Tanxi Mountain Scenic Area

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Tanxi Mountain Scenic Area

Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area: National AAAA Tourist Area, National Forest Park, National Geopark, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area and Key Scenic Spots in Shandong Province.

Tanxi Mountain is located in the middle of Shandong Province, where the Taiyi Mountains meet. It belongs to Zibo City. In line with the principle of "the development and protection of natural ecology, natural landscape and human landscape", six functional areas have been developed, namely, the strange Canyon experience area, the Zhaoyang humanistic customs area, the forest leisure sports area, the summer resort area, the Longji Gallery experience area and the reserve leisure industry area.

Tanxi Mountain is not only beautiful, but also has profound historical and cultural resources. According to historical records, Prince Zhaoyang of Ming Dynasty once took refuge in this place to study, and Zhaoyang Cave got its name. Tang Saier once uprised here, leaving some historical relics such as Jiangtai, Sanshi Temple, ancient monuments, ancient temples and so on.

geographical environment

Location context

Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area is located in the middle of Shandong Province. It is 38 kilometers southeast of Pusongling, the king of short stories in the world. It is located in Ezhuang, Taihe Town, Zichuan District, where the Taiyi Mountains meet. It belongs to Zibo City (prefecture-level city). It is 55 kilometers away from Zibo city and 144 kilometers away from Jinan, capital of Shandong province.


Tanxi Mountain is a warm temperate continental semi-humid monsoon climate with distinct seasons and hot and rainy seasons. It is windy in spring, rainy in summer, cool in autumn, slightly cold in winter and snowfall. The annual average temperature is 14 C, which is suitable for all-year tourism. Annual precipitation is generally between 500 and 800 mm. The annual precipitation is the most in July and the least in January. As the scenic spot is located in the upper tributary of Zihe River Basin, streams radiate into Jiulongtan Reservoir, which will show a fascinating regional Pinghu scenery after impounding.

Geology and geomorphology

Tanxi Mountain, located at the intersection of Tai and Yi Mountains, is the representative of the core landscapes of the hills in central Shandong Province. It is mainly characterized by cliffs, waterfalls, clear springs, karst caves, rifts and rocky landforms. Geological landscape is a special landscape formed by tectonism and natural erosion, which has high aesthetic value.

During the process of Himalayan orogeny, Tanxi Mountain formed a series of terrain combinations such as stepped cliffs and deep cut barrier valleys in Cambrian-Ordovician limestone strata. The valleys are deep, with strange rocks, waterfalls and clear springs, and caves. It is of great significance to study the evolution of neotectonic movement and rift valleys.

The special tectonic location and lithological conditions of Tanxi Mountain make the water body and hydrodynamic action of the park develop very well. The waterfalls, streams, springs and pools formed form a beautiful scenic line. The geographical location and topography of Tanxi Mountains have also resulted in the preservation and growth of a large number of tree species with the characteristics of Taiyi Mountains, which can also be called Shandong Wild Plant Specimens Bank. According to statistics, there are more than 9 kinds of natural landscapes, including more than 30 peaks and 10 steep cliffs.

natural resources

plant resources

In winter, deciduous broad-leaved forest accounts for the vast majority, coniferous cypress accounts for about 15%, and air quality is good. Forest resources include 40 families, 78 genera and 146 species, such as Quercus coggygria, tassels, maple, Chinese sophora, Oriental arborvitae, pear, apricot and apple. There are more than 100 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, such as Salvia miltiorrhiza, Forsythia suspensa, Polygala tenuifolia, Scutellaria baicalensis, Pinellia ternata, Schizonepeta japonica and Fangfeng.

Animal resources

Animals are foxes, badgers, weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels and other animals, there are pheasants, turtledoves, magpies, crows, woodpeckers, owls and other poultry, carp, crucian carp, catfish, shrimp, turtles, crabs and other fish and livestock totally more than 100 species.


Emzhuang millet, pecan, Yonglian peach, Duanshi pear (Ming and Qing tribute), stone carving, Zichuan stone inkstone .


National AAAA Tourist Area

In 2011, it was approved by the National Tourism Administration and appraised as a national AAAA tourist area.

National Forest Park

Integrating into the core area of Ezhuang Ancient Village National Forest Park in 2011

National Water Resources Scenic Spot

Integrating into the core area of Ezhuang National Water Resources Scenic Area in 2011

Provincial Geopark

Provincial Geopark approved by Shandong Provincial Department of Land and Resources in 2012

Tourism information

Admission ticket


Full market price: 80 yuan

Half-price ticket: 40 yuan (old people over 60 years old with certificate, children over 1.2 meters, students, disability certificate)

Free tickets: (Military disability certificate, active servicemen, children under 1.2 meters, lead tour guide, outdoor leader)

2. Glass Bridge + Elevator

Pass: $100 per person

Note: This project has no height and age limit. They are charged per person.

3. Kilometer Speed Skiway

30 yuan per person.

Note: This project has no height and age limit. They are charged per person.

4. Sightseeing Bus (One-way)

Scenic Spot Gate Square - Elevator Square (Uphill) 30 yuan per person

Children's Paradise Square - Scenic Entrance Square (Downhill) 20 yuan per person

V. Human CS

30 yuan per person/hour

Traffic routes

Visitors to Zhangdian, Gaoqing and Huantai:

A. Zichuan Liqiao East on Zhangbo Road - along Provincial Road 325 eastbound to Heiwang - Turn right to Taihe after seeing the scenic spot sign - Nine construction sites - Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) - Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

B. From Zhangdian (Zhangbo Road) Zichuan direction - Shangzichuan Liqiao (3 kilometers east turn right) - Hongshan (15 middle turn left) - Chongzheng Cement Plant Branch Road left - Heiyu Tunnel - Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) - Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area (more than 50 kilometers from Zhangdian to Tanxi Mountain, about 1.5 hours by car);

Tourists in Zichuan City:

Hongshan Town (15th Middle School, East Crossing Road - Chongzheng Cement Plant Branch Road Left - Heiyu Tunnel - Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) - Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area (Zichuan to Tanxi Mountain, more than 30 kilometers, about an hour's drive)

Dongying and Linzi (Xindian) Directed guests:

Dongying travels southward along S231 to Linzi-Linzi to S233 to Qingzhou Miaozi - Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) - Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

Qingzhou and Weifang Direction Guests:

Qingzhou along S325 to Miaozi-Miaozi straight south-Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) -Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

Jinan Directs Guests:

Jinan passes along Shidong Road to Zichuan-along 325 Provincial Road eastbound (Qingzhou direction) to Heiwang-turn to Taihe direction after seeing the sign of scenic spot-Nine construction sites-Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) -Tanxi Mountain tourist area

Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao are looking for guests.

Jinan-Qinghai Expressway North Line, Linzikou Lower Expressway - From Linzi along S233 to Miaozi Town - Miaozi straight South - Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) - Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

Binzhou, Tianjin and Laiwu will direct guests to:

Binlai Expressway-Zichuankou-Provincial Highway 325 eastbound (Qingzhou direction) - Zichuan-Zichuan-after Zichuan Liqiao, eastbound to Heiwang-after seeing the scenic spot sign, turn right to Taihe direction-Nine construction sites-Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) - Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

Boshan Direction Guest:

A. Boshan-Zichuan General Crossing Turn Right-Hongshan Town (East Crossing of No. 15 Middle School Branch-Left Branch Road of Chongzheng Cement Plant-Heiyu Tunnel-Taihe Town (Taihe Reservoir) -Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

B. Boshan along the direction of S327 Lushan to Chishang - the direction of Li Jia on the pool to the East - the left turn of Li Jia to Ziyu Reservoir - the direction of Taihe River - the tourist area of Tanxi Mountain

Linqu Direction Guest:

Along S327-Sancha-Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area Direction-Ezhuang-Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

Yiyuan Direction Guests:

S329 to Yuezhuang-Sancha to Sancha-Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area-Ezhuang-Tanxi Mountain Tourist Area

Mountaineering Route

South Tourist Route: The whole journey lasts about 3 hours, featuring landscape, strange stone Gorges and abundant human landscape. The main attractions are: Tanxi Mountain Falls, Ruyi Square, Jiulongtan, self-intoxication pavilion, Qianlong Cave, Xiaoyaoqiao Bridge, stone mortar, stone dam, vicissitudes, stone house, peacock Kaiping, Tanxi Mountain Rift Valley, Sanlian Tan, Taizi Stone Statue, a line of sky, contest, brother waterfall, Shizu (Sheng) Wang Xiaodong, step cloud ladder, water curtain hole, Shiquan hole, Dongding village, Beauty Peak, Crocodile Ridge, 100-meter sightseeing elevator, high-altitude glass bridge, Longfengtai, Beauty Cave, Kowloon Yongcui, Yinhuquan, Sanjiao Temple (Zhaoyang South Cave), Xianrenqiao (Xia Tianqiao), Ganlu Spring, Tongtiandong (the source of life), Shangtian Bridge, Zhaoyang Cave (Zhaoyang Cave), General Hall, Trial Jianfeng, Gaomendong, kilometer speed taxiway, children's paradise, take a sightseeing bus or walk down the mountain along the middle line of tourism.

North Tourist Line: The whole journey lasts about 2 hours, featuring cliffs, trestles and Tang Sanzhai sites. The main attractions are: Tanxi Mountain Falls, Ruyi Square, Sanzhaiguan Pass (by sightseeing bus), Watchtower, Bamian Wind, Tianshu Cliff, Longji Peak, Xianyunqiao, Xianjian Shidang, Sanchiling, Flying Pill Inlaying Stone, Chishan Mountain, 3333-meter Cliff Trestle Road, Trestle Cave, Hangkong Temple Site and Shouzhai. General, Gaomen Cave, Kilometer Speed Skiway, Children's Paradise, take a sightseeing bus or walk down the mountain along the middle line of tourism.

Mid-route of tourism: about 1 hour, featuring farmhouse scenery, leisure and entertainment. The main attractions are: Tanxi Mountain Falls, Ruyi Square, Jiulongtan, Tanxi Villa, Drunken Pavilion, Qianlong Cave, Xiaoyaoqiao, Tanxi Mountain Ancient Winery, Farmhouse, Hou Sentinel Stone House, Cherry Valley, Shengui Road Exploration, Sister Waterfall, Children's Saye Paradise, Sightseeing Car Downhill.

Travel time

All year round, each has its own charm, spring flowers, summer vacation, autumn leaves, winter ice waterfall ice lanterns.

Scenic Spot Opening Time: April-October 7:00 a.m.

Opening from November to 8:00 a.m. in March of next year

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