The First Bay Scenic Area of the Yangtze River

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The First Bay Scenic Area of the Yangtze River

The first bay of the Yangtze River (the first bend of the Yangtze River and the first bay of the Wanli Yangtze River): located between Shigu Town of Lijiang City in the northwest of Yunnan Province and Shasongbi Village in the south of Shangri-La County, with an elevation of 1850 meters, 130 kilometers away from Shangri County Town, there is a direct road. Legend has it that during the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhuge Liang tranquilized Nanzhong and crossed Luzhou in May. In 1253, Kublai Khan "crossed the river in leather bags".

Wanli Yangtze River rushes down from the "roof of the world" - Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Batang County Town enters Yunnan. Along with Lancang River and Nujiang River, it travels in the mountains and valleys of Hengduan Mountains, forming a magnificent landscape of "three rivers running side by side". When we arrived at Shasongbi village in Shangri-La County, we suddenly made a sharp turn of more than 100 degrees and turned to the northeast, forming a rare "V" shaped bend. "When the river flows here, it turns into a reversal and runs into the grand spectacle of the Central Plains." People call this wonder "the first bay of the Yangtze River".

Distinction: The first bend of Jinsha River (different location and affairs).

Scenic spot

1. Shangri-La

2. Tiger Leaping Gorge

3. Songzanlin Temple

Note: The first bay of the Yangtze River (the first bend of the Yangtze River and the first bay of the Wanli Yangtze River) is different from the first bend of the Jinsha River (the location and affairs are different).

Tour strategy

From Lijiang City, the passenger terminal can take a bus directly to Shigu Town. Lijiang is 45 kilometers away from Shigu, about 2 hours'drive. Tourists take the county bus to Shigu Town at a fare of 15 yuan per person. It can also be chartered, but the price is negotiable. Visiting the First Bay of the Yangtze River and Shigu, you can take a special tour bus in front of the bus stops and main hotels in Lijiang City. You can choose the combination of Tiger Leaping Gorge and this scenic spot for sightseeing.

The best tourist season is autumn, followed by summer. Autumn is cool, the climate is pleasant, cool chat in hot summer, is also very pleasant, Lijiang spring flowers blooming, winter sunshine is sufficient, is a good choice, warm winter and cool summer, all seasons are appropriate.

Traffic information

Self-service travelers can only charter a bus and take a county bus to Shigu Town at Lijiang Passenger Terminal or Xinjie Long-distance Bus Ticket Booking Station at a fare of 10 yuan per person. Tickets for the First Bay of the Yangtze River (Shigu Town) are 5 yuan, Tiehongqiao is 1 yuan, Shigu is 2 yuan, and the Red Army crosses the river monument is 2 yuan.

Shigu Town is on the hill beside the First Bay of the Yangtze River. The mountain behind Shigu Town is also the best place to see the First Bay of the Yangtze River. In addition, Shigu is an important transportation route for tourism in Lijiang. Dawn, dawn, Judian and Tacheng can be reached to the north, Laojunshan scenic spot can be reached to the west, and Tiger Leaping Gorge can be reached along the Jinsha River.