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Suzhou University is a full-time undergraduate college in Anhui province. It is an applied undergraduate university in Anhui province. Anhui higher education revitalization program "Local application high level university construction project" University.

The predecessor of the school was established in 1949 in Subei County normal school in Northern Anhui Province. In February 1983, it was upgraded to Suzhou Normal College. In May 2004, it was upgraded to an ordinary undergraduate college, renamed the Suzhou University. In 2008, it was granted the right to grant the bachelor's degree. In 2014, it passed the qualified assessment of undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of education.

As of June 2018, the school covers an area of 1146 mu, 1160 mu of land reserved, 444 thousand and 700 square meters of construction area, 18000 yuan of teaching and research instruments and equipment, 4 million 657 thousand and 800 volumes of books, 15 two level colleges, 61 ordinary undergraduate majors, 17360 full-time students, 3600 adult education students, and 738 full-time teachers.

Historical evolution

In 1949, the teachers' School of Subei County was set up, and then changed to Suxian District normal school.


In 1977, Suxian normal school and Suxian District Teachers College (new establishment), Anhui University.

In 1979, the teachers' College of Suxian District of Anhui University was renamed as Suzhou Junior College of Anhwei Normal University.

In 1983, Suxian normal school and Suzhou College of Anhwei Normal University upgraded to Suzhou Normal College as the three year normal school.

In 2002, Suzhou agricultural cadre school (Suzhou agriculture cadre school) was merged into it.

In 2004, Suzhou Normal College upgraded to an ordinary undergraduate college, renamed Suzhou University.

In 2008, Suzhou University received the right to grant a bachelor's degree.

In October 2009, the Anhui Provincial Department of education and the finance department approved Suzhou University to become the first province in Anhui.

Batch demonstration of application oriented undergraduate institutions.

In August 2013, Suzhou University approved the project through the provincial demonstration application oriented institutions. In the same year, it became a national university student innovation and entrepreneurship training program.

In April 2014, Suzhou University passed the qualified assessment of undergraduate education of the Ministry of education.

In 2015, it was approved as a local application high level university in Anhui.

School running conditions

Faculty strength

As of June 2018, there were 738 full-time teachers in the school, of whom 60 were senior and 198 were sub high.

As of February 2014, the school introduced 1 leading talents from the Anhui Provincial University (selected by the Ministry of education in 2010 for the trans century excellent talent support program), and introduced 2013-2017 years' 1 members of the finance education steering committee of the Ministry of education, and 3 people from daze University. Among them, 1 chief scientists from the National Engineering (Technology) research platform were selected, including the Ministry of education in 2012, the new century excellent talent support scheme, the Anhui 100 person program, the 1 young Yangtze academics in 2016, 1 people in the 863 national projects, the Anhui provincial academic technology leaders 2, the Anhui Teaching Masters 5, and the Anhui teaching team 5.

Daze scholars : GUI he Rong , Wang Meng Yang Liangbao

Famous teachers in Anhui Wu Ling Lu Wei, Zhuo Xin Wang, Hongyan, Zhao Liang, Xu Jigui, Xu Gongwei, Wu Ling, Cao Wengen, Fang Xuemei

A new talent in Anhui Zhang Nini, Zhang Xiaohui, Zhai Kefeng, Chen Shanshan, Duan Hong, Chen Lili, Su Haimin, Su Haimin, Zhang, Zhang Ke Ying, Hui, Song Hui.

academic research

Scientific research platform

As of June 2018, the school has 1 state-level scientific research platforms, 9 provincial-level research platforms, 1 provincial-level innovation platforms and 1 Anhui think tanks.

National Research Platform National coal mine water hazard prevention engineering technology research center

Provincial scientific research platform Anhui: graphene composite functional thin film new material engineering laboratory, coal mine exploration engineering technology research center, mining winch Engineering Technology Research Center, Anhui coal industry (water prevention and control) technology center, complex enzyme extraction engineering technology research center, spintronics and nanomaterials Key Laboratory, University Culture Research Center, Northern Anhui urban and rural integration Research Center, Suzhou regional development Collaborative Innovation Center

Provincial innovation platform team Innovation team of photoelectric information materials and new energy devices

Anhui think tank project Anhui New Urbanization Development Research Center

Achievements in scientific research

As of June 2018, the school has 18 Chinese national fund projects, 36 provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards, 14 achievements have been identified through provincial science and technology achievements, 3 new varieties have been identified by non major crop varieties in the province, 3 local standards have been approved, and 500 agreements have been signed with local enterprises and institutions. Since 12th Five-Year, 541 research projects have been awarded at the ministerial level or above, and more than 4000 papers have been published, including 526, two, and 400 textbooks.

Academic resources

· Collection resources

According to the official website of the school library in July 2018, the total volume of paper books in the school library reached 1 million 67 thousand volumes, 1 million 100 thousand e-books, 1227 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, 42 kinds of newspapers, and 27 Chinese and foreign language databases.

· Academic journals

" Journal of Suzhou University "Belongs to the outstanding Journal of Anhui provincial university journals. China Academic Journal Net , Chinese academic journals (CD version) Wanfang Data - Digital Journal group, VIP data, Huayi online library and education reading network full - featured journals. Comprehensive evaluation database of academic journals in China Source journals.

The journal mainly reports innovative research results in the fields of natural science research, engineering technology application and research, social science research, literature and art research, health and health research, teaching management and teaching research, reflecting the progress and dynamics of teaching research in China's domestic universities, finding and cultivating talents, promoting the development of higher education, and serving the revitalizing of the country through science and education and the realization of the four modernizations. There are columns such as professor (Doctor) forum, social science research, Meng Erdong spirit and university culture construction research, culture and art research, Pearl Buck research, basic theory (NATURAL SCIENCE), applied technology research, sports and health health, higher education research and so on.

Cooperation and communication

Schools and universities in the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and other countries and regions cooperate in teaching and research, young teachers overseas research, and students' overseas exchange and study. Every year, teachers and students go to colleges and universities in countries and regions to exchange learning.

Suzhou University and the University of United States of America held a bachelor's degree program in biotechnology.

Cultural tradition

Image identification

· School badge

The circle is in line with Chinese aesthetic standards. From the inside to the outside, the three circles symbolize the endless and endless life of the school. It embodies the universal spirit and the outlook on life that are constantly extending and continuing.

The book "Suzhou University", written by Wei Tianchi, a calligrapher, is thick and vigorous. It symbolizes the steady development of the school and the absorption of China's profound traditional culture.

The name of the English school symbolizes the spirit of open school.

Number 1949: the history of running a school on behalf of the school did not come back to 1949, the same age as the Republic.

The main graphic Omega: first, the first letter of S and Z in Suzhou; two, it is a friendly exchange between two people, which symbolizes the spirit of harmony and openness in running Suzhou University; three is the use of similar physical symbols "Omega", which symbolizes Suzhou University's emphasis on the development of Science and engineering and the people-oriented concept of running a school; the lower horizontal line is "one": it is not only a concise explanation of the geographical environment of the Huaibei plain, but also a pragmatic spirit of Suzhou University; S, Z and "two" graphics of a hollow figure: like the rising of the sun from the horizon, it symbolizes the vitality and bright future of the post.