The Godmother(Lao Gan Ma)

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Lao Gan Ma (Tao Huabi) brand oil pepper is one of the traditional flavor foods in Guizhou area. For decades, it has been carefully brewed with traditional techniques, with elegant and delicate, spicy prominent, long aftertaste and other characteristics. It is a must at home and a good gift to relatives and friends.

In 1984, Ms. Tao Huabi, with her own unique stir-frying technology, introduced a unique flavor of condiments, so that the vast number of customers have a good time. Mass production in 1996 has quickly become a hot spot in the country. Laoganmu is the largest manufacturer of chili products in China. It mainly produces more than 20 series of products, such as flavored soybean sauce, flavored chicken oil chili, spicy vegetables and flavored sufu. Most foreign shopping websites translate "Lao Gan Ma" or "The godmother" directly.

In July 2012, Gilt, an American luxury merchant, snapped up two bottles for $11.95 (about 7.74 pounds, or 79.1 renminbi) on a time-limited basis, treating her as an honorable condiment. The "old godmother" of the United States is definitely "imported luxury from China".

Guiyang Nanming Old Ganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd. is located at 138 Longdong Road, Longdongbao, Nanming District, Guiyang City. Founded in 1996, the company now has a four-storey multi-functional office building and four production bases, occupying an area of more than 20,000 square meters and employing more than 2,000 people. It is engaged in management and technical personnel. There are 246 people in all.

Since the establishment of Guiyang Nanming Old Dry Mother Flavor Food Co., Ltd, with the support and help of the Party committees and the government at all levels in Guizhou Province, municipality and district, and under the leadership of Ms. Tao Huabi, the founder of the enterprise, all the employees of the Old Dry Mother Enterprise have been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "honesty-based, pragmatic and enterprising". Through 9 After years of hard work, the enterprise has developed into a national well-known enterprise, national-level agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises. Laoganma has formed a production capacity of 1.2 million bottles of capsicum products per day. It mainly produces more than 20 series of products, such as flavored soybean sauce, oil pepper, fresh beef powder, water soybean sauce, flavored sufu, etc. It is the largest domestic production and sales of Capsicum products.

Business management

In the process of advancing, the company constantly standardizes the internal management of the enterprise, improves the infrastructure construction, and continuously increases the intensity of technological transformation. In addition to adding new production capacity, the company carries out technological transformation of the original production line, and the comprehensive production and management capacity of the enterprise has been greatly improved. Modern management system is introduced in management, and effective organization and implementation, enterprise competitiveness and management level is constantly improving. In terms of quality control of finished products and raw materials, the company has established a quality control center with relatively complete technical means to improve and strengthen the ability of self-inspection and self-testing of raw materials, accessories and finished products, so that each batch of products are produced strictly according to the requirements of the operating procedures, and samples are sent to the authoritative machine for quality inspection and food inspection in the province before leaving the factory. The structure was tested.

operating performance

In recent years, due to the establishment of enterprise quality management system and the effective implementation of quality management work, all the indicators of products have reached the national hygiene and quality standards over the years. The qualified rate of products is always at the top of the same industry, and has been awarded the "National Food Industry Quality-Benefit Advanced Enterprise" and "Inspection Unit". It has successfully passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality system, ISO 14001:1996 environmental management system, HACCP certification, the product "oil pepper" has passed the "green food" certification and the "oil pepper" certification. "China Famous Brand" was awarded to the series of food, and the company as the main drafting unit of the standard issued the first national standard of "oil pepper". In the course of 10 years'operation, Laoganmu Company has won many honors for its abrupt business achievements and contributions to the country and society.

management idea

Quality and food safety policy

Quality first, safety first, customer first and continuous improvement.

Environmental policy

Energy-saving, pollution prevention, green enterprises, clean production, law-abiding, continuous improvement, people and nature, common growth.

Corporate philosophy

"Create a national brand, establish a great cause", "integrity management, quality first" 

Different from inside and outside

"How many countries do you mean by" old godmother "? I don't know how many countries I've sold. I can only tell you that there are mothers everywhere in the world. Tao Huabi replied with pride.

"The price of the Internet transmission Lao Mama abroad is several times that of the domestic market. Is that true?"

"It's much cheaper in China." Lao mama said, but she was not willing to respond to the difference in price. "I'm Chinese. I don't make money from Chinese. I'm going to sell my old mother to a foreign country to make money from foreigners." Old mama Tao Huabi's right hand flicked.

Founder introduction

A rural woman, who had never been to school for a day and could only write her name, started a business with an asset of 1.3 billion yuan in just six years from scratch!

The name of the rural woman who created this true fairy tale is Tao Huabi. Many people may be at a loss to say her name, but no one is unaware of her "old dry mother's spicy sauce". Tao Huabi is the chairman of Guiyang Nanming old godmother Food limited liability company.

Pioneering work

Entrepreneurial "magic trick": fight! Hard spell! Work hard and fight in person!

Tao Huabi, born in 1947, was born in a remote mountain village in Meitan County, Guizhou province. Because of poverty at home, Tao Huabi never read a book from small to large. At the age of 20, she married a member of the 206 geological team, but within a few years her husband died of illness and left her and her two children behind. In order to survive, she had to work and put up a stall.

In 1989, with a little money saved from frugality, Tao Huabi built a primitive "affordable restaurant" with bricks picked from all over the street in Longdongbao, Nanming District, Guiyang City, specializing in cold noodles and cold noodles.

In order to win customers, she pondered and figured out something unique that no one else had: someone else was just adding pepper, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and shallots, and she specially made spicy sauce with cold powder. Once the idea was put into practice, business was very prosperous. Occasionally one day, Tao Hua-bi did not prepare spicy sauce, customers heard there was no spicy sauce, actually turned away. She couldn't help but wonder if the customers who came to me didn't like cold powder but my spicy sauce?!

She was smart enough to see the potential of the spicy sauce, and then painstakingly studied it. After several years of trial production, the flavor of her spicy sauce is more unique. Many guests have to pay for a little spicy sauce to take home after eating the cold powder. Some even come to buy her spicy sauce instead of cold powder. She couldn't help smiling: so many people like to eat my spicy sauce. What kind of jelly do I still have? Better than monopoly spicy sauce!

In July 1996, Tao Huabi took advantage of two houses of Yunguan Village Committee in Nanming District to recruit 40 workers and set up a food processing plant specializing in the production of spicy sauce, which was named "Old Dry Mother Spicy Sauce". When she became a boss, she knew that it was up to management to manage the factory well, but she didn't know a word. How did she manage it? After some painstaking meditation, she recognized a "management trick", that is: I work hard and hard to do all by myself, the workers can follow, or afraid it can not be done?

Tao Huabi, who is so popular, said so, so he did everything. At that time, the production was handmade, in which pepper mash, chili pepper when the spray splashed into the eyes of people to tears, workers are reluctant to do this work. Tao Huabi herself, she waved a kitchen knife in one hand, mouth continued to say: "I cut the pepper as an apple, it is not hot eyes at all." The employees laughed and picked up the kitchen knife. During that time, Tao Hua-bi was a pioneer in drying, resulting in shoulder periarthritis, 10 fingernails because of mixing spicy sauce all calcified. Does she work hard when her boss is so desperate?

However, after the production of a large number of spicy sauce, the local chilli shop can not digest it at all. Tao Huabi himself returned to the food stores and canteens for trial sale by carrying spicy hot sauce. I didn't expect this stupid method to be very effective. But a week later, the test makers called to let her double the delivery. As a result, her "old mother and spicy sauce" quickly settled in Guiyang. At this time, smart Tao Huabi expanded the scale and built the factory into a company.

In August 1997, "Guiyang Nanming Old Dry Mother Flavor Food Co., Ltd." was formally listed, and the number of workers suddenly expanded to more than 200. After a small factory is expanded into a company, everything must be formalized. Production, supply and marketing and other "viscera" must be complete. The financial and personnel statements must be examined by her personally. Many external affairs, such as industry and commerce, taxation, city management, and so on, must be paid for. The relevant government departments also often issue documents to her for implementation. All this, Tao Huabi, who didn't know a word, at first thought it was too hard.

However, her character is not afraid of difficulties. She practiced her memory and mental arithmetic skills so hard that she could read them to her; she drowned when she heard them and drank bitter tea. In the end, she trained more than the average person's memory and mental arithmetic ability. Every time the statistics came out and the financier read it to her, she could remember it once or twice and distinguish right from wrong.

What troubled her most was that she had to attend meetings held by government departments and speak on the stage. For her without culture, it's like catching up with a duck. But she had to think about asking someone to help herself. Unexpectedly, Li Guishan, the eldest son of the geological team automobile team from the army to 2006, resigned and came to her company.

Li Guishan, a senior high school student, was the first to help her deal with documents. He reads, she listens. When she hears something important, she will suddenly stand up and point to the document and say, "This is important. Write it down and do it right away." Then she drew a circle at the top right-hand corner of Li Guishan's document pointing to her signature. Li Guishan looked at the circle and couldn't laugh or cry. He wrote "Tao Hua Bi" on the paper for his mother to practice when she was free. But Tao Huabi looked at the three words again and again, shook his head and sighed in embarrassment, "These three words are very complicated, very complex!" Nevertheless, she came up with the "strength" of her work and practiced it hard. But she didn't go to school. She really practiced words, and felt that it was more difficult to cut chili than originally. But in order to write her name well, she worked hard for three days. When she finally wrote her name, she was glad to invite all the staff of the company to have a meal.

"Spell it!" Spell it hard! " This is Tao Huabi's first "trick". Relying on this desperate effort, she completed her "primitive accumulation".

"Inside trick"

True! True love! Employees really can't bear to betray.

Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards. After the eldest son Li Guishan joined, Tao Huabi also wanted to set up a system for the company. Other enterprises have formulated many rules and regulations to restrict employees'negative slack, jerry-building, and prevent employees from being unfaithful to the enterprise. But Tao Huabi knew very well that the culture of himself and his eldest son could not produce so many "advanced things". However, in terms of internal management, she also has her own unique strategy: family management. That is to say, "emotional investment" to employees from beginning to end, tell the truth, so that every employee feels sorry for her if they don't work hard, so that an employee who betrays her will be scolded by other employees to death!

When she first asked Li Guishan to formulate her own "land policy", she regarded "expressing feelings" as the most basic element. For example: in the formulation of employee benefits, in view of the company's remote location, inconvenient transportation, employees eat difficult, she decided that all employees are covered by the company package eat... When the company developed to more than 1300 people, the rule is still not abolished. Such a huge enterprise has been carrying out the whole package, and who dares to think and who dare to do it? However, no matter how much money Tao Huabi spent, he persisted. There is a cook from the countryside, his parents died early, there are two younger brothers in the family, but he likes to drink and smoke, a monthly salary of more than 1000 yuan, almost all spent by him. Tao Huabi was very worried when he learned about the situation. One day after work, she invited the cook to the hotel for a drink and said to him, "Son, you can drink whatever you want today, and you can drink as much as you want. But from tomorrow on, you should quit smoking and quit smoking. Because if you want two younger brothers to go to school, don't be a big character like me. The chef was deeply moved by the words of his words and gave up smoking and quitting smoking. But Tao Hua-bi was still worried, she only let him leave 200 yuan a month pocket money, the rest of the money is in his custody by her; when his brother had to use money for school, then withdraw from her. A boss of a big business, who can manage money for a regular worker like she does? Who can care for every employee in such a subtle way? Although no culture, but Tao Huabi understand such a truth: help a person, move a group of people; care for a group of people, can certainly move the entire collective.

With more than 1,300 employees, she can name 60% of them and remember many of their birthdays; each employee's birthday arrives with a gift from her and a bowl of longevity noodles with two purse eggs; every employee marries with her own witness; and every employee travels on business, she always looks like an old woman. Mother sent her children on a long journey, boiled them some eggs by hand, and took them to the factory gate until they got on the bus and turned back. 

This kind of affectionate "emotional investment" has made the old godmother company have a strong cohesive force. In the minds of employees, Tao Huabi is as dear and respectable as her mother; in the company, no one calls her chairman, all calls her "old godmother", and very few people want to leave; even if some people leave for some reason, they want to return to experience the lack of "human" management elsewhere.

On one occasion, a male employee left work in other units very unhappy, can not help but miss the "old dry mother", but also embarrassed to see her directly, had to ask someone to bring words to think back. As soon as Tao Huabi heard it, he said, "I have always been thinking about him. The swallow in Return to Zhuge left, and her emperor Ama was so worried about her, and so was I. You tell him, and you tell him to tell everyone who's gone out of the old mum: If they don't do well outside, they can come back. What's ugly about being a mum?

True feelings, so that Tao Huabi in their own business has a "mother-in-law" the same appeal, so that the company's employees twisted into a rope, for the "old dry mother spicy sauce" of the rapid development of struggle... It took only three and a half years for the company to grow rapidly to more than 1200 people by the end of 2000, with an output value of nearly 300 million yuan and a tax payment of 43.15 million yuan.

External "unique skill"

Sincerity! Honesty! Honestly, others can't bear to cheat.

When the company developed to this level, Tao Huabi gradually felt that the external sales of products had become a big problem. However, she knows neither marketing strategy nor advertising planning, nor even business cards, how to open up the market and win new customers?

Tao Huabi knew his weakness, but he also firmly believed that all roads lead to Rome. As long as she finds a way of doing things, she can do big business as well. But what is the local way? Through the analysis of the success of internal management, she felt that: both internal and external are dealing with people, should be emotional. Internally, this feeling should be reflected in the "true"; externally, this feeling should be reflected in the "sincere" word. As long as you make money, but also to ensure that others make money; not pit, not deceive, willing to cooperate with you to do business more, you can do a good job in sales. So, she held a special management meeting, said to the staff: "All say no intrigue, no merchant, I just do not believe, I just want to `I would rather everyone bear me, I never bear customers!'" Please keep this in mind and win the market in the market competition.

In 2001, a glass factory provided 800 pieces of sauce bottle for each of the 32 bottles. Who knows, the company loaded with spicy sauce just sold to the market, there is a customer response: "Some bottles are not tightly sealed, there is oil leakage phenomenon." Unfortunately, some rival companies somehow quickly learned about this, and immediately used it to attack the "old godmother". Tao Huabi knew very much about it and asked the relevant departments to investigate it quickly. Some managers suggested to her, "Maybe it's just a few bottles that aren't tightly sealed. Just take the goods back and re-seal them. Otherwise, the damage will be too great. It's 800 pieces." But Tao Huabi said resolutely, "no way! It's about the credibility of the company. Immediately send people to collect the goods in all places, and destroy them in public. One bottle can not be omitted. The loss is so great that there is no big loss in the market. " As a result, such practices, while causing huge losses to the company, let people see the "old godmother" to adhere to the determination of quality, bad things become a good thing.

That was in early 2001, when a retailer in Guangzhou set a target of 30 million yuan for the annual sale of "Old Dry Mother Spicy Sauce". Tao Huabi thought the goal was too high to achieve, so he said half jokingly, "If you really achieve this goal, I will award you a car at the end of the year!" The seller didn't take it seriously. He knew that Tao Huabi was very frugal. She was such a big boss, but she didn't even deserve a car. Will you win the prize for an outsider car? But by the end of the year, the retailer has actually finished 30 million yuan in sales. At this time, Tao Huabi said: "People have to be trustworthy, say the words like water poured out, irresponsible how to take credit with others?" She praised the dealer for a Jetta car. After the spread of the incident, the sellers all sighed: "or" old mama "most honest! Who would have the heart to deceive her?

Honesty has won Tao Huabi a good reputation, but also tasted the sweet, which makes her more honest management as a magic weapon for enterprise development. She said confidently: "I do not know what fashionable management methods, I rely on integrity, I want to be honest that others can not bear to deceive me! If anyone deceived me, others would say, "you can't even deceive her?" Who is notorious in his peers, and can hardly stand on his feet.

Unexpectedly, some partners and manufacturers are really ready to cheat her for selfish ends or for some purpose. On one occasion, her company urgently needed the raw materials of soybean sauce, so that a Chongqing soybean brewery rushed to bring more than 10 tons of soybean sauce; because it is "rice pot", the inspectors did not take special care when receiving the goods; who knows when the goods get off the truck, only to find that the outside of the soybean sauce is of good quality, the inside of the soybean sauce is actually bad! If only rush to produce, this batch of fermented soybeans after special treatment is still necessary, but how can Tao Huabi tolerate a little cheating on customers? She insisted on returning products, and the company was forced to suspend production for two days due to lack of raw materials, resulting in a great loss. But after this event spread, Tao Huabi's sincere and responsible spirit for the customers moved people, "old godmother" in the market reputation is better. And what about the fermented bean sauce factory in Chongqing? But because even Tao Huabi deceived, immediately became the "thousands of people refer to" the cross-street mouse, in the same industry's reputation fell sharply.

With good faith, Tao Huabi has won a wide range of prestige in his peers, the enterprise is growing, the brand is widely known, and the profit is increasing year by year. Some people are jealous. For a time, there are more than 50 counterfeit "old godmother" in the market all over the country. Tao Huabi was no longer "sentimental" about this matter and began to exert great efforts to fight against it. She sent people around undercover investigation, but the fake "old dry mother" like leek, cut stubble after stubble. She shouted, "I am the real old godmother!" But an old godmother in Hunan kept on going. Tao Hua-bi was a strong offender this time. She relentlessly started a lawsuit against this "old godmother" in Hunan. It was three years for her to fight. In the end, Tao Huabi's "old godmother" defeated Hunan's "old godmother". This time, Tao Huabi took a bite and grew wise. In May 2003, her "old godmother" obtained the registration certificate of the State Trademark Office.

Laoganma was ranked fifth among the top 50 private enterprises in China. In 2011, it achieved VAT of 108.56 million yuan, exceeding the threshold of 100 million yuan for the first time, an increase of 13.5% over the same period in 2010. Tao Huabi, a rural old lady who had never been to school for a day, managed a private company to this extent, creating a new era of unthinkable true myth. Her success is amazing, and her way of success is worthy of reflection and reference from bosses of higher educational background than hers.

Management wisdom

Old mothers never default a cent on the state, this is the business, but also our ability, you default or steal others is very bad. We have no Treasury bonds, no national taxes, no loans, no discount loans I do not want, clean, clean, clean, I should make money, I do not want dirty money.

I do not owe my employees a penny, I can not sleep in arrears. And agents, suppliers and between each other do not owe money, buy farmer chili, or sell chili sauce to distributors, always cash spot, I do not owe you you do not owe me, I use my quality assurance my market. For customers, from raw materials to every process, we all recognize the truth and ensure the quality.

When I teach my son, I am born to be a man. Never buy shares, hold shares, go public or lend money. These four things must be guaranteed to ensure that future generations will continue to do so.

If I do my business and do not cross the line, I will make it bigger and better. Don't want to make cheap money, good life to do, how much I have the ability to do as many things, to lay a day for themselves, is the real ability. That's what it's all about. How can you have so much energy? I'm devoted to the pepper industry, getting bigger and better. Our profit is very thin, it depends on quantity, small profits but quick turnover. It is impossible to rely on profiteering. Money comes fast and cannot be greedy. Drop in water and make an industry fine. Don't be greedy, we should first make ourselves strong, made of fine steel, good steel, food can be continued from generation to generation.