Tengchong Volcanic Hot Sea Tourist Area

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The volcanic hot sea is located 20 kilometers southwest of Tengchong County. It covers an area of 9 square kilometers. There are more than 80 large gas springs and hot springs. Among them, 14 hot springs have a water temperature of over 90 degrees. Hot springs can be seen everywhere. There are many hot springs in the world, but it is rare that there are so many hot springs, such as Tengchong Hot Sea.

On August 3, 2016, the National Tourism Administration held a press conference to approve the volcanic hot sea as a national 5A tourist attraction.

brief introduction

A poet said that there are 99 volcanoes here with 99 times passion, and 88 hot springs with 88 times warmth...

Tengchong is a famous geothermal scenic spot in China. 64 thermal active areas have been found in the whole area. There are more than 80 hot springs with the highest water temperature of 96.3 C. Among them, the strongest heat and the most wonderful external display is the Tengchong Hot Sea inlaid about 20 kilometers west of the city. It is surrounded by green hills and noisy waters. It is located in Sulfur Pond in the north, Songshan Qing in the south, Zhongxiao Temple in the East and Banana Garden in the west. It covers an area of about 9 square kilometers. There are various types of geothermal landscapes. More than ten scenic spots such as big and small boilers, Hamazui, Beauty Pool, Lion Head, Pearl Spring, Guming Spring, Fertility Well, Immortal Bath Hall and Bath Hall River Falls have been developed.

These hot springs and steam springs can be divided into carbonate springs, sulfur springs, sulfuric springs and so on. In carbonate and sulphur springs, there are lush grass and green, while in sulphuric springs, there is a ground about 80 meters long and 40 meters wide with hot air and hoarse noises everywhere. The sand and stone on the ground are bare and the grass is barren. People dare not step in and become a natural "forbidden zone".

Among the hot springs in these areas, the most powerful one is "boiling pot". This is an octagonal boiling spring with a pool of about 10 square meters wide and a depth of about 1.5 meters. The highest water temperature can reach 98 C. At the bottom of the pool, there are sprinklers and flowers. There is a giant spring with water gushing like a column, which slides slowly over the surface of the water, forming huge sprinklers. The time-lapse is very beautiful. Because of the high temperature of the water, nearby villagers and tourists often use it as a kitchen "cooker" or slaughter chickens or pigs to take boiling water locally, which is very convenient.

Nature is the most creative. Just like the grape of Xinjiang left behind in the desert, it also sprinkled countless geothermal wonders, hot springs of Bitang, boiling springs of enthusiasm, fountains of clouds and mists in the continuous rain of wetland. There are many kinds and countless. Among them, the most wonderful is the "miracle of the hot sea" embedded in the bathing pond valley, where the mountains are surrounded by a noisy water. Within 9 square kilometers, dozens of hot springs are boiling. At the same time, the steaming steam between the valleys is as diffuse and magnificent as Xu Xiake's "big boiling pot" 50 years ago, the "pearl spring" glittering everywhere, and the only wonderful "clam". Cuiguang and warm "Beauty Pool"... Beauty is endless. There is also the Wenguang Pavilion made of black volcanic rock, which condenses the people's infinite longing for Zhang Wenguang, the leader of the uprising in Tengyue. Therefore, it is said that the springs of "Big Rolling Pot" springs with white peony in their eyes are the inspiration of Zhang Wenguang. When you come to the hot sea, you will not only feel the moisturization of your skin, but also feel the spirit of Tengyue people.

geographical position

The most typical one in the hot sea is the "big boiling pot", which has a diameter of more than 3 meters, a depth of 1.5 meters, a water temperature of 97 degrees Celsius, boiling day and night, and hot air transpiration in all seasons. It is said that once a cow went to the big boiling pot to lick the salty spring water and accidentally fell into the pot. When the shepherd boy called from the village, he had boiled a pot of beef.

Historical textual criticism

According to expert textual research, among Tengchong volcanoes, the earliest one was to come to Fengshan. It erupted 900,000 years ago. Tengchong County Town was built on the rolling lava which erupted and cooled and solidified when it was in full swing. The most beautiful volcano is Shunjiang "Sister Lake", which is a pair of "eyebrows" formed by water accumulation in adjacent craters, resembling twin "sisters". The rounded shoreline of the lake is surrounded by black volcanic karst rocks and volcanic cones, volcanic snakes, volcanic bombs, volcanic pumice and other volcanic eruption relics. The water is sparkling and unpredictable. The sky, clouds, green trees and green hills, birds and flowers are reflected in it. It's like a dream and beautiful. The oldest and youngest volcano is Daying Yingshan, 2614 meters high. It erupted once more than 380 years ago. In 1639, Xu Xiake, a great traveler, visited the mountain and learned from the local population: "Thirty years ago, there were huge bamboo trees on it, covering no gaps, among which there were four Dragon pools, which were unpredictable, and the sound of his feet was surging up and people dared not approach them." Then there were shepherds, who killed five or six hundred sheep in a thunderstorm, and several shepherds. They burned day and night, and the trees were deep, and the pool became land. In order to prove the deficiency and the reality, he also carefully made on-site investigation, and found that: "The stone on the top of the mountain, red and light in color, like a beehive, is froth-forming, although large enough to embrace, and two fingers can be carried, but its quality is still strong, really gray." From this detailed text, it is not difficult for us to imagine the magnificence of the mountain covered with beautiful leaves when it erupted.

Volcanic characteristics

Geothermal energy

Among these geothermal landscapes, the hot sea Boiling Springs near cucumber cyanine and sulphur pond are the most attractive. From Tengchong County to the south by car, through the Lotus District Government seat, the car will be circling down the mountain, the temperature gradually increased. Down to the cucumber cyanine, a strong smell of sulphur poured in. Sulphur from Topaz can be seen everywhere by the roadside. Here is the north-south direction of the hot gas cyanine ditch, in a narrow, cucumber-like mountain cyanine, hot gas springs pierce sand and break rocks, constantly spewing out, more than 10 larger stomata, the temperature as high as 94 C, close to the local boiling point. People use hot gas and hot springs to build pools for bathing and have established sanatoriums. Bathing methods also have a different flavor: steam bath and water bath combined. Steam bathing beds, some of the stomata covered with pebbles, sand, and then one to two inches thick green pine, tendon grass, etc., on these green branches and leaves covered with grass mats or castor clothes. The bathers lay in bed, covered with blankets, steamed up slowly, and began to sweat in about 10 minutes; after half an hour, they sweated deeply, rubbed slightly, and sweat dirt was removed; then they went down to bathe, that is, they were all slippery; after bathing, they were refreshed and exhausted. In the stone wall hot spring, there are hot spring steaming beds. Spring out of the bathtub, ditch into the bathtub, ditch with a bamboo bed, hot water flowing from under the bed, steam along the bed, clean, hygienic, non-ordinary artificial bathroom can be compared! According to the analysis, the spa here contains a large amount of radon gas from thorium decay, as well as a variety of other chemical ingredients. It cooperates with various Chinese herbal medicines and can treat twenty or thirty diseases of the motor, nervous, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, especially rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, sciatica and other diseases. The effective rate is more than 80%. Every winter and spring, hundreds of thousands of people come here to rest and recuperate in the idle season of agriculture, often in groups, carrying food and luggage. Often "ride horses, carry people, carry sticks, walk steadily, chest, stride vigorously". In addition, there are several carbonated springs near the Dieshui River near the county seat, which are said to be effective in treating stomach diseases, but they have not been used up to now.


From the cucumber cyanine forward about hundreds of meters to the bathing pond river. Two valleys, where they collide, form a T-shaped valley, from waterfalls not far from the highway to the intersection of valleys, along the banks and rivers of valleys about 250 meters long and 30 or 40 meters wide, are covered with hot springs, boiling springs and gas springs. High-temperature hot water from 94 to 97 degrees C is accompanied by steam. From the cliff top, from the stone wall, from the gravel and rubble wall, from the depth of the river bed, they are spraying out one after another. There are about a dozen outcrops. Some hot springs are only inches long, with round bubbles rolling inside, and "Butu" sounds, such as hundreds of table tennis balls jumping in the plate; some pools are sprayed with countless small springs, like the invincible Jade Tree Qionghua; some springs spray outwards from the "lion head" shaped cliff to form a semi-circular water column several meters high; some spray out from the "clam mouth" like rocks, and the number of water shoots. Outside the meter, the droplets still feel hot, and a sparkling white spring is piled up beside the spring. Xu Xiake once visited here in the rain, describing one of the hot springs: "If he raised his mouth and opened his palate, the lower part of the palate was like a throat, and water and gas gushed out from it, if there was a Shanghai wind blowing flames under, water boiling, stopping and breathing; when leaping out, Feng Shui forced, erupted like a roaring tiger, its height was several feet, falling down the cave, still hot as soup; or when the wind leaped, it was still hot as soup; when the wind was leaping, it was still hot as a roaring tiger." From the roll, the water stopper shoots, pulling people several feet away, the droplets still shine on people's faces. (Xu Xiake's Journey to Yunnan Diary 10) There are many hot springs besides hot springs, some of which are like frogs singing and whining, others like giant animals lurking underground and breathing ceaselessly. In the side of Jiuren, I can't help but be shocked. Looking at the canyon from afar, we can only see springs swallowing clouds and blowing mist, steaming hot air, straight into the sky, making the sun and the moon shine but not clear; into the cyanine, but smelling the sound of water and steam, loud, hot waterfalls, boiling springs gushing. Only when we are in this situation can we deeply feel the wonder of the "hot sea"!


In November 2017, he won the honor of "Boao International Tourism Communication Forum 2017 Tourist Destination".

Ticket information

Tickets for volcanic scenic spots are 35 yuan per person and 50 yuan per person for hot sea scenic spots.

Landscape characteristics

Hot sea

From the bathing pond river to the sulphur pond known as "a hot sea" or "big boiling pot", we can continue to move forward and turn over a gentle slope. This is a basin-shaped boiling pond about 3 meters in diameter. There are three large sprinkler holes in the pond. The water column from one hole in the northwest corner is about 30 centimeters above the surface of the water. This makes the hot springs boiling like a pot of boiling water all the year round. The water temperature keeps between 96 and 97 degrees centigrade, exceeding the local boiling point. Around the hot spring, there are dozens of small holes, which continuously emit steam. These hot gases mix with the water and gas in the ground, and cross the pond to form a tall air column, which can be seen hundreds of meters away. Several simple bathrooms have been built on the gentle slopes around the pond. The heat flow from the pond is introduced and the cold mountain springs are added. Visitors can take a free bath. Local people use the air vents near the spring, pad with straw, steamed sweet potatoes and potatoes, which can be cooked in about ten minutes, and can also be used for cooking and stewing meat. As for boiling eggs in a big boiling pot, wait for them to be edible.

The hill growled.

What is more peculiar is that there are occasional "humming roars" in the areas of cucumber stalks, bathing pond rivers and sulphur ponds. Every August and September, there are frequent microseisms, which are closely related to volcanic activity. According to the research, the underground heat storage in this area is shallow, and the temperature of hot springs increases with the depth of the surface. For example, Cucumber Qing Hot Spring, the surface is 94 C, 4 meters deep underground, that is, 104 C. The temperature of its groundwater thermal cycle system may exceed 300 C.

Myths and legends

Hot Sea also has a beautiful myth and legend: in ancient times, this area was cold and people suffered terribly. There is a kind-hearted old man who has gone through all kinds of hardships to find a way to make this place warm and prosperous, and the people live a happy life. He is willing to die forever. Later, his sincerity touched the immortal. The immortal gave him a jewel to hold in his mouth. He was so hot and dry that he drank several rivers in one breath. Finally, he turned into a hot-water spitting dragon. Wherever he rested, there were countless hot springs. From then on, the four seasons are warm, cattle and sheep are fat and grains are plentiful. However, the legend is only legend after all. From the point of view of geological structure, Tengchong is located in the world-famous Alps-Himalayas tectonic belt, on the convergence line of the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate. The special structure makes the magmatic activity of underground faults in this area very intense. Helium and methane gas are released from geothermal hot springs, indicating that underground magmatic activity has not stopped, and there is an endless supply of volcanoes.

Geothermal energy resources

Tengchong County's annual natural heat flow is initially estimated to be equivalent to burning 270,000 tons of coal. Therefore, it is undoubtedly of high economic value and broad prospects to actively use geothermal energy to build power plants, extract and enrich sulfonate and other minerals, and use geothermal energy in medical, agricultural and daily life.