Tajik Water Diversion Festival and Seeding Festival

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Tajik Water Diversion Festival and Seeding Festival

Tajik Water Diversion Festival and Seeding Festival are national folk customs declared by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2006.

In Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, Tajik Water Diversion Festival and Seeding Festival are Tajik agricultural festivals. In Tajik, the sowing Festival is called "Hamozivast" and the water diversion Festival is called "Ziwar". The first day of spring sowing every year is the festival.

At that time, the whole village gathered in the fields to congratulate the beginning of spring sowing. Every household brought a little wheat together. The public selected a respected elder from the whole village to sow. The elected elder smiled and read words in his mouth. He carried the seeds one by one and scattered them on the people who had been waiting for them in the field. Everyone hugged their skirts, laughed and crowded around the seeds to express his congratulations on the spring planting. After sowing the seeds, a man led a fat and strong farming cattle to plow symbolically several times in the field, and sprinkled several wheat seeds to show the start of sowing. Then the cattle were fed pasta such as ploughshares and ploughshares to express their gratitude to the cattle.

It is said that on the sowing festival in the old society, people who lived in poverty and lacked seeds had to go out to inoculate seeds to relieve the urgent need. Now, sowing and vaccination is just a ceremony. The Tajik sowing festival also has the custom of splashing water on the guests. On this day, when a Tajik visitor comes to his house, when he leaves, a woman waiting outside the door with a basin of water sprinkles water on him as soon as she comes out.

Although water diversion Festival and sowing Festival are closely related to agriculture, they are also closely related to local natural conditions. Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County is located in the Pamir Plateau, with a cold climate, a sparse population and scattered residence. Under such natural conditions, it is difficult to carry out water diversion and sowing in spring by only one or two households. It is necessary to mobilize and organize all the men, women and children in the village to work together and unite and help each other to bring water in. When the water came in, the next day they plowed and sowed. In the meantime, people also help those who lack seeds. The purpose is to organize people to do a good job in spring farming production. The ceremony is held to pray for good luck and harvest, so that the whole village has food to eat.

The formation and development of water diversion Festival and sowing Festival are connected by the simple feeling of mutual assistance of Tajik people. The fashion of "helping others is proud and humiliating" is still of practical significance to the construction of a harmonious society.

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