Tangwang River Linhai Qishi Scenic Area

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Tangwanghe Linhai Qishi Scenic Area is located in Tangwanghe District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province.

Tangwanghe Linhai Qishi Scenic Spot is 120 kilometers away from Yichun downtown area, takes about 2 hours to drive, and is 100 kilometers away from Jiayin, a first-class Russian port. Stone forest has an average altitude of 436.6 meters and a total area of 163.57 square kilometers. It is divided into stone forest landscape area and landscape scenic tourist area. Among them, the mimic miraculous rocks and lush vegetation formed by the geological relics in the Qishi landscape area of Xiao Xing'an Mountains show the unique charm of the National Geopark and the National Forest Park. At the same time, it is also the base of scientific investigation and exploration for Chinese teenagers. In 2013, Tangwang River Linhai Qishi Scenic Area was promoted to 5A Scenic Area.

The whole scenic area has lush vegetation, verdant hills and a coverage rate of 99.8%. There are more than 1240 species of animals, plants, insects and birds in Xiao Xing'an Mountains. Walking along the secluded paths of ancient trees and birches, you can not only hear birds singing, enjoy pine and cypress dancing, but also smell cuckoo fragrance, watch Xing'an Qishi, overlay waterfalls, streams and natural oxygen bar. It is a wonderful place. Xanadu.

More than 100 granite peaks in the scenic area constitute a peculiar geological and geomorphological landscape, called granite forest. It is a huge granite base formed by the Indosinian movement 250 million years ago. After millions of years of plate compression and crustal uplift and fall, coupled with water erosion, weathering and denudation, chemical action, it forms today's peculiar soup. Wanghe granite structure peak forest. These peaks and forests are either uprooted, tall and steep, with steep walls cut; they are distributed along mountains, high and low, like birds and beasts, in different shapes; or they are scattered among the forests, such as carefully carved, ingenious craftsmanship, forming a variety of strange rocks and rocks, and the wonderful scenery is amazing. Xiao Hinggan Mountains Qishi Geological Heritage is a complex of Indosinian granite tectonic peak forest landform, Quaternary periglacial landform and Neotectonic collapse landform. It is the only one of the most complete, typical and abundant types of granite forest geological relics found in China at present. It is also the Indosinian granite. The formation of typical geological relics of tectonic peak forest is of great scientific value for the study of tectonic denudation of Indosinian granite, neotectonic movement of Quaternary periglacial process and regional geological environment evolution. Its discovery fills a gap in the development history of tectonic peak forest geological relics of Indosinian granite formation in China.

At present, there are only some scenic spots of Qishi scenic spot and landscape scenic spot in Lin Hai Qishi scenic spot. Qishi Landscape Area is divided into five regions, which are composed of tectonic peak forest landscape area, mimetic Qishi landscape area, Chengwall Mountain landscape area, periglacial Shihai landscape area and Shengshui River "graben valley" landscape area.