The Huaming Tower Scenic Area

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Huaming Tower Tourist Area: National AAAAA Tourist Area, National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit, National Patriotic Education Base.

Located in the southeast of Ningxiang City, Hunan Province, Huaming Tower is 20 kilometers east of Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, and 30 kilometers west of Shaoshan, Mao Zedong's hometown. It is the former residence of a great revolutionary and former President of the State, Comrade Liu Shaoqi.

The Shuangshiling Mountains in Huaminglou are covered with green hills and clear springs, and the canals in the valley irrigation area cross with Jinjiang River, singing in a low voice, like two silver chains inlaid between them. Lu You, a poet of the Song Dynasty, is well known for his "heavy mountains and rivers, and bright willows, dark flowers and other villages". Nowadays, buildings and people have become history, and the word "Huaming Building" has become the name of this beautiful land. In particular, Liu Shaoqi, a great man of the generation, was born here, which made the name of Huaming Tower famous throughout the north and south of the Yangtze River.

The Huaming Tower Scenic Area covers a total area of 690 mu, including Comrade Shaoqi's former residence, Memorial hall, bronze statue square, cultural relic hall, Huaming Tower and self-cultivation pavilion. It is the first patriotic education demonstration base in China and has become one of the most important revolutionary memorial sites and tourist attractions in Hunan Province.

Introduction of scenic spots

Huaming Tower is a beautiful town in the south of the Yangtze River. It is located in the southeast of Ningxiang City, along the Jinjiang River, bordering Wangcheng County in the northeast and Xiangtan City and Xiangxiang City in the southwest.

Neighbouring, 30 kilometers east of Changsha, capital of Shaoshan, 37 kilometers south of Mao Zedong's hometown, 30 kilometers west of the county. According to the old county chronicle, "Qigong chose this building in the past and studied it with his second son." He took the artistic conception of Tang and Song poetry and named it Huaming Tower.

Huaming Tower is a place surrounded by low mountains, and its natural scenery is relatively common. However, it is the former residence of Comrade Liu Shaoqi, so it has a high reputation. Especially after the Gang of Four was smashed, Comrade Liu Shaoqi's grievances were exposed. General Secretary Jiang Zemin and many other state leaders came to visit and admire it, which made Huaming Tower famous. Rising steadily, it has become a famous tourist attraction. Transportation has also become very convenient because of accelerated development.

Liu Shaoqi's hometown is located in the central link of the two golden tourist hotlines of "Changsha-Zhangjiajie" natural scenery tour and "Changsha-Huaminglou-Shaoshan" celebrity's hometown tour. It is an important part of the "Golden Triangle" of the great hometown of the whole country. It covers an area of more than 470,000 square meters and has a construction area of 20,000 square meters, mainly including Liu Shaoqi's former residence, Memorial hall, bronze statue plaza, cultural relics hall, Huaming Tower, culture pavilion, the airplane that Liu Shaoqi has taken, Wandeding, Jiulong pillar, Yiyehu, Liu Jiazu grave and other scenic spots.

Huaming Tower belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate. It has four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 16.8 degrees Celsius and the average relative humidity is 81%. It is suitable for traveling in spring and autumn.

Features of scenic spots

Liu Shaoqi Bronze Statue Square is solemn and broad-minded, surrounded by pine and cypress, covering an area of more than 8000 square meters. In the center of the square, Comrade Liu Shaoqi's bronze statue stands tall. The bronze statue with a base is 7. 1 meter, contains two meanings: first, "seven? One" is the party's birthday, implying that Comrade Shaoqi devoted his life to Party building, is the leader of our party. Second, Comrade Shaoqi was 71 years old, which implies his glorious and great life.

Liu Shaoqi's former residence was built in 1871, facing the green water and leaning on the green hills. There are towering ancient trees on the left and villagers'farmhouses on the right. The structure of the former residence is natural, clean and simple. It is a common farmhouse quadrangle with civil structure. On November 24, 1898, Comrade Shaoqi was born here and spent his childhood and adolescence. In 1961, Comrade Shaoqi, who was the President of the State, lived in the house for six days and six nights during his investigation in his hometown. The wooden frame beds and other articles in the room were still displayed as they were then. In January 1988, the former residence was promulgated by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection unit. Apart from the original thatched and tiled houses, the former residence also displays more than 200 exhibits, maintaining the original style, vividly reproducing the typical features of Jiangnan farmers at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, and some scenes of Liu Shaoqi's life and learning here.

Comrade Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall was established on the basis of his former residence. It is a complete and systematic biographical museum that introduces Liu Shaoqi's life and achievements nationwide. Comrade Shaoqi's life is divided into four themes for display. The exhibition combines themes with life, reflects Comrade Shaoqi's life story in a large way, and reflects his important thoughts and main contributions in building a new China, developing and consolidating the Communist Party of China, and building a socialist economy with Chinese characteristics.

Huaming Garden is located in Xianji Ridge and Baihe Ridge and covers an area of more than 200 mu. Its main contents are "Huaming Tower", "Culture Pavilion", "Liu Shaoqi's Airplane", "Wande Ding" and "Yiye Lake". It integrates sightseeing and ideological education. It is novel in form and elegant in environment. It provides tourists with one side to visit and think about. Enjoyable and participatory spiritual paradise.

Traffic information

From Changsha to Ningxiang, there are Changyi Expressway and Changshao Lou Expressway, and high-standard cement highway to Huaming Building has been built in Changsha, Ningxiang and Shaoshan. There are two "Lu4" buses from Changsha to Huaminglou every day. From Ningxiang East Bus Station, 901 buses go to Huaminglou every half hour. The buses are on time and convenient. In addition, from Changsha, Ningxiang and Shaoshan, there are more than 20 bus trips a day to Huaming Tower.

Changsha City takes bus No. 312 and No. 314 to Changsha West Railway Station, where there are special tourist buses for scenic spots.