Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area

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Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area

Beijing Taoyuan Xiangu Scenic Spot is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. It is 90 kilometers away from Beijing. It starts from the West Bank of Miyun Reservoir in the East and reaches the top of Guanfeng Platform in the west. Its total length is 8 kilometers. It covers a total area of 16 square kilometers. The scenic area has dense forests, numerous pools and waterfalls, magnificent peaks, beautiful environment, especially the 13 pools of six waterfalls in one lake. In winter, there are spectacles of ice and snow. In the world, more than 80 sceneries, such as clouds, sea, clear water and sky, are mosaic, constituting a natural landscape gallery of Xanadu.

On February 13, 2018, the Beijing Tourism Committee released the "Quality Grade Review Results of Class A Tourist Scenic Spots in Beijing in 2017". Yuanxian Valley Natural Scenic Spot was reduced from Class 4A to Class 3A Tourist Scenic Spots. The main problems include: incomplete fire fighting, rescue and other equipment, the lack or damage of safety protection facilities in some dangerous areas, the existence of potential safety hazards, and the phenomenon of disorderly stacking in scenic areas.

geographical environment

Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area is located in Shicheng, Miyun County. It is located in Yunmeng Mountains, 90 kilometers away from Beijing. The scenic area starts from Nanshicheng on the West Bank of Miyun Reservoir in the East and reaches the summit of Guanfeng Platform in the west. It is 8 kilometers long and covers a total area of 16 square kilometers. Scenic area Canyon forest dense, many pools and waterfalls, magnificent peaks, a lake, six waterfalls, 13 pools, skyscrapers, three peaks and four caves, near the Great Wall looks like a long dragon, far-looking clouds and sea wonders landscape, etc. more than 70 landscape mosaics, constitute a natural landscape gallery of exotic Taoyuan.

Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot was awarded National AA Scenic Spot on September 14, 2001, and was first published in China Tourist Daily; was awarded "Beijing Scenic Spot" by Beijing Municipal Government; and also won the honorary title of Beijing Jingbei Advanced Unit.

Taoyuan Xiangu Resort can accommodate more than 400 people at the same time, and has perfect facilities and thoughtful services. It can also eat and live in farmyards and experience folk customs.

Taoyuan Xiangu Scenic Spot will welcome tourists with beautiful tourist environment, excellent tourist order and high-quality tourist service. I wish the tourists happy to come and return with satisfaction.

Hetaoyuan District Hetaoyuan District. Watching Pond Watching Waterfall Scenic Scenic Scenic Scenic Turtle with Tongle Waterfall, Tianshu Mural Pieces Ma Ya, Invisible Waterfall, Tianshu Cave, Mandarin Duck, a line of Tianshu landscape embrace the wonder.

Main attractions


Natural forest: Whether to welcome the visitors, General, Camel, Wuzhi, Xiongshi, Jinzhongfeng and so on, the peaks are competitive and have different shapes. The cliffs and cypresses are high, and the sky paintings of the two Buddhas are more fascinating. Look carefully at the sky painting, such as a huge landscape painting, side view, like the seven fairies before going down to earth meditation, with the wind drifting in their clothes. Looking sideways again, it looks like a Tang monk with a golden Buddhist view on his head and a red robe, who went to the west to collect sutras. Tall sucker trees, green trees, wild poplar, birch trees, green cypress and so on, densely clustered, built a shelter for the whole slope valley. There are five famous trees, such as Shenyu, Guliu, Yingjie Pine, Catalpa bungeana and Betula kowloon. The dwarf hazelnut straw and sesame horn are like sweet and sour strawberry trays, mountain grapes and kiwifruit. These vines climb around each other and fall into the labyrinth.

There are more than 50 registered farmyards in Taoyuan Xiangu, such as Shiwaitaoyuan Resort, Taoyuan Xiangu Resort, Taoyuan Hotel and Nanshicheng Village for tourists to eat, live and entertain.

Fairy Lake

Taoyuan Xianhu: Reservoir capacity is 50,000 cubic meters, the average depth is 8 meters, the deepest is 12 meters, the dam is 13.75 meters high, and the Great Wall crosses at both ends of the dam, where you can swim, fishing, boating, and bike ride around the lake panoramic. Taoyuan Pavilion is a good place for small rest. The Pavilion overlooks the panoramic view of Taoyuan Xianhu Lake with a panoramic view of the lake and mountains.

Land of idyllic beauty

"Paradise Peach Garden" is surrounded by water on the west, South and east, mountains on all sides, the ancient Great Wall on the east, grains and pearls on the east, and poplar bushes on the sky. It is a good place for leisure and vacation. If you step into the elegant fairyland, it is like stepping into fairyland. Eastern climbing of the Great Wall to see the spectacle of sunrise, west looking at the invisible waterfall hanging high, under the waterfall, weeds are lush, birds and flowers, ecological huts, vigorous, squirrels are busy building caves to gather food, rabbits are alert, more to add interest to tourists. West Yongquan Tan, the water surface is not big, looks like a rectangular look no wonder, but the legend: "In a year of drought, water gushing springs turn over, never dry up."

Golden tortoise

With Tongle Waterfall, Tianshu murals, Ma Ya, Invisible Waterfall, Tianshu Cave, Mandarin Ducks, a line of Tian Landscape embracing the wonder, as high as 60 meters, majestic Taoyuan Xian Waterfall, 25 meters long, 7 meters wide, 175 square meters in area and 2 meters deep under the waterfall, tourists linger on and forget to return. From this to the north, climb the first line of the sky, into the canyon, there is a cave in the East and a "tortoise shadow" in the northeastern half of the mountain. Myth and legend: when Erlang Dangshan was driving the sun, there was a sun hiding, encountering a tortoise. It was inspired to move, to hide the turtle, Erlang saw its anger, and took a picture of it on the top wall with his palm. The invisible waterfall is more than 70 meters high. With the seasonal changes, the waterfall falls now and falls down. The daily changes are even more surprising. It is rare to see the invisible waterfall in the early days and the pool waterfall in the late days.

Strange peaks

Camel Peak, Qunxian Peak, Shuangfo Peak, Xiongshi Peak, Jinzhong Peak, Butianshi, General Stone, Dinghai Shenzhen Needle, Qunfeng Peak Competition Show, Peak shape is different, dog teeth staggered, cliff green cypress high, hidden day, if midnight, no Xiyue, the second Buddha's skyscraper murals are introduced to win, carefully viewing the wall, such as a huge landscape painting. Side view is like the meditation of the seven fairies before they go down to earth. Their clothes float with the wind and clap their hands after tasting. The straight side view is like a Tang monk with a golden Buddha crown on his head, a red robe on his head, and a Buddhist Sutra in the western sky. When he is lost, he puts his hands together, bows his head and faces south, and worships Guanyin. Guan Weng eulogizes, the clouds are in the middle of the peak, the peaks are painted, the goddess thinks of the world, Tang hates the West and asks for the sky. The reeds climbed high and stepped into the reeds as long as 500 meters away. The reeds flowed clear and winding along the river at the bottom of the valley. The reeds in the far view were like a green barrier, which could be called reed marshes in the valley.

Taoyuan fairy Valley

There are dozens of tulip varieties planted in Taoyuan Xiangu, such as pink, purple, red, yellow, etc. Flowering fields are full of flowers, which are beautiful and fragrant. Tulip, known as the queen of flowers, is a perennial herbaceous bulbous flower of Liliaceae. Flowering period is from December to March of every year, flowering time is about 7 to 10 days. Taoyuan Xiangu cultivates tulips in large quantities, along which there are cherry blossoms, sheep's hoofs and other road trees. They are the largest number of tulip fields in China, which can be appreciated by the public. The Rome Highway along the way can be said to be a veritable garden road. Tulip welcomes spring, hundreds of thousands of tulips embellish Taoyuan Xiangu with 32 varieties, so they come to Taoyuan Xiangu, not only for people to appreciate. You don't have to go far to the Netherlands to enjoy a large area of tulip gardens, as well as natural strange rocks and rocks for people to appreciate, people want to come back, Taoyuan Xiangu can be said to be a good place for leisure vacation Taoyuan Xiangu.

Inquiry Hall

Taoyuan Xiangu Wenxianlou in Taoyuan Xianlou is a garden restaurant with two floors high and provides vanilla meals. You can rest and eat here. You can also find a quiet seat in Taoyuan Xiangu and have a cup of natural health drinks such as mulberry, aloe, cinnamon, almond, etc. The fresh taste of flower tea mixed with rosemary, mint and thyme, as well as the vanilla provided by the gardener. Wuxing tea is a wonderful taste in Taoyuan Xiangu. In addition, there are the largest number of Pinus quinquefolia forests in Taoyuan Xiangu. The nutritive value of Pinus quinquefolia juice is very high. It is helpful for health care. If you are interested, you may take a weekly vacation to experience it personally.

Cliff inscriptions

Taoyuan Xiangu Filial Piety Base is located about 500 meters upstream of Taoyuan Waterfall. It consists of 56 national totem collections, Cimu Cave and 24 loyalty and filial piety maps. The exquisite cliff stone carving art fully reflects the great unity of the Chinese nation, thousands of years of Chinese civilization and the appeal of filial piety culture. China's 56 national totem collections, 5 meters high and 8 meters wide, are carved on a beautiful and complete natural rock. Fifty-six square reliefs with height of 0.6 meters and width of 0.7 meters are arranged neatly, showing the totems of 56 nationalities in China. The collection of 56 national totems in China helps people understand the population, residence, ancient culture and national beliefs of all ethnic groups, and makes people feel the importance of national unity and the prosperity of the motherland.

Cimu Cave is 21.6 meters long, 5.0 meters high and 0.8 meters wide. It consists of natural caves and artificially excavated caves. From the top to the bottom of the cave, the lowest point is 1.38 meters, which is enough for one cat to enter and exit at the waist. There are three cliff stone frescoes in the cave, named "October pregnancy", "one day of childbirth", "breast-feeding affection", so that people can remember the grace of mothers'nurturing. Zhongxiao Tu was built on the rock wall surrounded by mountains and forested by pine and cypress. Twenty-four exquisite traditional Chinese stone carvings are carved on the cliffs. Filial piety is a traditional virtue of China. Filial piety education base based on the rock wall, with carving technology, vividly promote the traditional Chinese virtues, so that people are filial to their parents, loyal to their families, loyal to the motherland.

A landscape of lakes and mountains

In Taoyuan Xiangu, there is a Taoyuan Lake with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, a surface of 14,000 square meters, an average depth of 8 meters, the deepest 12 meters, and a dam height of 13.75 meters. At both ends of the lake, there is an ancient Great Wall across which fishing, boating and sightseeing can be conducted. The "Xanthao Garden" is surrounded by water in the west, South and east. East climbing the Great Wall to see the spectacle of sunrise, west looking at the invisible waterfall hanging high, under the waterfall weeds, birds and flowers, green ecology, vigorous, squirrels busy building caves to gather food, rabbits ears alert, more to add interest to tourists. In the west, Yongquan Pool is not big and looks like a rectangular shape. It seems that there is no wonder. However, it is said that in a year of severe drought, the water will turn over and never dry up.

Golden tortoise

In Taoyuan Xiangu, Tongle Waterfall, mural Tianshu Ma Ya, invisible waterfall, Tianshu Cave, mandarin duck and locust tree, a line of sky are all natural wonders. The magnificent Taoyuan Waterfall is 66 meters high, and Qinglongtan is 80 meters long, 10 meters wide, 800 square meters in area and 2-6 meters deep in water, which makes tourists linger and forget to return. It is amazing and dangerous to climb the Qinglong ladder and watch Taoyuan Waterfall near by. Up to the north, there is a "tortoise shadow" on the mountainside of the northeast. Myth and legend: "Long ago, there was a year of drought, many villagers came to Qinglongtan to ask for rain, the old turtle in the pond really can not bear, with their own genuine efforts, the wind and drizzle fell, villagers were saved, but the old turtle made the rule of heaven by rain without authorization! One day, in the midst of lightning and thunder, a column of water rose and the old turtle disappeared in the pool. In order to commemorate it, people searched everywhere and found that the old turtle appeared on the stone wall of the cave opposite Qinglongtan. The villagers burned incense for it every New Year's festival, hoping that the "golden turtle" would always be there to protect the villagers'harvest, safety and happiness.

Annual activities in Taoyuan Xiangu are as follows: ice and snow fitness tour in January-February; peach and apricot blossom ornamental activities in March-April; summer camp for water conservation in June-August; golden autumn harvesting activities in September-October; red leaf ornamental activities in November-December .

Tourism information

Traffic information


Beijing North Railway Station - Shitang Road - Taoyuan Xiangu; Dongzhimen 980 or 987 - Taoyuan Xiangu; driving from Sanyuan Bridge to Jingmi Road to Miyun, along the west line to Shicheng.

Self driving

Jingshun Road Jingmi Road Mixi Road Ryuxin Road Taoyuan Xiangu. Jingcheng Expressway - Miyun Toll Station Exit - Miyun Reservoir - Taoyuan Xiangu.

Introduction to flower season

Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Spot has different flowers in every season, which gives people different feelings and experiences. To appreciate the flowers we like, we need to pay attention to the time of Taoyuan Xiangu flower season first.

January to February: tulips, cherry blossoms

March-June: Lavender, Sage, Tamarisk, March-November: Colourful butterflies dancing in spring, dragonflies flying in pairs, cicadas, frogs and drums Symphony

April to May: Watching Aunt Huo Jin's Starlight Dance

May to June: Tung flower season, lily, lotus, love flower, coloured leaf taro

July to August: volcanic lover Lihua

September to October: Wild Ginger Flowers

October to December: Maple, Lily, Sword, Chrysanthemum

festival activities

Ice and snow activities were held in January-February, ornamental activities of peach and apricot blossoms were held in March-April, water conservation activities were held in June-August, golden autumn harvesting activities were held in September-October, and ornamental activities of red leaves were held in November-December.