Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park

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Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park

Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park, located in the ecological zone between the East and West urban areas of Sanmenxia City, covers an area of 8 850 mu, including 6 150 mu of land, 2 700 mu of water surface and beach. The core scenic spots include Shuanglong Lake White Swan Ornamental Area, Shaanzhou Ancient City and the Yellow Eco-Forest Belt. It is a natural landscape area which integrates ecology, culture and human geography.

Park Introduction

The scenic spot is located in the ecological area of the city. It starts from Jinchang overpass in the east, crosses Shaanzhou Avenue in the West with the sightseeing road along the Yellow River, connects Shaanzhou Avenue in the South and Yellow River beach in the north. The planned area is 590 hectares. It is gradually built on the basis of the renovation of the ruins of the old city of Shaanzhou and the two rivers of Qinglong and Canglong. The purpose of planning and construction of Swan Lake Scenic Spot is to make Sanmenxia have a city ecological park with 5,000 mu perennial, 30,000 Mu water surface and 50,000 Mu woodland during water storage period. Every year from November to March, the park attracts tens of thousands of white swans to live here for the winter, so Sanmenxia City is known as the "Swan City".

Scenic spot honor

Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park, with white swan characteristic resources as its brand and Gushan Island as its center, has gradually formed a natural landscape scenic spot with Yellow River, Qinglong Lake and Canglong Lake as its main body, attracting more and more tourists to stop and linger. The functions of wetland park, such as ecology, tourism, leisure, sightseeing and popular science, have become increasingly prominent.

In February 2007, the park was named Swan Lake National Wetland Park of Sanmenxia City by the Ministry of National Construction, also known as Swan Lake Scenic Area.

In 2011, Swan Lake City Wetland Park in Sanmenxia City was named "National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot" by the National Tourism Administration.

In 2011, Sanmenxia City was awarded the honorary title of "China's Big Swan Town" by the National Wildlife Conservation Association.