, investigating and collecting, no new development has been achieved due to various reasons. The story of Hundred Birds'Clothes is full of fantastic mythology. The spread of the story has been enriched with the development of history. The story tells of a young man named Zhang Yayuan who was born in a poor family. His unborn father died of hard work for the chieftain. From childhood, he depended on his mother for his livelihood, mainly by working hard for the chieftain and changing firewood for rice. At a young age, Zhang Yayuan went up to the mountains to hunt firewood and trained himself to hunt firewood and have a strong body. One day, on the way home, a big cock jumped on the flat frame of his firewood picking, and he took it home. After six months, the chicken turned into a beautiful girl and married him. Zhang Yayuan is brave and competent, his wife is hard-working and kind, and has a good life after marriage. These were known by the Chieftain, who forcibly robbed Yayuan's wife. Before leaving, his wife told Yayuan, "You shoot a hundred birds on the hill and make a feather coat. A hundred days later, you put on a hundred birds'coat and go to the Yamen to look for me." The wife was robbed, the mother was angry and the family was broken. With hatred and sadness, and with hope, Aharon went into the mountains to shoot birds. The girl was snatched into the gate, without laughter, only day by day sadness, day by day haggard. To get the girl's laughter, the toaster offered three hundred dollars, but nobody could make the girl laugh. In order to save his wife, Yayuan went through ninety-nine rivers, climbed ninety-nine mountains and shot down a hundred birds. When the 100th day arrived, Yayuan, according to his wife, made a "hundred bird clothes" and put them on his body, and came to the Yamen. Usually the girl with a sad face smiled when she saw Yayuan dancing "Bird's Clothes". Tusi greedy "bird God clothes", in order to please her, he took off his official gown and changed it with Yayuan. Yayuan killed the chieftain by helping him wear the "hundred bird clothes". And they took the opportunity to escape from the Yamen, and both of them went far and far together to live a good life.