The Good friends rice noodles

Home Food 2018-11-03

Laoyou powder is a local delicacy in Nanning, Guangxi. In 2007, it was selected as the first 26 items of intangible cultural heritage list published by Nanning. It is the same as snail powder in Liuzhou, Guilin rice powder in Guilin and fried River powder in Wuzhou as "four rice noodles" in Guangxi.

Nanning people think sour, hot and delicious old friend powder appetizers in summer, and eat cold in winter. Old friend powder is a local snack representative without class differentiation. It is very popular with the people. This kind of powder can combine sour and spicy in its own unique way, forming one of the unique flavors of Nanning snacks.

"Old Friend Flour" is one of the most popular local snacks in Nanning. It is sour, spicy, salty and fragrant. It is said that it has the function of dispelling wind and dispelling cold, refreshing and refreshing.

Although old friend powder is popular nowadays, its original version is old friends. There is an allusion about the origin of old friends'noodles: in the 1930s, an old man visited Zhou Ji Teahouse every day for tea. He did not go to Zhou Ji Teahouse for a few days because of a cold. Zhou Ji's boss was very concerned about it. He cooked the refined noodles into a bowl of hot noodles with fried garlic, soybean sauce, chili, sour bamboo shoots, beef powder, pepper powder and so on. An old friend eats. The hot and sour face suddenly increased the appetite of the old man. He was sweating heavily and caught a cold. After the event, the old man could not thank him enough. The plaque of "Friends Always Come" was presented to Boss Zhou, from which "Friends Face" got its name and gradually became famous.

Another theory is that Zixian invented "old friend powder" and "old friend noodles" in Nanning. Zixian's ability to use "old friend powder", "old friend noodles" and "picking up scratches" relieved the pain of the emperors and ministers in Yongli of Nanming Dynasty and many soldiers from the North who were not satisfied with the water and soil. 

Old friend powder is the gold-lettered sign of Nanning snacks. It tastes delicious and spicy. It is appetizing in summer and cold-driving in winter. It is said that the old friend powder is very livelihood temperament, usually a bowl of belly will have a feeling of support, let people feel full and strong. At the same time, it is also a representative of snacks without class differentiation. In the snack shops on the streets of Nanning, not only the ordinary people are gathered, you can often see that the owners of BMW are waiting in line to turn the tables, so that they can eat a bowl of old friend powder.